Chapter I: Ineligibility and Betrayal

Chapter I: Ineligibility and Betrayal

In 2008 I was drawn to the issue of the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to the Office of President of the United States of America. It seemed interesting and important. Not only as a legal matter but as one of national survival as well. It is notorious that the pretender was born into a communist family, raised as a communist, and early became an agent of the Comintern, communist international, at polar opposite from the American Constitution and political principles.
At about this point the dear reader, suffering from tired lip syndrome, will decry the want of proof and turn his or her attention to the trite, mundane and banal. But as the late Professor Justice Robert Braucher (Memorial, 387 Mass 1223 (1982)) was wont to tell his Harvard Law classes when it came to statutory interpretation, “Read on.” There might be many such points in this book. Read on.
And the dear reader might well bear in mind the admonition of my contracts professor at Harvard Law, the late Professor John Philip Dawson (Michigan Law School, In Memoriam 99 Harvard Law Review 1113) on the analysis of a problem: “Think yourself into the situation.” Parable has it that a certain mechanical engineer, in redesigning a machine for better durability, dreamed he was a part of the machine, and successfully redesigned it. He thought himself into the situation.
By 1 December 2010, having explored many false leads, I was able to generate the following memo. It is an elementary deduction from Dr. Fukino’s press release of 27 July 2009, and birth recording procedures and constitutional law, that the pretender is not the son of the Luo tribesman Barack Hussein Obama. But people still believe it, with religious fervor, to the damnation of the United States of America. The racist hoax that the pretender is a son of a Negro father was springboard to election victories that gave America an illegitimate pretender to the Office of President, a communist Quisling who plans genocide against the American people. But, investigate? Subpoena the pretender’s vital records and DNA? Heaven forfend. People don’t want to know. Especially people in the governing elite, who would fain be rulers. The memo:

Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
Telefacsimile: 816.461.3231


DATE: 1 December 2010

TO: Select Recipients

FROM: Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

SUBJECT: Obama II Constitutional Qualification


Stanley Armour Dunham so wanted a first born son that he named his daughter, born 29 November 1942, Stanley – Stanley Ann, as a concession to her gender. On 4 August 1961, he had his heart’s desire in Honolulu, a first born son by an obliging predominantly Polynesian wahine. This does not necessarily mean that Stanley Armour had an extramarital affair. Artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization techniques to produce male offspring were presumably known in 1961. Stanley Armour’s wife Madelyn might have acquiesced in the procedure. To give the bastard baby boy legitimacy and keep him in the family, he was adopted at birth by Stanley Armour’s daughter Stanley Ann and their friend Barack Hussein Obama, an alien Luo tribesman, who joined in platonic matrimonial union and dubbed their adopted child Barack Hussein Obama II.

To give further cover to the illegitimate birth, Stanley Ann left the island during gestation and birth to conceal the fact that she was not pregnant. A story was concocted that she had gone to Kenya for laying in and giving birth. When she divorced Obama the Luo a couple of years later, a birth certificate had to be submitted to the divorce court. A phony Kenyan birth certificate was made an exhibit in the court proceeding (and withdrawn in normal course). This gave another layer of cover to the Hawai’ian adoption of the son born out of wedlock.

The Kenyan birth myth waxed and waned according to its utility. It might have been useful in obtaining Barry’s admission to university, and procuring student aid for him. Later, it was politically useful in garnering votes and portraying opponents as racists. When Barry started running for the Office of President, the Kenyan birth myth became an embarrassment, because foreign birth prevented one from being a natural born citizen. Hence the myth was suppressed. Not everybody got the word; see the attached. The certification of live birth was offered to prove place of birth. Unfortunately, it also showed an alien father, Obama the black Luo tribesman.
Currently, the Kenyan birth myth is used by Barry as a diversion, to distract the public and officials from the real citizenship issue, Barry’s loss of U.S. citizenship after his birth. As the evidence will show that Barry was a natural born citizen at birth, it is necessary to explore officially the substantial probability that he lost U.S. citizenship after birth. There is a limit to what can be discovered by amateur sleuths. The natural tendency is to examine birth initially and most carefully, because natural born status can be acquired only at birth. But this status can be lost thereafter.
The Obama cabal teases, taunts and disinforms the people with suggestions of Kenyan birth, sometimes in the guise of scorned “birthers” to confuse, mislead and distract the people from the true issues, secure in the knowledge that a Kenyan birth can not be proved because it did not happen. DNA analysis would prove that it could not have happened because it was biologically impossible; that line of inquiry has been obstructed, but not foreclosed.
From the start of my analysis, I’ve tried to take nothing for granted, not even Barry’s alleged parents. Although I frequently request it, nobody has furnished scientific evidence that Barry is the son of Stanley Ann and Obama the black Luo tribesman, and I’m confident that genetic analysis will prove that it’s biologically impossible for him to be the son of either.
Genetic genealogy has become routine. Near-conclusive evidence for disproving Stanley Ann and Obama the Luo as parents would be Barry’s DNA. I would expect it to disclose that his mother was of a haplogroup inconsistent with Stanley Ann’s, and his father of a haplogroup inconsistent with that of his purported father, Obama the alien black Luo tribesman.
More specifically, comparison of Barry’s mitochondrial DNA with that of a descendant in the female line from one of his purported ascendants in the female line would prove – or more likely disprove – that Stanley Ann was his mother. A famous recent example of this technique is the identification of remains of the late Tsarina and her children, brutally murdered by Russian communists. The Tsarina was a daughter of a daughter of Queen Victoria. Mitochondrial DNA from the remains was compared with mitochondrial DNA from Prince Philip, who also descends in the female line from Queen Victoria. They matched.
At least one purveyor of genetic genealogical analysis now claims to be able to trace descent without limitation to gender.
Every child of a given mother receives mitochondrial DNA exclusively from the mother. Each child of that mother, regardless of gender or father, has identical mitochondrial DNA, which is transmitted only through the female line. Comparison of Barry’s mitochondrial DNA with that of his claimed maternal half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng would prove or disprove Stanley Ann as his mother, assuming that Maya really is Stanley Ann’s daughter. But nothing can be too readily assumed in this analysis. Stanley Ann died of ovarian cancer, which raises a question whether she was ever pregnant, as pregnancy seems to ward off ovarian cancer. Hence it might be necessary to double-check Barry’s maternal ancestry as the Tsarina’s remains were identified, by finding a descendant in the female line from claimed ancestors in the female line through his claimed mother, Stanley Ann.
Ideally, Barry’s descent from Stanley Ann could be proved or disproved by comparison of his mitochondrial DNA with the mitochondrial DNA of Stanley Ann. But Barry has cremated her remains and cast the ashes into the sea. Failing that, one might check the mitochondrial DNA of Stanley Ann’s mother Madelyn, but lo and behold Madelyn suddenly up and died, and her remains were cremated and cast into the sea. Thus the most readily available sources of comparative mitochondrial DNA to verify – or more likely to disprove – Stanley Ann as Barry’s birth mother appear to have been lost forever. (One might get around this apparent destruction of evidence if one could find envelopes sealed or stamped, or both, by the tongue of Stanley Ann or Madelyn.)
The reliability of the tests in the purported female line above Maya might be tested by repeated comparisons with different available female-line descendants from female-line ancestors of Stanley Ann and Madelyn, to obtain confirmation beyond reasonable scientific doubt that Maya and Barry are children of Stanley Ann – or, more likely, that Barry is not her son and, less likely, that Maya is not her daughter.
The disposals of Stanley Ann’s and Madelyn’s remains were reported on a main stream media internet site, which allowed readers’ comments. When I commented that they put out of reach mitochondrial DNA that might disprove the claim that Madelyn and Stanley Ann were Barry’s grandmother and mother, the comment was purged in a second, two at the most. This suggests to me a word-search program to delete automatically such a comment, which reflects a strong sensitivity to what genetic analysis could prove or disprove. Suspicion was further heightened by reports that everything touched by Barry in public outings is bagged and carried away. These events and circumstances might be due in part to attempts to prevent intelligence agencies from obtaining Barry’s epithelials, but they also strongly suggest a long-standing plan to obstruct scientific disproval of his claimed parents by genetic analysis. The latter inference is reinforced by other events and circumstances suggesting the same motive.
Similarly, Barry’s Y-DNA could be compared with the Y-DNA of some of the many known sons of Barack Hussein Obama. Y-DNA mutates more than mitochondrial DNA. These mutations create markers that can help prove or disprove ancestry in the male line. Some of these purported sons might find themselves to be, in fact, sons of other fathers, particularly if Barack Hussein Obama the black Luo tribesman was, on occasion, off drinkin’ and left his current woman alone. Barry is almost certainly among those whose Y-DNA would not have the markers of Barack Hussein Obama the black Luo tribesman. But Barry would be the real outlier, with a father who is not even in Obama the Luo’s genetic haplogroup.
It might not be necessary to cast the genetic research net quite so wide in disproving Barry’s claimed birth parents, if Barry’s vital records, showing his recorded birth parents, are disclosed. One could then concentrate on confirming identified parental prospects. Even with birth parents identified of record, however, genetic analysis is necessary to confirm that Barry is really the son of the birth parents named in the original birth certificate or otherwise identifiable. Identification of the mother is relatively certain; she has to be there for the birth. Hopefully she is still alive or has relatives or friends who could furnish DNA samples. There is, of course, the possibility that a false name of the alleged father was given to the birth attendants. If a face can not be put to the putative birth father’s name in the original birth certificate, the Y-DNA of Stanley Armour Dunham should be researched to verify the hypothesis that his seed grew this plant. A strong but scientifically inconclusive clue, which might prove out genetically, comes from Dunham family snaps of Barry and Stanley Armour at the beach around 1965, both facing the camera. Barry is the spitting image of Stanley Armour, with particular respect to the long pointy chin. [Barry and Stanley Armour Dunham, below]

