Chapter II: Field of Fallacies

Chapter II: Field of Fallacies
The election and re-election of the pretender reflect a near-total loss of civic virtue and critical thought among the public and, even worse, among the elected and selected leaders charged with informing the people through official investigations and actions on their findings.
Perhaps the most fundamental fallacy is that the pretender’s election is of no great importance. The question of his eligibility is just a parlor game, or an academic exercise, something for eternal debate and speculation without deciding questions of fact by eliciting factual evidence that would resolve the issues definitively.
It’s just politics. But Clausewitz said that war is politics by other means. And Mao said that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. People stupidly refuse to consider that we are in a war, in which the pretender is fifth column for our deadliest enemy, the Comintern, the international communist conspiracy. The communist movement has been an unremitting mortal threat to the United States since its inception more than a century and a half ago. It has never been so great a threat as it is today. It is on the brink of a master military stroke that will cause the greatest genocide in history, and eliminate for the indefinite future America as a force for human liberty and popular sovereignty for itself and others.
Stupidity and ignorance reinforce one another. The a priori assumption of insignificance leads to the failure and refusal to investigate, and the resulting ignorance reinforces the notion of insignificance. Rudolph Giuliani is but one of many examples of this syndrome. See my letter to him of 16 June 2011, which follows:
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

16 June 2011
Rudolph W. L. Giuliani, Chairman and CEO
Giuliani Partners LLC
1251 Avenue of the Americas, 49th Floor
New York, New York 10020-1104
Dear Sir:
It was an honor to shake your hand at the Edwin Meese III Award Reception in Washington on the sixth of May 2011. I had the crop of gray hair and beard, which I will eventually have shaved and donated to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that makes human-hair wigs for people who have lost hair to chemotherapy or disease. Hair is a renewable resource.
You had given a very well-reasoned speech, with a possible flaw in the silent predicate, that Mr. Obama’s allegiance was to the United States of America, and that his oath of office was honest. Hence at the reception I asked whether you had considered the possibility that Mr. Obama was a mole. From your incredulous albeit congenial reaction, “What, a mole?! God, I hope not!”, I gather you have not.
You’ve had time to reflect on your answer and, if you have not done so, I urge you to do so. Incredulity is a common reflex, but moles do attain high station. I recall the Cuban missile crisis, when Kennedy used an American mole in the Kremlin to ascertain the state of Soviet readiness; acting in haste, the spy blew his cover and was promptly executed. (A personal sidelight: This was while I was a law student in Harvard’s Defense Policy Seminar under Barton Leach of the Law School and Henry Kissinger of the Graduate School.) Alger Hiss became a high State Department official, who might have become a Secretary of State but for Whittaker Chambers. Mr. [Aldrich] Ames was a mole in our own C.I.A. Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent while Prime Minister. At least one Prime Minister of India was an agent of the C.I.A. Benedict Arnold had attained high rank. Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling was Defense Minister of Norway before seizing power in a Nazi-backed coup d’état some years after losing that post. There are other known examples of moles in high and sensitive places, and in the nature of things one must assume there are unknown cases – and their functional near equivalents, as witness Secretary of State George Catlett Marshall and subalterns at State who tried to sabotage the Palestinian policy of my late neighbor Harry S. Truman – whose hand I have also shaken, incidentally, but alas no osmosis took place (A Safe Haven, Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel, by Allis Radosh and Ronald Radosh).
My take on the Obama matter is entirely different from substantially all others. My reconstruction of events, while bizarre, is the most objective, scientific, accurate and plausible you’re likely to find. Bizarre things happen.
I started my analysis of the Obama matter as an academic and political exercise, and in obedience to my oath as a lawyer to uphold the Constitution. In the last thirty months or so, I’ve grown increasingly concerned that, while Mr. Obama might be technically a natural born U.S. citizen who has not lost his U.S. citizenship through the Indonesian connection, he won American elections by stealing a black African racial identity and making blatant racist appeals, and is very possibly a long-standing agent of the Comintern implementing a strategy of sapping American strength and promoting Islam to destroy the United States as a bastion of Western Civilization. (After which, my intuition tells me, the communist powers plan a pogrom against Muslims that would, in terms of scale, vastly exceed the shoah.)
