Dr. Albert W. L. Moore Jr.

I’m Albert Wilson Luce Moore, Junior. This is my web site. Users are welcome to post messages, which I may delete at any time.
Users may download whatever they like. If you want to download, better do it straightaway, as it could be deleted at any time.

At its inception the site is being used to publish Volume One of American Holocaust: Communist Subjugation of America and sundry analyses and comments. It is also established to collect contributions that I currently intend to use, in my absolute and unfettered discretion, to investigate and write Volume Two of American Holocaust.

Contributions are urgently requested. I need about €1,000,000 to make substantial progress on Volume Two, which will lay out evidence testing the hypotheses of Volume One. The publication of Volume Two will multiply many times over the utility and market value of Volume One.

These analyses and evidence touch and concern the collapse of global civilization, which the Comintern – the international communist conspiracy – is advancing in the interest of replacing it with a totalitarian communist world order.