[Even more striking than the resemblance between child and adult is that between Stanley Armour Dunham above and the adult pretender at about the same age.]
If we hypothesize that Stanley Ann and Obama the Luo can be genetically disproved as Barry’s parents, how do we account for their names on Barry’s notorious certification of live birth?
Assume that Hawai’i’s certification of live birth is true and official as far as it goes. Assume also that Dr. Fukino is honest. These assumptions are reasonable and verifiable. I’m not persuaded by kneejerk reactions that the COLB is a forgery and Dr. Fukino a liar, even though she’s a Democrat. If Barry’s birth parents were indeed Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama the alien Luo tribesman, a prima facie case would be made out that Barry was not a natural born U.S. citizen, because Obama the Luo tribesman was an alien. The original birth certificate would be strong evidence that Barry was a natural born U.S. citizen, but not black.
It has recently been claimed that Hawai’i is the only state to receive from the Democratic National Committee in 2008 the traditional certificate of constitutional eligibility with the certificate of nomination. The spin is that this is simply because Hawai’i was the only state requiring such certification by law. I suspect, without knowing, that the DNC sent a certificate of nomination without the eligibility certificate initially, whereupon the Hawai’ian authorities asked the local Democratic leaders to certify eligibility.
The local Democrats, perhaps being aware of the Kenyan birth myth, might have demanded to see a birth certificate. Dr. Fukino could have pushed the envelope by producing an amended birth certificate. She might have been asked for a view of the original. She would have declined, realizing that events had already come too close to disclosing an adoption. Or a scholarly Democrat might have overlooked the word “Amended” under her thumb and, taking the adoptive parents to be birth parents, concluded that Barry could not have been a natural born U.S. citizen because his father was an alien, and declined to certify eligibility. (And it could even be imagined, as an extremely remote possibility redolent of a Victorian novel, that local Democratic refusal to certify stemmed from knowledge that Barry disrespected his native Hawai’ian mother by pretending to have another.)
After local refusal, the speculation would run, the DNC certified to Hawai’i the constitutional eligibility of Barry that was denied to the 49 other states. (An episode something like this, if it occurred, might have given rise to the rumor that Hawai’i has no birth certificate for Barry. This is unlikely, as an original birth certificate would be required to guard against future marriages illegal on grounds of consanguinity.)
It is long overdue for Congress and the states to conduct exhaustive investigations into precisely what happened in connection with Barry’s 2008 campaign, to confirm eligibility at birth and to determine whether eligibility was lost thereafter by loss of citizenship. The states should take the lead. They elect the President. They determine who goes on the ballot. Article II Section 1 provides that each state appoints presidential electors in such manner as the legislature thereof may determine. Investigation and appropriate legislation are within each state’s legislative jurisdiction and constitutional duty.
The certification of live birth is ambiguous. This ambiguity arises from its nature; it is an abstract of information from a document on file. However, the document on file could be an original birth certificate naming birth parents, or it could be an amended birth certificate reflecting adoptive parents.
When a child is adopted, an amended birth certificate is created naming the adoptive parents. This creates an official fiction that they are the birth parents. Recently, 23 September 2010, a lady came into my law office. A close relative of hers was adopted and had shown her the relative’s original and amended birth certificate.
This scenario is consistent with the hypothesis that DNA evidence would disprove Stanley Ann and Obama the Luo as Barry’s parents, and confirm the birth parents named in the original Hawai’ian birth certificate. (If the birth father named in the original birth certificate can not be genetically confirmed, DNA might prove Stanley Armour as the birth father; it’s possible that the true identity of the father was misrepresented to the hospital or birth attendant).
And that’s why parents named in Hawai’i’s certification of live birth are not the birth parents, and private inquiries, demands and petitions will not bring clarification. Dr. Fukino and the vital records must be subpoenaed, and birth parents of record must be verified by genetic analysis.
Again, Hawai’i’s certification of Mr. Obama’s live birth in Hawai’i is intentionally ambiguous with regard to the identity of his birth parents. By design, it is impossible to tell from the certification whether the purported parents named therein are Mr. Obama’s birth parents or his adoptive parents. This is to keep adoptions confidential. Furnishing an amended certificate would tip the observer to an adoption. Hawai’i’s custodian of vital records is barred by law from divulging the adoption without the adoptee’s consent, or pursuant to legal process.
However, in July 2009, Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, director of the Hawai’i State Department of Health, issued a statement by which she goes about as close to the brink as she can, without violating her legal obligation to keep the adoption confidential, to say that Barry was adopted. Her statement is quoted in the book The Manchurian President on page 76, and below:
“I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawai’i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai’i State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai’i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago.”
It’s amusing that the authors of that highly informative book The Manchurian President fail to pick up on Dr. Fukino’s effort to disclose Mr. Obama’s adoption without violating legal restraints; they say on page 77 that her statement “told us nothing new.” In fact, it cracks the case.
Dr. Fukino’s statement refers to Barry’s “vital records” in the plural. He was not dead, so she must be referring to two birth certificates, the original that named birth parents and an amended certificate naming adoptive parents. Moreover, data in the certification of live birth must have been taken from the amended certificate, for Dr. Fukino also says that the records verify that Barry is a “natural born American citizen.” If the original birth certificate showed Obama the Luo to be a birth parent, it would have proved the opposite, that Barry was not a natural born citizen.
Dr. Fukino is very clever. She has hinted strongly that Barry was adopted without explicitly disclosing an adoption, which would be unlawful. She has also let us know that Barry’s birth parents were U.S. citizens, which excludes Obama the Luo tribesman as a birth parent and makes baby Barry a natural born U.S. citizen at birth. (This leaves open the possibility that he lost American citizenship thereafter.)
Barry’s vital records must be disclosed and genetic analysis run to confirm the birth parents of Barack Hussein Obama II, and to confirm that Barry, pretender to the Office of President, is actually the child whose birth was recorded, not a ringer filling in for the actual birth child.
But if, as seems highly probable, Barry’s production of his DNA and his vital records prove that, at birth, he was a natural born U.S. citizen, why would he refuse to confirm it by his original birth certificate? He might maintain that it would be to avoid family scandal and damage to the reputations of others, or to prevent the disclosure of his own illegitimate origins. In all probability, however, there are two main reasons:
– First, neither of Barry’s birth parents is of recent African origin. His whole political career has been based on being the son of a black Luo tribesman, with kith ‘n’ kin in today’s Africa. His gross misrepresentation that he is black is arguably election fraud. An American black told Laura Ingraham on the radio the other day that a black will forgive one many a fault if he’s black. Wonder what they would think of him if he is, for example, the son of a Caucasian father and a predominantly Polynesian mother, with perhaps Portagee overtones, who just pretends to be black for meretricious political purposes, never mind that it destroys the career of a patriotic American Army officer.
In the Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin, the White House has threatened reprisal against the member or members of the Court Martial if Dr. Fukino is subpoenaed and Hawai’i’s vital records produced. This tends to confirm that there are such records, and that they show birth to U.S. citizen parents, neither of whom is black. Thus Barry shows that he will carry through with his destruction of LTC Lakin by withholding his original birth certificate, even though its disclosure would show Barry to be a natural born U.S. citizen at the time of birth. More than that, he will unlawfully corrupt the military justice system to prevent the disclosure, thereby denying a zealous defense.
The importance to Barry of the charade that he is black should not be underestimated. He has used it to con blacks and sympathetic people of all shades to vote for him, while enabling him (often through proxies) to denigrate opponents as racists. The significance of this fraud is shown by (1) the fact that some 95% of blacks voted for Barry in 2008 (2) his refusal to disclose his DNA or vital records, which would be strong evidence that he was a natural born citizen at birth but would also disclose that he can not truthfully claim the distinction of being the son of a black Luo tribesman (3) his release of his otherwise confidential census return, in which he claimed to be black (4) his political manifesto Dreams from my Father, subtitled A Story of Race and Inheritance and (5) Aaron Klein’s book with Brenda J. Elliott, The Manchurian President, which spells out Barry’s cynical use of his false racial heritage to build his political career.
I’m constrained to wonder whether black compatriots would be moved to despise Barry for duping them about his racial heritage and continuing the charade even though it is about to destroy LTC Lakin’s career and disrupt America’s political life, or feel complimented that Barry would want to identify with them, pretend to be black, and recognize the power of American blacks as a political bloc. In light of his conduct, many American blacks might feel relief that Barry is not black. But they should know all of the facts, so they can make their own analysis and draw their own conclusions. Barry might cut his losses with American blacks by making a clean breast of things, particularly when he might thereby save the military career of LTC Lakin.
– Secondly, the Kenyan birth myth and other false notions about Barry’s birth and its constitutional consequences divert attention from his real citizenship problems, the probable loss of his U.S. citizenship by forfeiture, disclaimer, renunciation, sedition, some combination of the foregoing, or otherwise. Barry is trying to replicate the experience of Chester Alan Arthur, who was helped, in diverting attention from the fact that his father William was not yet a U.S. citizen when Chester was born, by false charges that Chester himself was born outside the U.S. Similarly, Barry can divert attention from his loss of citizenship after birth, which can probably be proved against him, by focusing controversy on his natural born citizenship at birth, which he can probably prove in his favor (albeit at the expense of the myth that he is black).
Even if it be found upon further inquiry that Barry did not lose U.S. citizenship, investigation of this possibility would probably have collateral benefits, such as the following:
– proof of obstruction of justice by the destruction, forgery, alteration or sequestration of evidence of Barry’s citizenship status in Indonesia, Pakistan and the United States. Bribery is possible, especially in Indonesia and Pakistan. Rich space contracts to Indonesia might be in large part consideration for Indonesian complicity in the corruption of its official records relating to Barry’s citizenship.
– proof of massive illegal campaign contributions to Barry from Indonesia and other foreign sources.
– proof of fraud in Barry’s applications for admission to university and scholarship aid, such as affirmations of foreign birth and foreign citizenship.
– proof of incitement to insubordination and mutiny by U.S. military officers through false representations that make a prima facie case that Barry was not at the time of his birth a natural born U.S. citizen, thus giving the officers reasonable grounds for believing that orders to them were not lawful. Moreover, Barry and his claque threaten the resulting Court Martial with reprisal if it subpoenas Dr. Fukino and Hawai’i’s vital records, although the original birth certificate is material and relevant to the accused officer’s defense. If the original birth certificate shows Barry was not a natural born citizen (highly unlikely) the order was void in fact. If it shows Barry was a natural born citizen at birth (highly likely) then Barry has seduced and ensnared the accused into mutiny and insubordination by withholding strong evidence of his eligibility while creating on the public record a prima facie case of ineligibility by reviving the Kenyan birth myth and falsely representing that he had an alien father.
– insight into the recent activities of the Comintern, which could include Barry’s recruitment as an agent.
– other high crimes and misdemeanors making Barry liable to impeachment.
– relatively minor in the current context, but still important, correction of Barry’s lineage by the United States Senate Historical Office.


Arguably, Barry’s status as a natural born citizen was lost the day he was born, with his adoption by Stanley Ann and the alien Luo, although he remained a citizen by birth in the United States under the 14th Amendment. It is said that an adoptive parent becomes a parent for all legal purposes. While superficially plausible, it seems unlikely that natural born status is lost by Obama the Luo’s adoption of Barry. If this proposition were accepted, it would probably be revisited, and perhaps reversed, when a later case arose of a foreigner born abroad to aliens and adopted at birth by American parents. Become a natural born citizen by adoption? Surely not. Decision on this point could be avoided if it were found that Barry later lost citizenship; it would not then matter whether eligibility was lost, without loss of citizenship, by reason of an alien adoptive parent on 4 August 1961.

Conclusive proof that Barry was not a natural born citizen – as by competent proof he was born abroad, or the son of an alien father – would conclude the eligibility inquiry. He could not thereafter acquire the natural born citizen status.

But incontrovertible proof that Barry was a natural born citizen at birth is not just an end, but a signal to start investigating loss of citizenship, for the status of natural born citizen can be lost after birth. This is a subject that is at least as important as natural born status at birth, and in this case far more difficult to investigate.

While the status of natural born U.S. citizen under Article II Section 1 can only be acquired at birth, it may be lost thereafter. The term “natural born citizen” subsumes “citizen”. You can not be a natural born citizen if you’re not a citizen at all, even if you were a natural born citizen at birth.

The issue of whether Barry lost U.S. citizenship by forfeiture, disclaimer, renunciation, sedition, some combination of the foregoing or otherwise, is not resolved by proving Barry was a natural born citizen at birth. In fact, as indicated, proof of natural born status at birth raises the issue whether that status was later lost. In Barry’s case, there is ample reason to inquire whether Barry lost his U.S. citizenship.

Barry might have lost U.S. citizenship by being moved to Indonesia by his purported mother with custodial rights over him at the age of six or seven. If he did not lose U.S. citizenship under U.S. law, there is a substantial possibility he lost it by reason of becoming an Indonesian citizen. There being no dual citizenship between the United States and Indonesia, acquisition of one citizenship terminates the other.

Definitive proof of Indonesian citizenship of a minor could be hard to come by. One’s citizenship status in a foreign law context is not necessarily so well defined as in the American system (where, for all that, it’s murky enough). I spent a year and a half on a Portuguese island, and have the impression that adoption in the formal sense was then unknown or rarely used; the Portuguese love children and have close supportive families and extended families. A child in need or left alone would be immediately taken up informally and raised by extended family or friends, or whoever was available; the church might play a role.

Although my experience in Indonesia was corporate and commercial, a minor child of a wife in Muslim society is liable to be deemed, like the wife, the property of the husband and by implication an Indonesian citizen, without the need of extensive naturalization proceedings. Not the paper trail found in the U.S. Thus an exhaustive review and analysis of U.S. and Indonesian law and practice, as well as highly detailed factual discovery, would be required to determine whether Barry lost U.S. citizenship as a result of his being moved to Indonesia and his later conduct in that connection.

Even if, under current law, Barry could regain U.S. citizenship after becoming Indonesian, it would seem that he would be a naturalized U.S. citizen, not a natural born citizen under Article II Section 1.

Indonesian officials might have been working with the Obama cabal for a long time to obscure Barry’s Indonesian citizenship, very possibly at the expense of American interests and taxpayers. During the time I was active in Indonesia, I read an estimate by an American economist that 20-25% of Indonesian gross national product was graft. Illicit private fortunes in the billions of dollars have been made in the exploitation of Indonesia’s natural resources, primarily petroleum. Against this background, it was no surprise to read recent reports on the internet that records of Barry’s citizenship status in Indonesia were deleted, secreted, forged and otherwise corrupted as part of a corrupt deal to conceal his status as an Indonesian citizen. I can’t prove it, but it’s an investigative lead.

It would come as no surprise to learn that American plans to grant lucrative space contracts to Indonesian interests are consideration, not only for the stated reason of “Islamic outreach”, but also for the corruption of Indonesian records to conceal Barry’s acquisition of Indonesian citizenship. Even if it were eventually decided that Barry did not lose U.S. citizenship, the criminal suppression of evidence to the contrary through bribery on a grand scale at American taxpayer expense could be among Barry’s high crimes and misdemeanors warranting impeachment. Even more so than in Watergate, the cover-up might be worse than the underlying problem.

There is a slight chance that an unauthorized incursion into Barry’s State Department records led to the murder of a cooperating material witness in the District of Columbia. Inquiry should be made into the circumstances of this case, which seems to have gone cold.

The more one examines this matter, the stronger grows the suspicion that further investigation would uncover not only more information about current suspicions but also evidence giving rise to other serious concerns.

It is not generally realized how corrupt, ruthless and subversive is the Obama cabal. It must be exposed. An exhaustive investigation of Barry’s constitutional eligibility would be an important part of that expose’.


If, as seems probable, Indonesia and other foreign countries and interests (such as the Comintern) are aware of Barry’s ineligibility to the Office of President, and have possibly recruited him as a mole and sapper, the dangers to American national security could hardly be overestimated. Already it appears that Indonesia is set to siphon off American funds through the space program, and the pretender to the Office of the President can do little to oppose this, even if he wished to do so, for fear of being exposed as a traitor ineligible to the Office of President. Other nations and interests may be in a similar position to manipulate Barry in a way that is contrary to the interests of America and its people. In addition to everything else, the Indonesian space venture is likely to be poorly run if it’s part of a pay – off. I recall that decades ago Chrysler was a corrupt company, and at that time its manufacturing quality and marketing were execrably bad. An Indonesian space contract given as part of a pay-off for concealing Barry’s Indonesian citizenship, rather than technological merit, is liable to be mismanaged as well.

Barry’s position is similar to Lenin’s after the Germans inserted him into Russia by sealed train to sap the Russian war effort.

The craven utterances of Republican officeholders in favor of bowing and kowtowing to Barry are not reassuring. The interests of the American people are not ordinarily to be found in accommodating Barry and his ilk in the interest of “getting things done.” Barry has issued a call for “hand to hand combat”, which trumps his typical doublespeak call to work together. Perhaps his challenge should be answered by productive official inquiries. Americans need to stand strongly against the Obama cabal, and full exposure of Barry’s life history as it relates to his citizenship and constitutional eligibility to the Office of President will show why.