Mr. Obama has a classic spy profile. See Alger Hiss’s Looking-Glass Wars: The Covert Life of a Soviet Spy (Oxford University Press 2004) by G. Edward White.
White says his book title’s reference to “Looking-Glass Wars” is drawn from John le Carre’s remark that spies wage looking-glass wars, in turn a reference to how characters in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland books pass back and forth through the looking glass (page xix). He says (page xx):
The other reason Hiss remains important is that he exemplifies a comparatively unusual type of human that continues to inhabit our world. Hiss was one of those rare individuals whose traits and characteristics were complemented by, rather than conflicting with, the secret world of a professional spy. Far from finding the norms of duplicity that mark the secret world disquieting, Hiss appears to have taken pleasure in the pursuit of covert goals and in the creation of devices to shield that pursuit from others. And Hiss was remarkably skilful and effective in those tasks. He operated as a high-level undercover Soviet agent in the federal government for 11 years, and his career in the federal government thrived during that period, so that by 1945 he was one of the most important officials in the State Department, a possible future secretary of state. He was only exposed because of his fortuitous interaction with Chambers. After being released from prison, he launched and publicized an elaborate cover story portraying himself as an innocent scapegoat framed for partisan reasons, and over the years he convinced a large number of Americans that the story was true.
White’s profile of Hiss could as well be a profile of Mr. Obama, “a comparatively unusual type of human . . . . whose traits and characteristics [are] complemented by, rather than conflicting with, the secret world of a professional spy. Far from finding the norms of duplicity that mark the secret world disquieting, [Obama] appears to [take] pleasure in the pursuit of covert goals and in the creation of devices to shield that pursuit from others.”
While striking, this similarity is not the sole ground of my concern.
Obama’s conduct, which seems perplexing in an American President, is comprehensible in the context of a mole implementing a communist strategy of allying with the Islamic movement to weaken, subjugate and destroy Western Civilization. Take your speech to the Republican National Lawyer’s Association Annual Policy Conference last May the sixth, and review in your mind whether Obama’s actions make more sense in the context of a Comintern agent than as a President, and review his words and actions foreign and domestic generally on this theoretical predicate.
World developments and Obama’s life story are consistent with the hypothesis of Obama as a Comintern agent, probably since early maturity or even adolescence. He was raised as a communist, both home-indoctrinated and mentored as such. As a young lad he was taken to Indonesia. At about the time he was there, the Suharto coup against Sukarno took place, with an accompanying mass slaughter of 250,000 – 1,000,000 communists and suspected communists. Ironically, Obama’s adoptive mother Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro (whom he fraudulently claims as birth mother, probably his paternal half-sister) was a C.I.A. operative engaged in fomenting Indonesian dissension and fingering targets for assassination, even though she herself was a communist. Her husband at the time, Lolo Soetoro, was a soldier under General Suharto’s command in the coup. See and indonesians-for-assassination/.
Obama was probably too young to appreciate these events at the time they occurred, but he must have learned of them in the course of his home indoctrination and his outside mentoring by a notorious communist, and he was likely horrified. Spies such as the Rosenbergs and Hiss are often strong idealists, who strangely turn a blind eye to communist horrors, or use the wrongs of others to justify communist atrocities of tens of millions of human beings; anything for Utopia. My operating hypothesis, my assumption for analysing whether official inquiries are warranted, is that Obama was like that. He did not become a Comintern agent because he was a bad man; he is a bad man because he became a Comintern agent.
Communist world-views, strategies, and tactics mesh with Obama’s conduct as pretender to the Office of President and probable mole.
Communist world-views, strategies, and tactics mesh with Obama’s conduct as pretender to the Office of President and probable mole. See The Terminal Spy (Doubleday 2008) by Alan S. Cowell, pages 188-189. The author recounts some significant steps by Russia toward a Cold War footing and concludes:
The United States had “overstepped its national borders, and in every area,” he [Putin] said. The tone – and the Russian leader’s readiness to revert to the language of the past – raised a terrifying prospect: Could it really be that Russia was taking a step back toward the Cold War?
When asked that question in mid-2007, Putin replied simply: “We are, of course, returning to those times.”
Comintern strategy is to encircle and infiltrate the United States, and promote Islam to destroy America as the last great bastion of Western Civilization.