It is not sufficiently well perceived that Barry is the chosen leader, front and mouthpiece of a strong communist insurgency. He must be thoroughly investigated and called to account for all anti-American activity, including possible loss of citizenship rendering him liable for removal from the office to which he pretends, and prosecution for all crimes committed in covering up a loss of U.S. citizenship, stealing the 2008 election, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

To identify and marshal evidence against Barry, in particular for fraud in pretending eligibility to the Office of President, congressional leaders and officials in each and every state should take immediate action to investigate in excruciating detail Barry’s origins and conduct with a view to rescission of the appointments of his presidential electors by the states and a possible bill of impeachment by Congress – not for “policy differences”, but for high crimes and misdemeanors in, among other things, pretending to an office for which he is not eligible, inciting mutiny and insubordination by misrepresentation of his ineligibility and his corrupt interference for meretricious purposes in one or more Courts Martial to deny the accused the zealous defense to which he is entitled, bribery of foreign officials with American tax dollars on a massive scale to conceal his foreign citizenship, and other high crimes and misdemeanors, known and as yet unknown. A fishing expedition? Perhaps. But there are strong signs of fish.


One benefit of finding that Barry was in fact a natural born citizen at birth is that the daunting prospect of a retroactive constitutional amendment to regularize his incumbency can be avoided.

Could Barry’s loss of U.S. citizenship be rectified by legal and diplomatic revisions, perhaps retroactive ones? This might attract the support of patriotic Democrats (should there be any) willing to uncover the truth and purge the Democratic Party of corruption and sedition, while seeking to retain some vestige of justification for retaining Barry in office and restoring a measure of civic calm and constitutional government.

Striving mightily to keep Barry in a position of power is not an approach I favor, but willingness to explore creative solutions might make a thorough investigation more palatable to some who would otherwise resist. They might argue, whether sincerely or not, that an effort should be made to preserve the results of the 2008 election if any legal rationale, even a tortured one, could be developed for doing so. Disclosure of all relevant facts might furnish a foundation and pretext for dealing with Barry’s citizenship problems as problems rather than the result of evil conspiracy, even if they are, in fact, the result of evil conspiracy.

As an aside, the election of a make-believe black might be held up as a negative example of the wisdom of evaluating a candidate’s character and intentions instead of voting for the color of his skin and his racial heritage, which in this case was fraudulent. Exposing Barry’s racist appeal and agitation would be in the nation’s best interests.

As an analogy to the regularization of Barry’s tenure by legal modification, one might pose the following: A member of Congress is constitutionally barred from serving in an executive post, emoluments of which were increased while the appointee was a member of Congress (U.S. Const. Art. I Sec. 6). The compensation of the Secretary of State was increased while Hillary Clinton was a member of the Senate. The constitutional bar was removed by repealing the increase while confirming her appointment – although some don’t agree that it really was, for there was still, literally, an increase in emolument while she was in the Senate.

In a similar way, it might be possible to regularize Barry’s constitutional status and eliminate the bar to his exercising the Office of President, by retroactive legislation and diplomatic agreement. It’s a common misconception that retroactive legislation is unconstitutional, because of confusion with the much-hated and universally prohibited ex post facto crime (U.S. Const. Art. I Sec. 9, Sec. 10).

Arguably (though it would not persuade me) Barry’s U.S. citizenship could be patched by retroactive legislation and diplomatic agreement with Indonesia allowing citizens of each country to acquire citizenship in the other without losing the original citizenship. This would be analogous to the recent change in relationship between Canada and the U.S., in which Canadians who had become naturalized U.S. citizens could retain their Canadian citizenship, even though they had forfeited the original Canadian citizenship when naturalized in the United States.

A comparable change in U.S. – Indonesian relations should not be allowed before all the facts are on the table. And if there turns out to have been a corrupt bargain involving massive bribery at U.S. taxpayers’ expense to conceal Barry’s Indonesian citizenship, the retroactive dual citizenship patch as a cure for Barry’s eligibility problems should be rejected. It would seem the better view that Barry’s constitutional qualification must be determined by the law at the time he ran, was elected and purported to serve. However, willingness to consider a retroactive dual-citizenship arrangement, without prematurely committing to it, might be considered as part of a final resolution, if it would attract broader support for a truly exhaustive investigation, with a starting budget of a billion dollars.


Even if Barry stood for everything I hold dear in society and governance, I would object to his election and tenure in office as unconstitutional. But the lust for power of Barry and his ilk, their adoption of reactionary and discredited foreign philosophies of people as subjects instead of citizens, and their willingness to serve foreign powers and interests, should alarm all who truly care for the United States of America.

The framers of the Constitution did not lightly make it a part of the fundamental law that the President must be a natural born U.S. citizen. Like every part of the Constitution, it was thoroughly debated and explicated. At about the time when the Constitution was being drafted, Poland was being ravaged and partitioned, partly because foreigners were constantly brought in to rule it. The first partition was on 5 August 1772, when the American movement for independence was germinating. Polish patriots like Thaddeus Kosciusko and Casimir Pulaski fought for the American patriots in the American Revolution. Pulaski, “the father of American cavalry” died from wounds received in an American cavalry charge. The Poles must have conveyed to the Americans what had happened to Poland, and there were other sources of such news.

And Americans, who had developed a national sense and referred to themselves as Americans after a century or so of life as English colonists, knew of rule by colonial governors who either were not born in the lands they were to govern, or were appointed by a king who was not. The wisdom of a natural born U.S. citizen as President becomes daily more apparent as the administration of a probably illegal alien unfolds.

Barry seems to have become alienated from his native land, if indeed he ever cared for it. He has adopted an utterly ruthless and anti-American communist ideology. The suspicion that his allegiance is not to the United States and that he has ceased to be a citizen of the United States needs to be honestly and exhaustively investigated, in the hope it might be allayed but in the realization that it might be verified. I believe that impeachment will lie against a pretender to the Office of President, who usurps the badges and apparent authority of the office without eligibility or without true allegiance to the United States or the intention of complying with his oath of office. If impeachment be considered an admission Barry is President, so be it, but then by the same token he becomes subject to impeachment. He should not benefit from his own wrong in fraudulently pretending to the Office of President while ineligible or unfaithful to it. He can not acquire an immunity to removal from an office by the usurpation of its badges and authority. That makes no sense.


There is a substantial contingent of egoistic megalomaniacs in America who have little or no regard for the American system in part because they have not been schooled in it or foolishly fancy themselves to be wiser than the Founders. They erect Utopias in their minds, which are perfect, never having been tried, or they have been tried and failed for some reasons deemed extraneous to the immaculate conceptual model, which these self-proclaimed progressives in their wisdom will avoid. And if problems arise in practice, it is because the subjects have failed to obey as the omniscient masters have ordained. Such fancies are useful for demagogues seeking power, who vociferously disparage real-life institutions, whose imperfections can be seen in practice. It is not good for governance. The perfect in theory is made enemy of the good – indeed, the best available, in practice. In America, government without the consent of the governed will not stand. It will not govern.

If the constitutional eligibility to the Office of President continues to be ignored, by concealment of evidence that would prove or disprove constitutional eligibility to that office, the American concepts of a constitutional republic and a nation of law will be dealt a serious blow, from which the nation might never recover., accessed 10 November 2008 by AM:
6/12/2008 [Presumably the date of the posting. AM]
Kenyan-Born Obama?
By: Cao, Filed under: Obama @ 4:57 am
Maybe I am mis-reading what this really means.?

Obama turns the page of America’s history with 2008 nomination
By CHIDO NWANGWU. Special to USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston, and CLASS magazine and The Black Business Journal
I didn’t make this photoshop…it came to me through email from
I knew there were reasons why he wouldn’t “release” his birth certificate, although…isn’t a birth certificate public information?, accessed 10 November 2008 by AM:
6/12/2008 [Presumably the date of the posting. AM]
End, accessed 10 November 2008.

The view that acquisition of Indonesian citizenship automatically terminated American citizenship was substantially revised in the course of time and further research. Others should be so open to correction of their analyses. Foreign naturalization terminates American citizenship under certain conditions. As Professor Braucher advised, “Read on.” And as Professor Dawson urged, “Think yourself into the situation.”
In 2009-2010, the American public, mainstream media and officials swung to the view that the pretender was the first African American President. It was increasingly apparent to me, however, that he was not his father’s son, not his mother’s son, not African, not American and not President, but was and is a Quisling plotting with the rulers of Russia, China and North Korea a master military stroke to subject America to his dictature and the world to communist domination. All the while, he implements the Comintern strategy of using communist despots and Islam to destroy the West while fomenting war among Islamic factions to kill Muslims and destroy or neutralize Islam as a political force against the Comintern.
I try in this book to recount the mass stupidity that has put us on the cusp of a dark age. The history of ideas includes bad ideas. See Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, by Charles Mackay.
My analyses raise the issue of whether a republic is a viable form of government. I do not try to resolve the issue. I am constrained to say, however, that the current problem is not the American Constitution but the failure to observe it.
I try to explain the hypotheses that I have developed and to reconstruct events that the evidence would most likely prove, if only, at long last, competent official inquiry were to elicit the relevant and material evidence.
At the risk of getting ahead of myself, I submit the following email and attachment of 5 February 2015 with non – substantive editorial changes. It was apparently taken seriously by the pretender’s Comintern cabal, which blocked its transmission to more than a score of recipients, and blocked my computer’s internet access altogether.
On Sunday the first of February 2015, while in Portugal, I tried to email friends in the States about the problems of writing the book American Holocaust: The Comintern’s Subjugation of America.
When I clicked to send it, the following message appeared from a hacker:

. . . sorry, but due to an error your message was not sent. (007)

The 007 tag is a thinly veiled snide allusion to my intelligence assessments of the pretender. It seems Russell Edwards put me in touch with MI6 as requested, but with Comintern moles therein, co-conspirators with the pretender. So I have gone from a probable war casualty to a target of criminal reprisal for my analyses of the pretender. The pretender through his agents has revealed his ability and intent to punish me for speech, terrify me and hinder my further expression, and cause my death. Besides its criminal nature, the pretender’s conduct raises the negative adverse inference that my hypotheses in respect of his identity, ineligibility and treason will be proved by the evidence that official investigation would elicit, and he knows it.


To prevent the publication of this book, the cabal through both American and Portuguese agents has criminally hacked my email and third-party sites to block communication with publishers, cut off my pension and Social Security benefits, and cause my death. These agents might not be expressly or affirmatively communist. They might be, in the current widespread fashion, anti-anti-communist. Common examples are those who reflexively scoff at any opponent of communism or communists as a “McCarthyite” and “red-baiter” who senses a communist under every bed and a conspiracy at every turn. However, the international communist conspiracy, the Comintern, exists. And it works hand in glove with the pretender.
I do not need extensive technical expertise to perceive that I have been hacked when an insolent intruder actually inserts a message into mine while I am sending it, to the effect that it has not been delivered.
Nor is there room for doubt that a malicious intruder has hacked my Social Security account, a pre-paid mastercard debit card, Direct Express, when a substantial debit simply disappeared to produce a falsely inflated cash available balance. In part this is a trick to induce me to take a substantial cash advance and freeze the account for fraud. Subsequent hacking has made it impossible to check the account, so the criminal intruders might draw out legitimate infusions and cause me, none the wiser, to draw against the fraudulent balance in the belief that I am drawing against new funds from Social Security. The account might then be closed for irregularities. The hackers cause the irregularities, then cut off availability to me on grounds of the very irregularities they have caused.
The debit item that disappeared was a cash advance through BPI bank, Lisbon, on 22 April 2015. I know that it was initially taken into account because my effort to charge some 150 Euros for medical services on 30 April 2015 was duly declined for want of a sufficient cash balance, but a review of the account days later showed cash available of about 1,043 American Dollars. Review of April transactions showed that the debit entry for 22 April 2015 was no longer there. When I later tried to review the account, I was denied access for want of a password, although I had entered the correct password. I made subsequent attempts to change the password, as I had done with other sites for which unauthorized changes had been made. On the other sites, I was required to give the previous authorized password. Direct Express required my submission of the unauthorized password, which was impossible. On one attempt, I was given a temporary password but denied access for want of an online ID. The hacker or hackers had changed that, too, without my authority.
I know that the password and ID entered were correct, because I had entered and recorded them on my computer. Probably the hacker or hackers got into the computer by the “back door”, found the password and ID there, and used them to make the unauthorized changes. All of the significant intrusions swept past operating anti-virus systems, which suggests they went through the “back door”. The use of the back door suggests in turn the complicity of America’s National Security Agency. The pretender’s communist cabal is turning the country’s security apparatus, unfettered by the Bill of Rights, against its American citizen opponents.
I reported the hacking to the Direct Express international customer service number, 1.765.778.6290. I also reported that my efforts to change the password to eliminate the unauthorized change were improperly rejected. I was told that an expert would call me in five days. The call never came. In subsequent efforts, even the number of the card itself was not honored by customer service. The Direct Express customer service has been corrupted, too.
The pretender’s cabal has gone to extreme lengths to attack my meager resources and block my communications in order to prevent the publication of this book. They must take it seriously. I finally find people who read and take seriously my analyses, not among the victims, but rather the perpetrators.
The pretender and Putin, both with secret service backgrounds, have probably put together a vast web of moles in the secret services of various countries. I suggest that the pretender’s detention in isolation from Senator Richard Lugar during their joint trip to Siberia in 2005 was an opportunity to co-ordinate with Russian secret service, probably with Putin himself. Putin and the pretender have a collaborative relationship going back many years. Putin says the secret services make their own rules. Putin and the pretender are putting this maxim into practice.
Through the 007 virus, my computer has been blocked from the internet from time to time. By criminal intrusion and corruption, I am blocked from access to the Direct Express pre – paid mastercard account used to transmit my Social Security payments. I can not know the true status of the account or whether I will be able to take the next cash advance.
In early June of 2015, I tried to email a rough draft of this book to Washington Post correspondents at the addresses given in their articles. All were blocked on specious pretexts by Comintern hackers trying to prevent my investigation and the publication of my analyses, particularly this book.
On 15 June 2015, an important email to Caroline W. Smith of Oxford University Press was blocked by another (or the same) “007” hacker, with a message substantially the same as the 1 February 2015 “007” hacker: “Oops . . . a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#007)” And as in February the computer was blocked from the internet for an extended period, which continued into the 16th of June 2015
On 22 June 2015, I tried to log in to the computer and got this message: “The Group Policy Client service failed the sign-in. The universal unique identifier (UUID) is not supported. [OK]” I could not use the computer password until much later in the day. This was shortly after a message to a significant official with files containing a draft of this book.
On 11 July 2015, I was on a publisher’s web site describing this book when my connection was abruptly terminated. I believe that this, too, was due to unlawful hacking by the criminal conspiracy scheming to prevent the publication of this book. Later events tend to confirm this belief. The publisher, IngramSpark, sent me an email welcoming my opening of a new account and offering a link to use in completing the set-up. On 14 July 2015 I responded that I had been hacked by communist agents trying to prevent publication. A fair reading of the manuscript will make it apparent why they wish to prevent publication. It was refreshing and surprising that my message seemed not to have been hacked. However, when I forwarded the correspondence to friends in the United States on 14 July 2015, the following message appeared, probably from the communist Carla Ramos of Servico de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (“SEF”): “Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#007) OK”

In this case, the hacking appears to have been unsuccessful in blocking transmission. But it was not from want of trying, and a malicious intrusion clearly occurred.
On 15 July 2015, I tried to access Google Chrome and got the following message:
Google Chrome
Your preferences cannot be read.
Some features may be unavailable and changes to preferences won’t be saved.

This does not ring true, and is probably a hacker’s gambit. No known damage was done, but in light of prior experience the hacker’s intent was probably malicious.
On 26 July 2015 I was trying to communicate with another prospective publisher and was repeatedly hacked. Contents of my messages were deleted.
On 16 August 2015 I was editing this book and a reverse scroll developed that could not be stopped. The editing was lost. This had happened before, but only when I was working on this book. This does not seem to be normal behavior, and appears to be the work of an intruder interfering with the composition of the book.
On 11 September 2015, I was replying to an email and attaching a draft manuscript of this book. The following message appeared: “Oops . . . a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#007) OK” And in fact the message was not sent. I tried again later with respect to one recipient only, and the message with attachment went through, but this would appear to be a malicious attack in line with similar prior intrusions.
On 16 September 2015, while helping a refugee compose a letter to his appointed Portuguese counsel, the word processing progam started scrolling up, reached the top of the text and froze. I was able to recover and resume, but when I tried to email the finished draft to the refugee, I again received one of the “007” messages, and I was blocked from both of my email systems.
As I wrote the preceding paragraph on 17 September 2015, text started disappearing as though the “delete” key had been pressed and held down, although I had not touched it. I took this to be another hack. I recovered and retyped from memory. As I did so, a dialogue box for closing the file appeared, asking whether I wanted to save the text. This happens frequently and seems to be the product of a virus or other malicious intrusion. It just happened again.
On 29 September 2015, I was composing a critique of an analysis by John Edward McLaughlin. Again a reverse scroll developed and the word processing operation froze. I was later able to continue, but I think I was hacked.
These are but a few of the criminal incursions by Comintern agents to hinder and prevent the publication of my analyses of the pretender and his cabal, in criminal violation of my rights under the American Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
This is not just a matter of my right to express myself without criminal hindrance or reprisal by state action. There are two more matters of equal or greeater importance. First, the book has important insights into the pretender’s true status and treason. Secondly, the pretender recognizes that this is so. Humanity will suffer from the violation of my rights and a failure to vindicate them by publication of the book with its grave warnings of war, genocide and oppression, now and in future.
The following intelligence assessment of the pretender is the kind of speech that the pretender, by his agents and dupes, is trying to suppress by criminal means.

Millions believe as articles of faith that the pretender is the son of a Negro father, that he is constitutionally eligible to the Office of President, and that he could not be a Quisling. None of these notions is true.
Will Rogers said, “It ain’t what we don’t know that hurts us; it’s what we know that ain’t so.” And Mark Twain noted, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”
My intelligence assessment of the pretender is this: He is not the son of the Negro Luo tribesman Barack Hussein Obama. The pretender claims to be half Negro for meretricious reasons of politics, espionage, subversion and treason. In a television broadcast on 27 April 2011, he fraudulently presented a partial picture of his amended birth certificate, irrelevant to eligibility, to help prevent official investigation into his identity, eligibility and treason, by fraudulently claiming his father was Negro.
Hawai’i’s vital records of the pretender, confirmed by genetic analysis, will show that the Negro Luo tribesman Barack Hussein Obama and his sham wife Stanley Ann Dunham adopted the pretender. The amended birth certificate held out by the pretender on 27 April 2011 and fraudulently represented to be his original birth certificate is his adoption certificate. See the amicus curiae brief to the Alabama Supreme Court, especially ¶¶ 2, 4-8.
The brief has the best summary of the pretender’s fraudulent misrepresentations of his parentage and constitutional eligibility. This has been ignored by the many authorities with power to subpoena evidence. And brilliant boneheads with degrees from Harvard and seats in Congress and the House of Lords will swallow whole the cover story that the effects of the flash are from a unique set of solar events. For when it comes to the pretender they are utterly stupid and wilfully ignorant, characteristics that reinforce one another.
The significance of exposing the pretender’s racial hoax is enormous, although it’s lost on some otherwise smart and accomplished people. For example, Edwin Vieira, Jr. (four degrees from Harvard University) fails to grasp, among other things, the psycho-political leverage created by posing as a black politician in America. The example of the pretender himself should dispel any honest doubt by one of average intelligence and learning. Communist propaganda has laid a foundation that America is racist, with special regard to Negroes. Any suggestion that the pretender should be investigated is met with cries of “You’re just doing this because he’s black”, with the generally understood innuendo that the party making the suggestion, and anybody who seriously considers it, is racist. While most blacks vote for Democrats, the belief that a candidate is one of them, and especially the product of a black father and white mother, gets them to turn out and vote.
I seem to be the only observer connecting the dots on the electromagnetic pulse (“EMP”) attack on America (the “flash”). This is probably due to my superior historical scholarship, including more than a half century’s study of the Comintern, and my thorough, objective analysis of the pretender since 2007. Some brilliant scholars are aware of the damage that would be caused by the flash, but even when the light dawns that North Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, “DPRK”) is able to execute it, they can not believe that the DPRK would dare act. They miss the main point, that the pretender is a Quisling and an agent of the Comintern. They refuse even to conceive the possibility that the pretender is conspiring with the DPRK and Russia and China to trigger the flash, and that the pretender will blame a natural solar event, and will not order or allow retaliation against the aggressor.
Not even my old Harvard mentor Dr. Henry Kissinger (co-leader, Defense Policy Seminar, a joint course of the Harvard Law School and Graduate School, fall semester 1962) perceives the parallel between the run-up to the Korean War initiated in 1950, masterfully recounted in his own book, On China, and the current run-up to the flash. And not even Trevor Loudon seems to realize the full implications of what he has disclosed about communist use and abuse of Islam to incite war against Western Civilization and amongst Islamic factions. Things are relative. It’s not that I’m so brilliant; it’s just that so many others are so egregiously stupid. With some it’s not so surprising. With others it is.