See Carvalho & Wallerstein:
See also
The Comintern probably knows Barry better than we do; his biggest fault seems to be that he’s behind schedule. See:
Russian Professor Predicts Breakup of US in 2010
Published Monday, December 29, 2008 A.D. | By Darwin Catholic
Depending on your temperament, you may be either amused or sobered by an article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal about Igor Panarin, a Russian academic and former KGB analyst who has been predicting since 1998 that the US will collapse via economic implosion followed by civil war during the spring of 2010.
For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010. For most of that time, he admits, few took his argument – that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S. – very seriously. Now he’s found an eager audience: Russian state media….
In recent weeks, he’s been interviewed as much as twice a day about his predictions. “It’s a record,” says Prof. Panarin. “But I think the attention is going to grow even stronger.”
Prof. Panarin, 50 years old, is not a fringe figure. A former KGB analyst, he is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s academy for future diplomats. He is invited to Kremlin receptions, lectures students, publishes books, and appears in the media as an expert on U.S.-Russia relations….
Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the collapse of the dollar. Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he says, the U.S. will break into six pieces – with Alaska reverting to Russian control….
He based the forecast on classified data supplied to him by FAPSI analysts, he says. He predicts that economic, financial and demographic trends will provoke a political and social crisis in the U.S. When the going gets tough, he says, wealthier states will withhold funds from the federal government and effectively secede from the union. Social unrest up to and including a civil war will follow. The U.S. will then split along ethnic lines, and foreign powers will move in.
California will form the nucleus of what he calls “The Californian Republic,” and will be part of China or under Chinese influence. Texas will be the heart of “The Texas Republic,” a cluster of states that will go to Mexico or fall under Mexican influence. Washington, D.C., and New York will be part of an “Atlantic America” that may join the European Union. Canada will grab a group of Northern states Prof. Panarin calls “The Central North American Republic.” Hawaii, he suggests, will be a protectorate of Japan or China, and Alaska will be subsumed into Russia.
“It would be reasonable for Russia to lay claim to Alaska; it was part of the Russian Empire for a long time.” A framed satellite image of the Bering Strait that separates Alaska from Russia like a thread hangs from his office wall. “It’s not there for no reason,” he says with a sly grin.
Interest in his forecast revived this fall when he published an article in Izvestia, one of Russia’s biggest national dailies. In it, he reiterated his theory, called U.S. foreign debt “a pyramid scheme,” and predicted China and Russia would usurp Washington’s role as a global financial regulator.
Americans hope President-elect Barack Obama “can work miracles,” he wrote. “But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.”
It strikes me that one can learn much more about modern Russia from Panarin’s analysis than one can about the US, and that such things are being heavily publicized on state television suggests that reality and the Russian state media have roughly the same relationship they did during the Soviet era.
Perhaps this is my newly acquired local pride, but particularly amusing to me is the suggestion that the Texas Republic would come under the influence of or be absorbed by Mexico. Given the relative economic and political healths of Mexico and the American South, I’d find it much more likely that Mexico would be absorbed by a Texas Republic than vice versa. I am, however, much charmed by the idea of the northern Eastern Seaboard joining the EU.
The idea would make a great plot for a novel, but I can’t see it as a realistic scenario in the real world. The US is far from invincible economically and politically, but it is generally in better shape than the rest of the world, and that’s not the sort of thing that imminent collapses are made of.
[End of article]
The author of the foregoing article might be unduly sanguine. A mole pretending to the Office of President can irreparably damage and even destroy the United States. If Obama is not held to account by plenary investigation, he will create a machine of deception, concealment, corruption (including tens of millions of illegal alien voters) and sedition that will win re-election for him in 2012 and fix a totalitarian regime on the sheeple of this country.
I hope I’m wrong, but I really fear the Comintern has stolen a march on us, and done us in, and there is little time in which to reverse matters. Of course definitive proof, if any, is hidden, but it is painfully apparent that there is a crying need for official investigations.
It is bizarre that the one most appropriate action – official investigation – is the very one nobody takes, demands or supports, certainly nobody with the power to do it. It is ironic that, instead, they rush off to pass laws blindly, with substantially no perception of the relevant and material facts, and consequently with no knowledge of what the problem is, if any, that needs to be addressed. If we uncover the facts, we are likely to find that no new laws are necessary. Passing feckless laws in ignorance is fraught with grave peril.
It is bizarre but reasonable to infer from Obama’s life and conduct, and actions, propaganda and psychological operations likely inspired by the Comintern, with the recent hardening of the communist line, that the possibilities of election fraud, Obama’s ineligibility, corrupt and seditious bargains to obstruct justice by concealing evidence of his Indonesian citizenship, and his actions and words as pretender to the Office of President, that plenary investigations of the Obama matter by Congress and others are urgently needed.
Whether or not you again run for President, you can make a signal contribution to American history if you can get the congressional RINOs – or any of the many officials with jurisdiction – to conduct a thorough investigation of the Obama matter, starting with subpoenae of his DNA and his Hawai’ian vital records. I should think the clues publicly available would get prosecutorial juices flowing.
Enclosed is a background memorandum dated 1 December 2010, in need of updating, but hopefully of use to you. It is the best, most plausible, most objective and comprehensive conjecture currently available based on publicly available sources.
With all due respect, Americans and their responsible officials, are almost totally blind to the importance of the Obama matter and the urgent necessity of revealing all of the relevant and material facts of Obama’s origins – be prepared for one born of two U.S. citizens in the U.S.A. – and his possible loss of citizenship, his corrupt and seditious bargains to conceal his Indonesian citizenship, and his actual allegiance to the Comintern.
One of the most disturbing aspects of this matter is the utterly corrupt memorandum of the Congressional Reference Service, dated 3 April 2009, “Qualifications for the Office of President of the United States and Legal Challenges to the Eligibility of a Candidate”.
See Constituents-Regarding-Obama-Eligibility-Questions.
The CRS memo might be a principal source of the delusions of members of Congress regarding official investigations of Mr. Obama’s eligibility to the Office of President and his theft of racial identity, such as Speaker Boehner’s opinion that Mr. Obama’s eligibility is “settled”. Speaker Boehner could not be more mistaken.
During American University’s Washington Semester program in D.C. more than half a century ago, the Spring Semester of 1959, I attended a presentation, part of the program, at the Library of Congress. I think it was by the head of the Library of Congress himself, that magnificent institution of which – again, if memory serves – the Congressional Reference Service is a part. He extolled as an example of its work the exposure of British official denials that perfidious Albion was trading with Communist China while Chinese troops were slaughtering Americans in Korea (definition of a diplomat: One who’s willing to lie for his country). Ever since, I’ve assumed that the CRS was a secure source of objective analysis for members of Congress. I was seized with a sense of disillusionment and betrayal as I reviewed the internal (i.e., secret) CRS memo of 3 April 2009.
Even more infuriating than the ignorant slugs we’ve elected to our legislative bodies is this CRS sophist who deliberately covers up the probable usurpation of the American Office of President with a phony legal opinion. This really is a government of gangsters. You’re familiar with clients who want C.Y.A. legal opinions on transactions that are dubious or even clearly illegal. It’s likely that RINOs have been complicit in this fraudulent legal memorandum. This con job shows how pervasive the communist insurgency is; I feel a cold hand on my heart.
Let me emphasize that I’m not claiming final conclusions on Mr. Obama’s eligibility or theft of racial identity, though I’m about 70% certain of my tentative conclusions.
But Obama’s eligibility can not be verified by publicly available information. We do not even know his identity. His latest “birth certificate”, published 27 April 2011, is basically a photograph of his amended birth certificate required by Hawai’ian law in adoptions, masked to obscure the word “AMENDED”. It will be disproved by analysis of Obama’s DNA, which will show it’s biologically impossible for him to be the son of a Negro father and a Caucasian mother. His DNA or his vital records, or both, should be obtained incident to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in the District of Columbia, a civilian complaint to the FBI regarding falsification of the 27 April 2011 adoption certificate, and the Strunk case in New York, in which the New York Attorney General has entered appearance. With regard to the last, you might make representations to New York’s Attorney General to rise above his political affiliation, take over the Strunk case, and subpoena Obama’s DNA and vital records. This has the makings of a RICO case.