An analysis of the pretender may be organized under eight headings:
1. Ineligibility and Betrayal
2. A Field of Fallacies
3. Not His Father’s Son
4. Not His Mother’s Son
5. Not African
6. Not American
7. Not President
8. A Quisling
While the pretender is a sly psychological manipulator with massive expert support, other strong contributors to his considerable success in plotting America’s downfall are the gullibility, duplicity and stupidity of others, including millions in the American populace, both his adversaries on the one hand and his supporters and protectors on the other. Particularly reprehensible are the American officials of all persuasions who have joined the pretender’s betrayal of his native land by wilfully, stupidly and corruptly refusing to investigate and expose the fraud and pretense regarding his identity, his constitutional ineligibility, and his true allegiance – to the Comintern, the international communist conspiracy, not the United States.
The pretender uses his phony racial heritage to help prevent official investigation of his constitutional eligibility to the Office of President and his continuing pattern of fraud and treason against America. Americans and their officials have a pathological aversion to being considered or called racist, which has blocked the subpoenae of perfectly objective real and documentary evidence, such as records of birth, citizenship, passport and visa. These would prove that the pretender had no Negro father and, although he was a natural born American citizen at birth, he relinquished his American citizenship as an adult, thereby losing his status as a natural born American citizen and with it his eligibility to the Office of President. See the brief, particularly ¶¶ 3, 14-16.
Whether eligible or not, the pretender is an agent of the Comintern. He was born into a communist family. He was raised as a communist. His political career is communist (widely documented, but see especially The Manchurian President by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, and the following link:
The widespread notion that communism has been defeated, and that the communists are just politicians of another persuasion, is a fatal illusion. The international communist conspiracy is an atheist sect with a utopian ideal, for which any measure to advance it is justified. Any measure, including genocide.
This total ruthlessness was probably confirmed in the pretender when he was taken to Indonesia as a young boy. He was there for about four years during a reign of terror against communists in which hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, communists and suspected communists were murdered. It is probable that some of his playmates were members of families that were wiped out.
Some communists were denounced to Suharto’s anti-communist insurgency by C.I.A. agents who learned of them from Stanley Ann Dunham, the pretender’s putative mother (actually his paternal half-sister and adoptive mother). She might have thoughtlessly disclosed some of the victims to her Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetoro, who passed the information along to the Suharto regime. Soetoro served in Suharto’s anti-communist insurgent army. Suharto instigated the reign of terror.
This situation probably led to the estrangement between Lolo and Stanley Ann, with Stanley Ann’s returning the pretender to his actual birth father, Stanley Armour Dunham, in Hawai’i. She went back to Hawai’i later to divorce Soetoro, leaving in Indonesia Maya, her daughter by Soetoro. She was still in Hawai’i when, the pretender claims, he went to Indonesia to visit her.
Even the most debased and savage people feel the need for moral justification, often fancied or contrived, of their heinous conduct. Islamic jihadists maintain that they are doing the will of the almighty when beheading and stoning people to death. In other examples, Hitler said of the Jews, “We have to kill them before they kill us” and Goering in addressing comrades implementing the shoah commended them (and himself) for remaining such stout good fellows even while engaged in such a dreadful enterprise.
It’s possible that the pretender’s learning of Indonesian events, directly and from Stanley Ann Dunham, and communist indoctrination from childhood, were among his life experiences that made him comfortable conspiring with Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood to attack the American Ambassador in Benghazi, tipping off the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (“ISIL”) that American Special Forces would try to rescue prisoners James Foley and others, thus enabling their ISIL captors to move them to evade the raid and later to behead some of them, and conspiring to trigger the flash, which would cause some 270 million deaths in the year immediately following (including many millions of the pretender’s own supporters, protectors and supposed beneficiaries).
As agent for the Comintern, the pretender uses Muslims to subvert and destroy Western Civilization. Concurrently, he foments and exacerbates conflict and open warfare among Islamic factions such as Sunni and Shi’a to destroy Islam.
This is an implementation of Comintern strategy, to use Islam to destroy Western Civilization while using Islam’s schisms and anomalies to destroy Islam.
Understanding the foregoing assessment of the pretender aids in recognizing his motives and likely future conduct, and perceiving what he has already done and why. This has major implications world-wide. The pretender’s Quisling participation in the scheme for the flash, so that he can impose a communist dictatorship on America, will remove the main pillar of defense against conquests by Comintern powers such as China, Russia, and the DPRK.
The flash is likely to coincide with the DPRK’s devastation of Seoul by a huge battery of heavy guns in hard emplacements. The United States could not prevent such an atrocity, and would not retaliate, because of the flash and because America’s military is commanded by an enemy agent pretending to the Office of President.
The pretender in conspiracy with the DPRK, China and Russia is under way with the flash, which will cause the deaths of 90% of the American populace within the ensuing year. Some 250,000 will die within the first hour after the flash, as computerized aircraft lose power and aerodynamic controls and fall from the skies.
The effects of the flash will be falsely ascribed to solar flares or coronal mass ejections (“CMEs”) or both. These are natural solar events that rarely intersect the earth’s orbit at just the right time to strike it, and America specifically, and even more rarely, if ever, with sufficient strength to do the damage designed into the flash.
But even now the people of America and the world are being conditioned to expect such damage from these extremely rare effects of natural solar events on earth, as part of a scheme by the pretender, in conspiracy with other Comintern agents who rule Russia, China and the DPRK, to disable substantially all of America’s civilian electric and electronic infrastructure by electromagnetic pulse from a satellite currently in polar orbit, having been launched in December 2012 by the DPRK.
The satellite went into an orbit by a ruse, in which the pretender was complicit. It was not shot down soon after launch, when that was possible, because it was “not directed at the United States.” No, it was directed at the South China Sea, but (as the conspirators planned) went into a polar orbit that takes it over the United States from time to time. After orbit was established, a story was concocted that the satellite is a weather satellite. With his penchant for fraud in all things, including science, the pretender might even give a false alert of a solar event some hours before the flash is triggered, to advance and confirm the illusion that the flash is from the sun.
CNN on 3 November 2014 broadcast a disinformation “news” item designed to distract public attention from the impending flash, and fool the people with regard to its nature and origin. The item propounded the notion that the DPRK is developing the ability to launch nuclear ballistic missiles from submarines.
Thus by focusing on a remote and rather ludicrous threat, the flash conspirators of Russia, China, the DPRK and the pretender seek to lull the American and global public into complacency and draw their attention away from the truth.
The disinformation broadcast by CNN is designed to confirm and reinforce the conviction, when the flash happens, that it is not an enemy attack and must therefore be a natural solar event. A few people might be able to recognize that the flash is not natural but man-made, but by then it will be too late, and those who see through the cover story of a natural solar event will be too few. Their voices will be lost, as they are now, in the general catatonic hysteria.
Recent publications about the earth’s entering an “extinction cycle” in which a “fragile environment” collapses from a “triggering event” might have been inspired by the cabal’s attempt to lay off the effects of the EMP flash on to natural events. How atheists must savor the opportunity to blame the deaths from their own misdeeds on “acts of God”.
An article in The Independent helps, perhaps by accident, to condition the public to natural solar events as the cause of the EMP assault:
Matthew Blackett
The Independent – ‎06‎ ‎October‎ ‎2015
Natural disasters: Five global catastrophes that could happen tomorrow
5. An extra-terrestrial threat
Perhaps the biggest threat to the modern world is posed by our own star. Periodically, the sun emits a solar flare, an intense cloud of energetic photons and particles with the energy of millions of hydrogen bombs exploding at once. Once released, these clouds arrive at Earth’s upper atmosphere within a day or two and, in many cases, most ordinary people on Earth would be none the wiser.
If intense enough, however, a solar storm could devastate electrical systems both in orbit, for example, satellites, and on the ground, as the energetic electrons cause a charge build-up.
One of the largest known events was in 1921, which knocked out the US telegraph service; but scientists have calculated that should a similar event happen in today’s technology-reliant society, it could knock out many satellite systems, disabling global communications, the internet and the global positioning system. Chaos could ensue.
The intensity of solar flares varies on a roughly 11-year cycle and fortunately, 2014 saw the most recent peak come and go.
By means of the flash, the pretender will be able to declare a state of national emergency, impose martial law, and subject America to communist dictatorship, by whatever euphemism it might be called. The propaganda campaign about natural solar events reveals to the rational and well-informed a scheme to inflict a man-made attack. The naïve and ignorant fail to perceive the scheme. They take at face value the contrived warning of a DPRK military attack capability that is both remote and lacking credibility (and probably a fiction invented strictly for distraction).
After the flash, alien insurgents, posing as relief and rescue forces, will help the pretender (and an American army with a large portion of alien recruits) to seize control of America and replace the 90% of the population who die from the effects of the flash in the ensuing year. The United States will be partitioned and Comintern despots will dominate the earth. Cf. my letter to Rudolph W. L. Giuliani, 16 June 20ll, especially pages 5-7. A dark age of conquest and oppression will descend upon us, with no end in sight.
The DPRK’s launching of a satellite into a polar orbit taking it repeatedly over the United States was not from intellectual curiosity of the DPRK’s communist rulers. They are fanatically and monomaniacally dedicated to conquering South Korea (the Republic of Korea, “ROK”) and avenging their defeat of well over half a century ago.
The DPRK would not have launched the satellite and could not have done so unless it had Russian and Chinese aid and approval and the pretender’s aiding and abetting of the DPRK’s plan to conquer the ROK by facilitating the satellite’s polar orbit, by which American response to the invasion can be prevented.
Instead of preventing or defending against the DPRK aggression, or retaliating against it, the pretender would be sabotaging any effective defense of the ROK and the United States. He would be engaged in subjugating America in the guise of rescuing and rebuilding her from a falsely alleged solar catastrophe. He would call the great carriers back to aid in reconstruction, leaving the Republic of China on Taiwan and other allies to fend for themselves against the enormous deadly power of the likes of China, Russia, and a nuclear-armed Iran.
Certain factors greatly increase the probability of the DPRK’s invasion of the ROK and the flash to prevent American interference and to enable the pretender to impose a dictatorship. The DPRK crops will presumably be harvested soon, or food stocks imported from China. The ground will be hardening with the advent of winter, the better to support heavy armor. The absence of Kim Jong-un from parliamentary proceedings and public appearances probably has less to do with his health or “discomfort” and far more to do with the DPRK’s military making sure he presses the button to trigger the flash and otherwise prepares for military action. The recent visit of high-level DPRK security officials to the ROK, far from being a sign of conciliation, is probably an occasion for ultimatum from the DPRK, or otherwise a move to lay a foundation for military conquest, or annexation under the threat of invasion.
Similarly, the even more recent visit of James R. Clapper to the DPRK to reclaim Matthew Todd Miller and Kenneth Bae is ominous. Mr. Clapper’s mission was probably arranged to exchange information between Comintern flash conspirators. Clapper might or might not be aware of the underlying purpose of his trip. To me it indicates that the flash is imminent, and is designed to support the illusion that it’s a natural event, not an enemy attack.
Election of a new American Congress further increases the probability of a near-term seizure of dictatorial power over a ruined United States of America, its civilian electric and electronic infrastructure eviscerated by the flash and some 90% of its populace dead or doomed to die in short order. Do not be surprised if the flash and martial law occur after a congressional election and before a new American Congress can be convened.
I estimate the underlying probability of the flash and collateral aggression on any day at 75%. In June it spiked to 85%. It will spike to 85% again in October 2015, a month in which significant anniversaries take place, “peace talks” with South Korea will have advanced to lay the foundation for war, and currently planned military exercises will provide cover for mobilization.
I had predicted from my assessment of the pretender that he would sabotage efforts at meaningful sanctions against Russian attacks on Ukraine. In particular, the pretender would refuse real military aid to Ukraine, and resist any American undertaking to furnish petroleum products to Western Europe, so that Western Europe could embargo Russian natural gas as a sanction, or resist Russia’s threat to withhold natural gas as a counter to sanctions by the West. When Soviet Russia blockaded West Berlin, America ran the blockade by air. But America then did not have a communist Quisling pretending to be President.
The pretender’s posturing as a defender of America and others against ISIL is another ruse. He subsidized the inception of the ISIL insurgency, and now sabotages resistance to ISIL and will continue to do so. Somehow money will continue to get to ISIL from Saudi Arabia and other sources. The Free Syrian Army was probably intended early on to be a conduit for American military weapons and equipment to ISIL. The proposition that ISIL got all of its American gear from fleeing Iraqi Army forces is disinformation. I suspect that Saudi Arabia bought the American weapons and equipment and had them smuggled into Syria, with ISIL as the intended ultimate recipient.
American and coalition operations in Syria will be carefully orchestrated so as not to impair Russian interests in the country, in particular its naval base. The main thing on the Comintern agenda is to keep the Muslims sapping the West and, at the same time, killing one another. But an important corollary for the pretender and his collaborator Putin is to preserve a warm-water port for the navy of the Russian Federation.
The intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and the United States of America should look into the failed effort of the American Special Forces to rescue the captives James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines and others.
When the pretender was apprised of the planned rescue raid, he put it off for thirty days. When it was finally conducted, the hostages had been moved. I suggest that ISIL was tipped off about the raid in time to move the captives, thus preventing their rescue. The implication is plain that the pretender tipped off ISIL, probably through Wahabi channels in Saudi Arabia. Who else but the pretender, with knowledge of the plans for the raid, would have betrayed the Special Forces to the Islamic State? This scenario is again consistent with my assessment of the pretender, and his other treason against the United States by giving aid and comfort to the enemy, whether communist or Islamic.
The first King Saud of Saudi Arabia founded the kingdom on Wahabi acquiescence. This was conditioned on the King’s non-interference with the Wahabi. In a very real sense, the current King Saud rules Saudi Arabia at the sufferance of the Wahabi.
ISIL stems from Wahabi doctrine and is a weapon against the prospect of a Shi’ite bloc of Iran, Iraq and Syria arrayed against the Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, the Wahabi through ISIL and its upstart caliphate covet the Saudi Kingdom with its natural resources and religious sites. Significantly, ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has taken to wearing a black turban, an implicit claim to lineal descent from the prophet Mohammad. The Washington Post reports that he explicitly claims such descent.
Rarely is there any significant action by the pretender that does not involve some element of double-cross. Recently Special Forces raided the IS in Syria to capture a financial manager and his wife. (The financial officer died resisting.) Considerable financial intelligence was captured. Probably Assad’s government refrained from attacking the American raiders in collaboration with Putin, whose interest is in retaining the warm-water naval base in Syria, which Assad supports and IS does not.
The pretender, true to his nature, will share the financial intelligence with Assad, who will use it to plunder, threaten and kill financial supporters of IS, including many in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.
Thus the pretender simultaneously double-crossed the Sunni of Saudi Arabia, who supported his legal education and to whose King he publicly bows as a Sunni religious duty, the IS, to which he furnished American military equipment crucial to its success in Syria and Iraq, Iran, whose nuclear armament he secretly supports, and the United States and Israel, both of which he claims to defend and protect.
Frustrated by years of seeking action from totally flummoxed Americans, I have tried to inform the peoples of Russia, China and the DPRK of the machinations of their governments and their potential to oppress all peoples. Many in those countries have been and currently are working on genocidal aggression without realizing it. Following is a message to the peoples of Russia, China and North Korea, abused by their rulers to prepare for the military conquest of the United States and the non-communist world generally. One approach, through Interfax:

Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

5 June 2014

Interfax America, Denver
7009 S. Potomac Street, Suite 106, Centennial, CO 80112, USA
Fax: +1 (303) 368-1458
8 pages
There’s a nefarious scheme to paralyze the United States of America by electromagnetic pulse, “EMP”, attacks from space by a North Korean satellite now in polar orbit, perhaps reinforced by others (or the current one could have repeater capability). These attacks are planned by a four-cornered conspiracy of agents of the international communist conspiracy, the “Comintern”. The principal players on the scheme are (1) the communist (by whatever term he calls himself) effective dictator of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin (2) the Comintern despots ruling China (3) the Comintern despots ruling North Korea and (4) the Quisling Comintern pretender to the American Office of President, Barack Hussein Obama. The conspirators, in particular Obama, will falsely attribute the effects of the attacks on natural events, particularly solar flares or coronal mass ejections (“CMEs”). Already the American press has started publishing the dangers of solar flares and CMEs, although they rarely strike the earth with enough energy to cause massive disruption. The planned EMP attacks, however, will cause the deaths of 90% of the American populace within the ensuing year.
The Comintern clique that rules North Korea is encouraged and supported in this devastating act of war and treason against America by Putin’s consent and technical aid from his Russian Federation, the clandestine consent and support of the Comintern clique ruling China, and the North Korean regime’s knowledge that Obama has prevented and sabotaged countermeasures against the North Korean EMP attacks, and will similarly hinder and sabotage America’s defense of itself and South Korea against the North Korean dictatorship’s renewed attempt to conquer South Korea.
The EMP attack will cause the deaths of 90% of America’s populace within a year afterwards. They will be replaced in large part by invading aliens amenable to the dictature of the pretender or his successor.
The world is brought to this pass, the brink of war, by the senseless rejection of official inquiry into the communist pretender to America’s Office of President.
“Pretender” is used advisedly, for Obama was naturalized a citizen of Indonesia around 1968, when American Secretary of State Dean Rusk issued a certificate of loss of nationality to facilitate the Indonesian naturalization. In subsequent events Obama intentionally and voluntarily relinquished American citizenship in favor of his Indonesian naturalized citizenship in order to study at Columbia University as a foreign student, thereafter becoming naturalized as an American. Naturalization as an American citizen did not restore his status as a natural born American citizen.
In 1971, Obama was returned to the United States, unaccompanied, on his Indonesian passport. The Department of State referred him to Catholic Charities of Connecticut under a contractual arrangement for dealing with unaccompanied alien minors. Catholic Charities had Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham appointed guardian.
In 1977, Obama started using the Social Security number of a deceased American citizen to avoid applying for one on the basis of his American citizenship.
In 1979, he confirmed as an adult his relinquishment of American citizenship in favor of his underlying Indonesian naturalization by refraining from registration with the Selective Service System. Acts further confirming this intentional and voluntary relinquishment followed.
In 1981, he went to Indonesia as Barry Soetoro on his Indonesian passport, obtained an American student visa, and re-entered the United States on his Indonesian passport with the American student visa. He studied at Columbia University as a foreign student. This is probably the only time in his life when he told the truth about himself.
In 1983, Obama was naturalized as an American citizen, which would have been unnecessary had he not previously relinquished his American citizenship. A naturalized citizen is not a natural born American citizen under Article II Section 1 of the American Constitution.
Hence Obama is not now, never has been, and never can be President of the United States. He lost constitutional eligibility forever when he relinquished American citizenship. He can not reclaim his status as a natural born American citizen, for such status can only be acquired at birth. Having lost the status he acquired at birth, he can not again regain it; he can not in fact be born again.
But far more is involved than Obama’s eligibility to the Office of President. He has been communist since childhood. Communism combines Marxist stupidity with Leninist ruthlessness. Obama has Lenin’s ruthlessness in full measure, notwithstanding his genial façade and the massive propaganda machine depicting him as benign. He has been a Comintern mole for all of his adult years to date.
Among his treasonous acts have been the instigation of mass murders and government gun-running to eviscerate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, intimidation and spying on the press, and abuse of purported authority to tax income, in violation of the First Amendment, conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood to attack and kill Americans on 9/11/2012, disclosure of American and allied military secrets to the Russian Federation, unjust treaties with the Russian Federation to disarm America and cede valuable property bought from Russia more than a century ago, sabotaging America’s thermonuclear retaliation force, unlawfully trading five key terrorists for an American deserter, and the current conspiracy with Putin, China and North Korea to conduct EMP attacks against the United States by satellites to enable Obama the Quisling to take over the United States.
Like Vidkun Quisling, Obama uses foreign power to confirm a dictatorship, but unlike Quisling he is secretive about it.
The pretender should be impeached, fundamentally for pretending to be half-Negro and constitutionally eligible to effect election frauds and pretend to an office that he can not hold, as well as for treason and other crimes and misdemeanors.
“Treason” as used in Article II Section 4 of the American Constitution means aiding and abetting the enemy and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
The pretender has also committed many impeachable crimes and misdemeanors, which need not be indictable offenses; they comprehend “any serious wrong”.
The pretender’s potentially indictable offenses should have been made the subject of grand jury proceedings years ago, just as the American House of Representatives should have conducted impeachment hearings years ago. The true grounds for these utterly stupid failures might never be fully understood. They are probably based in large part on the questionable constitutional eligibility of Republican presidential candidates.
The American people and their officials have failed and refused to conduct official investigations of Obama by subpoenae of testimony under oath and disclosure of real and documentary evidence, which would readily prove that the pretender is neither half-Negro nor constitutionally eligible to the Office of President. They would also prove, with varying degrees of difficulty, that the pretender has committed treason and many other crimes and misdemeanors.
If Americans do not remove and prosecute the pretender, the salvation of the United States and the peace of the world will hang by the gossamer thread of the ability and will of the peoples of the Russian Federation, China and Korea to hinder, delay or prevent their despotic communist regimes from consummating the plot to destroy, by EMP attacks from space, the United States as a world power and the principal pillar of world peace.
The people of North Korea need to ask themselves: Do they really want to be dragged into a war of territorial aggrandizement, plunder, devastation and slaughter for the greater glory, power and wealth of North Korea’s ruling clique and its Comintern allies? The mandate of heaven is to help one another, not to kill, plunder and oppress your neighbor. It is well known that a massive battery of North Korean heavy guns in hardened positions can reduce Seoul to plowed ground in hours, and will do so if the threat of American retaliation is removed. Even if America were able to retaliate after suffering EMP attacks, the Quisling in the White House would prevent it. North Korea’s dictator was raised in Switzerland. He should realize that a nation that never goes to war can live quite well. He should also realize from recent history that despots who drag their people into war sometimes fare badly themselves.
The people of China should consider whether their nation’s ruling clique should continue to support the evil and treacherous plan now being pursued by North Korea, its communist allies, and its communist fifth column in America. North Korea invaded South Korea more than half a century ago with consent from Stalin and Mao, and assurance upon sound intelligence that America would not intervene. (The Truman administration changed its mind after the invasion began.) North Korea will not invade South Korea or launch the planned EMP attacks against America without consent from Putin and China.
The Chinese people, while still sore oppressed by their ruling clique, succeeded in rising up and securing a measure of liberty a quarter of a century ago in Tiananmen Square. It has just been disclosed that Chinese soldiers laughed while firing into their fellow countrymen protesting there. What an enormous tragedy if China’s people today lose the freedom won at the price of such sadistic inhumanity.
Chinese risk a severe setback in their own liberty if America is subjugated to the power of a Comintern Quisling. The Chinese people have a vital stake in their totalitarian regime’s vetoing the scheme to devastate America by EMP attacks.
Do the peoples of the Russian Federation wish to turn on a nation that aided and mentored them after the pernicious machinations of the Soviet regime led the Soviet Union to disaster and collapse? Putin’s technical aid to North Korea, and his work with the Quisling Obama, have been indispensable to the scheme to conquer South Korea, while giving Obama absolute power over an eviscerated America, its people ignorant of Obama’s role in causing the EMP attacks. This is in line with Obama’s modus operandi of causing harm while laying the blame off on others.
Millions of Americans have been transfixed by Obama, to the point of even refusing to look into the factual evidence about him: that he is not black, is not constitutionally eligible to the Office of President, and is engaged in a remarkably successful campaign of subversion, oppression, intimidation, sabotage and other treason against the land of his birth.
Having turned a blind eye to the facts of their own situation, Americans must look to other people for salvation. Though oppressed themselves, the people of the Russian Federation, China and North Korea might be able to head off the North Korean regime’s attacks on South Korea and the United States, and perhaps other nations such as Japan. The dictator of North Korea can’t really act alone. Others must concur in order for Kim Jong-un to act.
The Russian Federation’s Duma has the constitutional authority to impeach Putin, a Comintern agent like Obama, for conspiring with China, North Korea and the Quisling Obama to launch devastating attacks with potential and high probability for world war. The Russian Federation’s peoples, like the Chinese, have shaken off some of their communist rulers’ oppression. The Russian Federation’s peoples, like the Chinese, have a vital stake in preserving or advancing these gains, which would be put in grave danger by American subjugation through a Comintern conspiracy.
The Chinese people have shown an ability to wrest a measure of liberty from their communist government. A persecuted Chinese minority, the Falun Gong, has persuaded some 135 million people to resign from the Chinese communist party in protest against its persecution.
The Chinese regime will find that American property such as natural resources, seized for the payment of debts owed to China by America (a distinct possibility after the flash) will turn to ashes in its mouth, once Americans realize the Chinese regime’s complicity in the North Korean attacks.
Even in North Korea, perhaps half the population listen, illegally, to western broadcasts. Query whether the North Korean people really support a war against fellow Koreans, and others who wish no more than peaceful lives of fruitful toil. Their real interest as human beings lies in preventing this war of conquest by Kim Jong-un for his greater wealth and glory, and the fanatical lust of North Korea’s military for revenge for its defeat in the 1950s by the United Nations led by the United States. For these ends, Kim Jong-un and his military leaders are willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of Koreans and hundreds of millions of Americans and others world-wide.
Simply telling the world the truth could prevent war. The chances might be slim, but given American ignorance and stupidity, they might be the world’s only hope. Many in Russia, China, Korea and America, whose energies and talents are being exploited by power-mad rulers, are kept in the dark regarding the misappropriation and abuse of their talents and labors to deadly and evil goals. Knowing the truth, the peoples of the world might dissuade their regimes from making war, or consenting to it. They could, in a great many small ways not involving undue risk, prevent the implementation of a vicious scheme that would cause suffering, death and oppression to hundreds of millions of human beings, including possibly themselves, their families, and their compatriots.
To paraphrase an old communist saw: “Peoples of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your despots.”
The more who know of this vile conspiracy, the less likely it is to be consummated. And if it is carried through, responsibility for it can be the more readily assessed by the peoples of the world. If the American people don’t understand Obama’s complicity in the attacks, they will tend to rally ‘round him, rather than bring him to justice for his treason of giving aid and comfort to the enemy, aiding and abetting both Muslim enemy and Comintern enemy.
The intelligence services of countries that have learned of the scheme might divulge it to the world at large as a possible way to halt or hinder it. I challenge the Quisling Obama, as well as the communist by whatever name Putin and the communist despots of China and North Korea to deny the existence of this plan. Their most credible denial would be, not to do it. Actual attacks would confirm the accusation.
Further details are available upon request. My principal email address is

I’ve tried a similar approach to the ROK’s Park Sang Hak and China through Douglas Feith in the Hong Kong office of the Wall Street Journal. Feith probably brushed off my effort, if it even got through his screeners. Through my collaboration with intelligence agencies, similar efforts might achieve far greater penetration and effect, both in eliciting information and retarding progress toward the flash. Long shots, indeed, but a desperate situation calls for desperate measures. Again, even if such attempts are unavailing in heading off the flash, they might aid movements for true constitutional democracy in the dark era that follows.
Another situation that deserves close attention is the downfall and presumed execution of Jang Sung-taek. A proposition inviting investigation is that Jang, disgruntled at being number two and passed over for elevation to number one in the DPRK, tried to convey through unknowing intermediaries such as Kenneth Bae and Jeffrey Fowle that he wanted to defect to the West, or submit information about the planned flash, or both. Jang might have been privy to the plan for the flash, but fatally ignorant of the pretender’s role in it.
Per this hypothesis, the pretender, probably through the sinister John O. Brennan as putative head of the C.I.A., sabotaged Jang’s efforts, causing the detention of Bae or Fowle or both, and the execution of Jang.
The foregoing illustrates that a proper understanding of the pretender points to important investigations that otherwise do not happen. People are hung up on delusions that the pretender is half-Negro, eligible to the Office of President, and could not be an enemy agent. All of these notions are false, as competent official investigation would prove.
Agents for intelligence services were invited to contact me personally to review this matter, but could not be bothered. The review would include the probable complicity of former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in the absurd fraudulent representation that the pretender never became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia (hence, by this fraudulent representation, would not have relinquished his American citizenship). Investigation might become easier now that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (“SBY”) has been succeeded as President of Indonesia by Joko Widodo.
The pretender has tried to block mitochondrial DNA analysis proving beyond scientific doubt that he is not Stanley Ann Dunham’s son by having the remains of Stanley Ann Dunham and her mother Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham cremated and cast into the sea. This was not a perfect block. Every child of a mother, regardless of who the father was, has identical mitochondrial DNA. Comparison of Maya Soetoro-Ng’s mitochondrial DNA with that of the pretender will show that they do not match. Hence it is biologically impossible that Stanley Ann Dunham, the mother of Mrs. Soetoro-Ng, is the birth mother of the pretender. The pretender’s acts of cremating and casting into the sea the mitochondrial DNA of Stanley Ann and Madelyn reflect the pretender’s guilty knowledge of what the analysis of that DNA would prove.
Mr. Russell Edwards cracked the Jack the Ripper case partly through genetic analysis. I hope he will secure the aid of public investigators in respect of the pretender.
The United Kingdom should have a special interest in finding the murderers of the British subject Haines, and possible accomplices like the pretender who, by hypothesis, tipped off Haines’s captors regarding the planned American Special Forces’ rescue raid. And the U.K. might be especially adept at finding the facts in Saudi Arabia and the Levant, where it has long been deeply involved.
Also, MI6 analysis might be more objective than that of most Americans, less susceptible to the fallacies that following up on strong clues of ineligibility or treason would be racist (on the false conviction the pretender has a Negro father) or somehow disrespect the Office of President to which the object of suspicion has been elected (or, in the case of the ineligible pretender, not elected). MI6 investigators might start by interviewing captured ISIL combatants who have guarded the hostages and could have a line on whether they were moved randomly or in response to a tip-off that American rescue efforts were under way.
Genetic analysis could be a key to exposing one of the greatest hoaxes in world history, the pretender’s racial heritage, next to the fraudulent representations that the pretender is constitutionally eligible to the Office of President and is something other than an enemy agent.
American officials who should have known better, and had the means to elicit definitive evidence of the pretender’s false racial identity, constitutional ineligibility, and treason, have refused to conduct constitutionally requisite inquiries to elicit such evidence. America will probably be killed as a result.
As the book American Holocaust will show, these official buffoons have stupidly insisted on being fools from their own deluded conceits, even after their stupidity has been shown. When I asked Rudy Giuliani on 6 May 2011 in the National Press Club whether he had ever considered the possibility that the pretender was a mole, he laughed heartily and said, “What, a mole? God, I hope not!”, treating the proposition as a colossal joke. This malady is not exclusively American. Lord Monckton submitted to Lords an irrelevant report on the phony birth certificate after I explained to him, in terms a child could understand, that he was chasing a false spur and contributing to a distraction in support of a hoax.
There was an unprecedented number of 30 non-transmissions of the foregoing email and attachment of 5 February 2015. This strongly suggests that an intruder or intruders blocked all or most of them, that the hacking was on behalf of the Comintern cabal led by the pretender, and that the cabal takes seriously the substance of the email and attachment.
The cabal by implication threatens the author’s life with the 007 tag, after Ian Fleming’s fictional character who had a license to kill with impunity. It further obstructs the writing and publication of this book and imperils the author’s life and well-being in fact by tampering with his Social Security account and changing its password by criminal action on the internet.
On Saturday 21 February 2015 I was composing a message to another in Portugal, one Chiara. Upon my mention of the book, the message disappeared and the link was broken. A day later, it could not be re-established. Only the very naïve would regard this as a coincidence. It is part of the continuing scheme of criminal harassment in reprisal for researching and writing this book. Upon reflection, it would seem that the blocking of my messages to the likes of the Honorable Rudy Giuliani and Henry Kissinger were not, as I had assumed, the result of their decisions, but rather the product of criminal hacking without notice to me or the intended recipients.
The pretender and his cabal must be afraid of this book to take such flagrantly criminal and dangerous actions to hinder, delay or prevent its writing and publication, and punish its author for writing it.
The pretender’s life has been a tissue of lies, since before his birth and probably before his conception.
The communist Stanley Armour Dunham wanted a first born son. But his communist wife, Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham, gave him a daughter, whom they named Stanley Ann. She became a communist. Stanley Armour had no other children by his wife. He did, however, have a son by an as yet unknown native wahine. Not surprisingly, the son is the spitting image of his father, Stanley Armour Dunham. This is strikingly illustrated by family snaps shown on the internet. The son’s warm mahogany complexion comes from his mother. Hawai’ians are people of color. By pre-natal arrangement, Stanley Ann made a sham marriage with a Kenyan communist, a black Luo tribesman of Islamic persuasion named Barack Hussein Obama. They adopted the little bastard at birth as Barack Hussein Obama II.
When a child is born, a contemporaneous written record is made showing the names of the birth parents. This is a birth certificate. It is retained as a vital record in the health department to guard against violation of the rule against consanguinity, the marriage of people too closely related.
When a child is adopted, an amended birth certificate is created, naming the adoptive parents as the birth parents. This is an official lie to conceal the real parents and their probable conception outside of marriage. The pretender held out his amended birth certificate as his actual birth certificate, not to conceal his bastard birth, nor to conceal his birth outside the United States or to an alien parent, but to conceal the fact that his real father was not the Negro Luo tribesman he claimed as his father. Indeed, his vital records and DNA will prove that neither parent was black.
This analysis of what the vital records and DNA of the pretender will prove beyond reasonable scientific doubt was set out in my amicus brief of 30 May 2013 to the Alabama Supreme Court, which follows. This analysis was disseminated in many public and private writings over the preceding four years. Substantially nobody read it, and it seems that substantially nobody who did read it understood it or acted on it in any meaningful way. Subpoena and analysis of the pretender’s hair alone would establish that his mother was not Caucasian, thus ruling out Stanley Ann Dunham as his birth mother.
Here is the text of the brief:

1. The trial court has failed to adduce relevant and material evidence to resolve the issue of Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the Office of President.
2. The trial court can quickly verify Obama’s status as a natural born United States citizen, on the day of his birth, by taking over discovery and subpoenaing his DNA and all of his Hawai’ian vital records, consisting of an original birth certificate showing his actual birth parents and his amended birth certificate showing adoptive parents Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama, an alien black Luo tribesman. Analysis of Obama’s DNA will prove that it is biologically impossible for him to be the son of his claimed birth parents, which conclusively disproves the “birth certificate” (actually an adoption certificate) falsely presented by Obama on 27 April 2011 as his original birth certificate. Obama’s real, original birth certificate will show two American citizen parents, genetically consistent with Obama, as his birth parents, thus corroborating the statement of Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino on 27 July 2009, set out in full in the discussion below. Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate, partly because it proves that he is not the son of a Negro father, but also to evade consideration of the real eligibility issue, his voluntary and intentional relinquishment of American citizenship in favor of an underlying naturalized Indonesian citizenship.
3. Obama was naturalized a citizen of Indonesia around 1968, when American Secretary of State Dean Rusk issued a certificate of loss of nationality to facilitate the Indonesian naturalization. In 1971, Obama was returned to the United States unaccompanied on his Indonesian passport. The Department of State referred him to Catholic Charities of Connecticut, under a contractual arrangement. Catholic Charities had Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham appointed guardian. In 1977, Obama started using the Social Security number of a deceased American citizen to avoid applying for one on the basis of his American citizenship. In 1979, he confirmed as an adult his relinquishment of American citizenship in favor of his underlying Indonesian naturalization by refraining from registration with the Selective Service System. In 1981, he went to Indonesia on his Indonesian passport, obtained an American student visa from the American Embassy, and re-entered the United States on his Indonesian passport as Barry Soetoro with the American student visa. He studied at Columbia University as a foreign student. This is probably the only time in his life when he told the truth about himself. In 1983, Obama was naturalized as an American citizen, definitive confirmation that he had previously relinquished his American citizenship. A naturalized citizen is not a natural born American citizen under Article II Section 1 of the American Constitution. Hence Obama is not now, never has been, and never can be President of the United States. He lost constitutional eligibility forever when he lost American citizenship. It could be argued that Obama’s naturalization as an American citizen in 1983 somehow related back to the date of his birth and restored his status as a “natural born Citizen” under Article II Section 1 of the United States Constitution. Such an argument would be frivolous. Upon loss of American citizenship, Obama ceased to be a “natural born Citizen” because he was no longer a “Citizen” at all. As the status of “natural born Citizen” can only be acquired at birth, and Obama can not be born again, the loss of natural born American citizenship is permanent and irreversible upon loss of American citizenship.
4. It appears that Obama has spun an elaborate scheme to be elected to the Office of President by pretending to be the son of the alien black man who adopted him. In furtherance of the scheme, he used a contrived controversy over his constitutional status at birth to distract attention from the question of whether he lost his American citizenship by voluntarily and intentionally relinquishing American citizenship in favor of an underlying Indonesian naturalized citizenship.
5. The trial court can obtain and analyse Obama’s vital records and DNA. The 27 July 2009 press release by Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, then the Director of Hawai’i’s Department of Health and custodian of vital records, follows in its entirety:
I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawai’i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai’i State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai’i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago.

This statement precludes any truly candid counsel from representing to a court that Obama’s father was Barack Hussein Obama the alien black man. Such a representation is inconsistent with Dr. Fukino’s finding that Obama was “a natural-born American citizen.” Dr. Fukino refers to “vital records”. Obama was still alive, so there would not be a death certificate, but there must be a vital record in addition to his original birth certificate. How would such an additional vital record come to be?
6. When a child is born in Hawai’i, a contemporaneous record of birth is made, showing actual birth parents. This is retained to protect against violation of the rule against consanguinity. Dr. Fukino was relying on the original birth certificate when she stated that Obama was “a natural-born American citizen”. She refrained from specifying that basis in deference to the confidentiality of adoption records.
7. When the child is adopted, as Obama was at birth, an amended birth certificate is created, showing adoptive parents. Obama’s amended birth certificate was the basis for the abstract entitled “CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH”, the proof of birth typically used in part to conceal the fact of an adoption. On 27 April 2011, Obama presented a photograph of his amended birth certificate, cropped or masked to delete the word “AMENDED”, probably typed above the printed title of the long form “CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH”.
8. Dr. Fukino had to contend with the confidentiality of adoptions when making her statement of 27 July 2009. But she could not avoid giving away the fact of an adoption, by claiming the “original vital records” showed that Obama was “a natural-born American citizen”. Barack Hussein Obama the black Luo tribesman could not be Obama’s birth father if Obama was a natural born American citizen, because the Luo tribesman was an alien. Dr. Fukino was relying on the original birth certificate component of the “original vital records” to which she referred.
9. The trial court’s subpoena of the “original vital records” referred to by Dr. Fukino in her 27 July 2009 press release is required for a definitive determination of Obama’s eligibility at birth. DNA analysis will corroborate the parents shown in the original birth certificate, and conclusively disprove the parents shown in the adoption certificate held out as the original on 27 April 2011.
10. Other clues pop up, from time to time, indicating that Obama’s original birth certificate remains undisclosed. Early in 2011, a character named Tim Adams, who had sworn that there was no long form birth certificate for Obama, broadcast a suggestion that Obama release his long form birth certificate, “if he has one”, even if it did not “go along with” Obama’s official autobiography. Adams offered the lame excuse that Obama was “fibbing” in his autobiography, standard operating procedure with politicians according to Mr. Adams. It seemed the cat was out of the bag, or was feared to be, and Adams was doing damage control. But the “birth certificate” released on 27 April 2011 was entirely consistent with the fraudulent autobiography; hence there must be another vital record, the original birth certificate, still undisclosed.
11. Dr. Fukino, in an interview with Michael Isikoff, described the original birth certificate as half typed and half handwritten. The document released by Obama on 27 April 2011 was entirely typed. This is another significant clue that Obama’s original birth certificate, and the “birth certificate” released on 27 April 2011, are two different documents, and that Dr. Fukino based her conclusion that Obama was a natural born American citizen on the original, not the adoption certificate that Obama falsely claimed on 27 April 2011 to be his original birth certificate.
12. When Obama the Luo applied for permanent residence, citing his marriage to Stanley Ann Dunham and a son by her, a shrewd immigration officer, suspecting a fraudulent marriage, threatened investigation into Obama’s paternity. Obama the Luo, knowing that such an investigation would prove he was not Obama’s father, abandoned his application for permanent residence and accepted a temporary student visa.
13. Obama conceals his original birth certificate identifying his actual birth parents because neither was Negro, not because it disproves his constitutional eligibility. The original would confirm his constitutional eligibility at birth, per Dr. Fukino. He fraudulently claims his adoptive parents as birth parents so that he can make racist appeals for votes while denigrating critics and opponents as racists. Thus Obama sacrificed the military career of LTC Lakin, rather than disclose his original birth certificate, which would have proved Obama was a natural born citizen at birth, but not black. If the trial court will subpoena or otherwise obtain Obama’s original birth certificate, it will find that Obama was a natural born American citizen at the time of his birth, but neither parent was Negro.
14. The real issue of Obama’s constitutional eligibility is his loss of American citizenship. The status of natural born American citizen can be acquired only at birth. But it can be lost thereafter, by loss of American citizenship altogether. The term “natural born Citizen” subsumes the term “Citizen”. Obama could not be a natural born American citizen when he ceased to be an American citizen at all, even if he was a natural born U.S. citizen on the day of his birth. By his voluntary and intentional relinquishment of American citizenship (¶ 3 above and ¶ 15 below) Obama became constitutionally ineligible for all time, and never became President.
15. The State Department has noted that naturalization as a foreign citizen is a potentially expatriating act, as is a conviction for treason:

Section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1481), as amended, states that U.S. citizens are subject to loss of citizenship if they perform certain specified acts voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. citizenship. Briefly stated, these acts include:

1. obtaining naturalization in a foreign state [my italics] (Sec. 349 (a) (1) INA);

2. taking an oath, affirmation or other formal declaration to a foreign state or its political subdivisions (Sec. 349 (a) (2) INA);

3. entering or serving in the armed forces of a foreign state engaged in hostilities against the U.S. or serving as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer in the armed forces of a foreign state (Sec. 349 (a) (3) INA);

4. accepting employment with a foreign government if (a) one
has the nationality of that foreign state or (b) an oath or declaration of allegiance is required in accepting the position (Sec. 349 (a) (4) INA);

5. formally renouncing U.S. citizenship before a U.S. diplomatic or consular officer outside the United States (Sec. 349 (a) (5) INA);

6. formally renouncing U.S. citizenship within the U.S. (but only under strict, narrow statutory conditions) (Sec. 349 (a) (6) INA);

7. conviction for an act of treason (Sec. 349 (a) (7) INA).


As already noted, the actions listed above can cause loss of U.S. citizenship only if performed voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship. The Department has a uniform administrative standard of evidence based on the premise that U.S. citizens intend to retain United States citizenship when they obtain naturalization in a foreign state, subscribe to a declaration of allegiance to a foreign state, serve in the armed forces of a foreign state not engaged in hostilities with the United States, or accept non-policy level employment with a foreign government.


16. Appropriate discovery by the trial court will establish Obama’s loss of American citizenship by voluntary and intentional relinquishment of it as an adult, capped by his 1983 naturalization as an American citizen, which would not have been necessary if he had not previously lost American citizenship.
17. An appellate court does not ordinarily adjudicate factual issues. But in a case of such extraordinary importance as the instant case this Court should require the trial court to adduce sufficient facts to pose the legal issues. The trial court herein has failed miserably, in large part because of faulty and misleading analyses by trial counsel on both sides. This case should be sent back to the trial court for complete reconsideration and restatement of the cause by Appellants and thorough discovery of the true relevant and material facts to make a record fit for appeal. Further, the trial court should be advised that a grand jury should be empanelled at the trial court’s own motion to investigate Obama’s many crimes, including election fraud, posing as a federal officer, conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, and treason.
WHEREFORE, Albert W. L. Moore, Jr., representing no party in this case or any other before this honorable Court, and wishing only to be the Court’s trustworthy and faithful friend in obeying his solemn oath as a lawyer to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, prays the Court read and heed his amicus brief to cut to the heart of Obama’s constitutional eligibility by requiring the trial court to uncover the relevant and material facts required to effect a just and true resolution of open questions regarding Obama’s eligibility to the Office of President, and prays further that esteemed counsel on both sides co-operate, with all diligence, probity and candor, to assist the trial court in discovering and adducing such facts. Counsel confidently anticipates that Obama’s vital records – original and amended and consistent with genetic analysis – prove that he was a natural born American on the date of his birth, but further official records prove that he lost American citizenship and constitutional eligibility to the Office of President, as definitively confirmed by his 1983 naturalization as an American citizen, which by law did not restore his constitutional eligibility.
When Stanley Armour contrived to arrange a sham marriage of his daughter to Barack Hussein Obama to keep his bastard son in the family without disclosing his infidelity, there was a problem. Stanley Ann was clearly not pregnant. But not to worry, she was going to Seattle for school. When questions were raised about her absence from the island, the story was concocted that she had gone to Kenya to lay in and give birth. Hence the Kenyan birth myth, born of lies upon lies upon lies.
Subsequent events reinforced the Kenyan birth myth. The Kenyan Luo sought residence status in the United States. The immigration officer threatened a paternity test. The Luo, knowing he was not the bastard’s father, settled for a temporary student visa.
Stanley Ann filed for ex parte divorce from Obama the Luo. A forged Kenyan birth certificate was submitted to the divorce court to confirm her legal custody of the bastard, without disclosing Hawai’ian vital records proving Stanley Armour´s role as birth father and Stanley Ann’s as adoptive mother. (In my imagination:
“Leave to withdraw exhibits, your honor?”
“Leave granted. Here is your signed decree, too.”)
A Kenyan cottage industry in forged birth certificates grew up, and with it a widespread delusion that the pretender was born in Kenya. This has been a strong distraction from the real evidence of the pretender’s ineligibility, which results from his voluntary and intentional relinquishment of American citizenship in favor of underlying Indonesian citizenship after attaining his majority. See especially the Alabama brief and Chapter 6 of this book.
In 2012, John W. Pennell and I sent the following advice to the top election official of every state and the District of Columbia:
Aide-Memoire to American Chief Election Officials
RE: Verification of Obama Eligibility
19 July 2012

There is insufficient publicly available information to prove the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II (“Obama”) to the Office of President. Hence election officials are unable to make a rational determination whether to bar him or allow him onto their respective ballots. Absent competent evidence to verify eligibility, he should be barred from the electoral ballot.

On information and belief, Obama’s original birth certificate shows that he was constitutionally eligible at birth. Until the original is disclosed, however, his eligibility at birth is unverified. The “birth certificate” proffered by Obama on 27 April 2011 is based on a picture of his amended birth certificate, essentially a certificate of adoption, showing adoptive parents.

On information and belief, Obama was naturalized an Indonesian citizen in the 1960s. An adult Obama in 1979 confirmed his voluntary and intentional relinquishment of American citizenship by refraining from registration with the American Selective Service System, and in 1981 he further confirmed such relinquishment by entering the United States on an Indonesian passport with a student visa. He has conspired to conceal evidence of his Indonesian citizenship. Not earlier than 2008, a fraudulently backdated registration was slipped into Selective Service files, to falsify Obama’s compliance with the registration requirement, and fabricate evidence that American citizenship was retained in the face of Indonesian naturalization. Unless grave doubts about Obama’s American citizenship are resolved by exhaustive investigation and factual disclosure, his eligibility is unverified, and he should be barred from the electoral ballot.

An election official who admits a candidate of unverified eligibility to the ballot is derelict in official duty and subject to removal from office and criminal prosecution. Moreover, the listing of an ineligible candidate, who is an enemy agent and is subsequently elected, causes permanent injury to the nation, gives aid and comfort to its enemies, and puts its independence and survival at risk.

Election officials should join in a demand for exhaustive investigation of Obama by Congress, and all other authorities with jurisdiction, to elicit evidence by which such officials can make rational, fully informed decisions on Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the Office of President, and initiate or assist such proceedings against Obama himself as the evidence might warrant.


And yet, the pretender was always allowed on the ballot without examination of the relevant and material evidence of his eligibility or ineligibility. The officials were universally terrified of disallowing a candidate whose presumed disqualifying alien parent was black, even though they were constitutionally required to do so on the stipulated facts.
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

18 June 2013

Honorable Lamar Seeligson Smith
Congressman, 21st Congressional District of Texas
2409 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-0001
RE: The American Holocaust
Dear Sir:
A few days ago the Honorable William C. Phelps chatted with you about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, pointing out that a copy of his foreign student identification card had surfaced, that he had become naturalized as an American citizen in 1983, and that a naturalized citizen was not a natural born citizen as required by Article II Section 1 of the American constitution for eligibility to the Office of President. Lieutenant Governor Phelps asked whether you had read my letters to you on Obama. You said that letters “on stuff like that” went to your staff, who invariably reported “no evidence”. Lieutenant Governor Phelps, a distinguished lawyer, appropriately observed that “finding the evidence is your job, by subpoenae.”
The Honorable William C. Phelps, “Missouri’s first full-time Lieutenant Governor” referred me to you as a man of integrity in a position to ferret out the facts when you were chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. See my letter to you of 16 August 2012. Lieutenant Governor Phelps must be gravely disappointed. I certainly am.

And I am deeply disappointed as well with The Honorable Jeff Sessions, United States Senator for Alabama, recommended as a man of great courage. Senator Sessions claims Obama is eligible because the Department of State says so. State Department records actually put the lie to Obama’s constitutional eligibility. See pages 2 – 4 of the enclosed brief. Courage is a poor substitute for good judgment, intelligence, integrity and diligence in the conduct of high office.

Indeed, it passes disappointment to dismay and disgust with you, with Senator Sessions, and with others of your ilk. The lot of you have given cover to the Comintern mole, the Quisling Obama, who is plotting with other Comintern agents ruling Russia, China and North Korea to paralyze and take over the United States by EMP attacks already put in motion by North Korea. Like Quisling himself, Obama is using foreign military power to establish a dictatorship. But, unlike Quisling, Obama’s treason is clandestine and involves much more harm in the process.

Hence an enemy agent pretending to the Office of President, whose constitutional ineligibility could be readily proved, is bringing down upon the United States a holocaust that could well cost more human lives than the Shoah, the Jewish Holocaust.

When the EMP flash occurs, and Congress fails of a quorum, and Obama declares a state of emergency giving him dictatorial powers over people who have not been informed of his role in causing the emergency, you will perhaps have the evidence you desire, after refusing too long – fatally long – to investigate Obama and expose his ineligibility and treachery. Obama will take advantage of public ignorance of his treason to blame Republicans for the attacks. Just deserts for you and your fellow miscreants, but undeserved tragedy for the millions of Americans who suffer and eventually die from the results of the EMP attacks, and the foreigners who suffer and die from communist and Islamic aggression triggered and facilitated by the loss of America as the key ally in their defense.

I am left to flee to a foreign land, to save my own wretched life, and to bear witness in book form to the Republicans in Name Only, like you, and the general collapse of civic virtue and reason that allow and even facilitate Obama’s American Holocaust. You and many other willing dupes will be named. You will not read it, but millions will. You and the others will be held accountable to history as corrupt and benighted fools.

Very truly yours,

Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

– letter with enclosures to Honorable Rand Paul, M.D., 24 May 2013
– amicus curiae brief for Alabama Supreme Court 30 May 2013

Copies with enclosures to:
– Honorable Robert Aderholt
– Honorable Lou Barletta
– Philip J. Berg, Esq.
– Honorable Roy Blunt
– Honorable Kevin Brady
– Honorable Jim Bridenstine
– Honorable Mo Brooks
– Mr. Floyd G. Brown & Mary Beth Brown
– Benjamin Solomon Carson, M.D.
– Honorable Ted Cruz
– Mr. Douglas Duane Dietrich
– His Eminence Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan
– Mr. Ron Dove
– Honorable John Duncan
– Steve Eichler, Esq.
– Buford L. Farrington, Esq.
– Honorable Bill Flores
– Honorable Trent Franks
– Honorable Jim Gerlach
– Honorable Rudolph W. L. Giuliani
– Honorable Bob Goodlatte
– Honorable Chuck Grassley
– Honorable Sam Graves
– Honorable Tim Griffin
– Honorable Bill Johnson
– Honorable Jim Jordan
– Mr. Garth D. Kant
– Mr. Garry Kasparov
– Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
– Mr. Cliff Kincaid
– Honorable Steve King
– Mr. Wayne LaPierre
– Mark Levin, Esq.
– Mr. G. Gordon Liddy
– Miss Robin Lynne
– Mr. Wayne Madsen
– Mr. Mark Malkowski
– Ed Martin, Esq.
– Honorable Michael McCaul
– Honorable Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr.
– Honorable David McKinley
– Honorable Patrick Meehan
– Honorable Roy S. Moore
– Mr. Ted Nugent
– Honorable Pete Olson
– Honorable Rand Paul, M.D.
– Mr. John W. Pennell
– Mr. Thomas Peterffy
– Honorable William C. Phelps
– Honorable Ted Poe
– Honorable Bill Posey
– Honorable Marco Rubio
– Honorable Aaron Schock
– Honorable Jeff Sessions
– Honorable Lamar S. Smith
– Mr. Benjamin Swann
– Dr. Edwin A. Vieira, Jr.
– Honorable J. C. Watts, Jr.
– Honorable Randy Weber
– Mr. John B. Wells
– Honorable Joe Wilson
– Honorable Rob Wittman
– Honorable Frank Wolf


I had already advised Senator Grassley of the Senate’s constitutional duty to ascertain the pretender’s constitutional eligibility incident to its counting of the electoral vote:

Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

3 December 2012

Honorable Chuck Grassley, Senator from Iowa
135 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-0001

RE: Verifying Presidential Eligibility
Dear Senator Grassley:
The Constitution provides that the Senate shall count electors’ votes for President. By necessary implication from this and each Senator’s oath or affirmation to uphold the Constitution, the Senate must verify the Constitutional eligibility of candidates for whom votes are cast, so that no person may take the position of President of the United States who is constitutionally ineligible – hence not in fact and law the President. The failure of the Senate to do its constitutional duty in this regard in 2008 makes it no less a constitutional duty in 2012.
As the enclosed letter to Chairman Lamar S. Smith of House Judiciary explains, Barack Hussein Obama II (“Obama”) was constitutionally eligible at birth, but lost constitutional eligibility by rejecting American citizenship for naturalization as a citizen of Indonesia. (The evidence confirming Obama’s eligibility at birth will also prove that his racial heritage does not include a Negro parent.)
Obama is not now, never has been, and never can be President of the United States. It is long overdue for this to be revealed by official inquiry through subpoenae of the definitive evidence for presentation in public hearing. Repeating in 2012 the Senate’s gross neglect of constitutional duty in 2008 will further corrupt federal law and governance by allowing a pretender to the Office of President to multiply “official” acts that are null and void ab initio.
There are also doubts about Governor Mitt Romney’s constitutional eligibility, which the Senate should resolve in the same investigation as that of Obama.
Should Obama be found ineligible and Romney eligible, the House would decide by vote of the states, each state having one vote. I suggest that electors pledged to any candidate found ineligible be allowed to vote again, for any constitutionally eligible person, before referring the matter to the House. This should be subject to any state’s revoking for fraud the appointment of electors pledged to any candidate found to be ineligible, and re-appointing its electors.
I suggest further that the investigation be conducted by the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights of the Senate’s Committee on the Judiciary.
You are urged in the strongest terms to advocate the Senate do its constitutional duty, perhaps by proposal of an appropriate Senate resolution, and thereby cause a record to be made of those concurring in such resolve, and those not.
Very truly yours,

Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

Copies without enclosure to:
– Mr. Sheldon G. Adelson
– Philip J. Berg, Esq.
– Honorable Roy Blunt
– Honorable John Cornyn
– Honorable Rudolph W. L. Giuliani
– Honorable Lindsey Graham
– Honorable Sam Graves
– Honorable Orrin G. Hatch
– Mr. Charles G. Koch
– David Limbaugh, Esq.
– Lord Christopher Monckton
– Mr. John W. Pennell
– Mr. Thomas Peterffy
– Honorable William C. Phelps, Esq.
– Mr. Harold C. Simmons
– Honorable Lamar S. Smith
– Dr. Edwin A. Vieira, Jr., Esq.
– Mr. Steve Wynn

– Letter sans enclosures to Honorable Lamar S. Smith 16 August 2012

People can not say they were not told.
Whether or not the pretender is black or constitutionally eligible, he is a Quisling who conspires with other Comintern agents to give aid and comfort to America’s communist and Islamic enemies. Given his upbringing and life experience, it would be more surprising were it not so.
The pretender has made unfair treaties with enemy powers. His minions have preyed upon the mentally sick, weak and unstable to cause them to slaughter innocent men, women and children, to justify the elimination of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. He has disclosed military secrets of the United States and its allies to the common enemies.
While setting Islam against the West, the pretender and his Comintern confederates set Islamic factions against one another. Public observers, analysts and officials constantly misread and misunderstand the horrible significance of the pretender’s and the Comintern’s motives and will. There is no more ruthless and dangerous warmonger than the pretender. He conspires with Comintern despot Putin to instigate Russian aggression against Ukraine and sabotage opposition to it. Putin moved against Ukraine because he was assured by his Comintern collaborator, the pretender, that the United States would not supply adequate military aid to Ukraine and would not furnish Western Europe the gas and oil to make possible Western Europe’s boycotting of gas and oil from Russia or endure Russia’s withholding the same as a counter-sanction. The pretender conspires with the Muslim Brotherhood to put America’s Libyan ambassador in a trap while arranging a cover story for an attack to kill him in Benghazi, or capture him to exchange for Egypt’s blind sheik.
The pretender and his Comintern co-conspirators will cause an EMP attack on the United States while conditioning people to conclude that the attack was a natural solar event. People lap all this up, as if they want to be fooled and harmed, and put in bondage and circumstances causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings. It is monumentally tragic and insane.
Copyright by Albert W. L. Moore, Jr. 2015
All rights reserved.

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