On the other hand, Obama’s eligibility can not be disproved by publicly available information. The alien father, on whom the “birthers” rely to prove ineligibility, was an adoptive father. Obama’s DNA and vital records, including his original birth certificate, will most likely confirm Stanley Armour Dunham as the birth father and an as yet unknown native Hawai’ian wahine as the birth mother, both U.S. citizens. Indonesia has destroyed or sequestered evidence of Obama’s Indonesian citizenship, and the effect of his acquisition and exercise of it on his U.S. citizenship has not been conclusively determined. Such effect will probably depend on precisely what Obama did – such as renunciation of U.S. citizenship and application for a foreign passport – and these facts can only be determined by official inquiries.
Hence official investigation is required, with full exposure of the facts, briefing of the law and official determination of Obama’s citizenship status. The term “natural born citizen” subsumes “citizen”; Obama can not be a natural born U.S. citizen if he is not a U.S. citizen at all, even if he was a natural born U.S. citizen at the time of his birth. Until Obama’s eligibility is verified by competent evidence and legal determinations, Obama is not President, and his actions are without legal effect.
Any honest and objective observer must realize that this matter cries out for official investigation. Until thorough investigations by sworn testimony, subpoenae and search warrants and all other necessary or desirable techniques and resources are conducted, the constitutional status of every official act of Mr. Obama is in question and there is a strong possibility that he is an enemy agent putting the Republic in great peril.
The misleading CRS memo goes on to deal falsely with the real issue of the pretender’s eligibility, which is whether he lost U.S. citizenship by his acquisition and exercise of Indonesian citizenship. I do not hold with those who maintain that dual citizenship per se renders one ineligible. The issue is one of U.S. law, independent of the citizenship claims of foreign powers. But while I’m not yet prepared to opine on it, for want of facts and adequate legal research, it would seem probable that Obama lost U.S. citizenship in acquiring and exercising Indonesian citizenship. The CRS memo poses the issue erroneously as per se, and argues only one side of that, fraudulently concluding that publicly available information made it definitive that Obama never lost U.S. citizenship.
As Charles E. Rice of Notre Dame Law School has said, in calling for congressional investigation of Obama’s eligibility, “The first step toward resolving the issue is full discovery and disclosure of the facts.”
And as Obama himself has said, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” See This goes double for subversives.
The CRS memo stresses how hard it is to lose citizenship, without coming to grips with the high probability that in fact the pretender did lose it, and with it his status as a natural born U.S. citizen. Philip J. Berg, Esq., has made a prima facie legal case that the pretender acquired Indonesian citizenship and that the Hague Convention precludes American contravention of such acquisition ( but exhaustive official investigations, legal research, briefing and argument are required to adduce evidence of Indonesian citizenship and the very likely purging or concealing of such evidence by Indonesian officials bribed by the pretender to do so.
Jerome Corsi has obtained a copy of an Indonesian school registration for the pretender reciting that he was an Indonesian citizen. This is some evidence that the pretender renounced U.S. citizenship in writing as part of the acquisition of Indonesian citizenship; if such written renunciation can not be found in Indonesian records, it raises the inference that it has been corruptly expunged. Of course, it could be claimed to be an opportunistic misrepresentation by Lolo Soetoro. At the least, the representation shows that the matter must be officially investigated by U.S. agencies able to obtain evidence by compulsory process, diplomatic representation, and intelligence services.
In short, the CRS legal memo misstates the law regarding eligibility at birth to avoid admitting that the original birth certificate must be produced to prove it, and gives an incomplete and one-sided presentation regarding loss of citizenship to avoid admitting that evidence must be uncovered to resolve that issue.
Frivolous arguments by the CRS, which are dishonestly designed to avoid disclosure of crucial evidence, are badges of fraud, tell-tale signs that the CRS memo is part of a corrupt cover-up.
There are clear indications that Obama became an Indonesian citizen. His true citizenship can not be ascertained without official inquiry. Investigation will probably show that Obama could not have stayed in Indonesia for the time he did on any visa, and became an Indonesian citizen by operation of law or naturalization or both. Thorough investigation would probably determine whether Obama as an adult held an Indonesian passport, and whether he renounced U.S. citizenship under conditions that made the renunciation legally binding.
As I mentioned in our brief meeting of 6 May 2011, Ronald Reagan said, “Don’t be afraid to see what you see”. I should add: “Don’t be afraid to look.” And Michael Savage might say, “Don’t be morons, sheeple, draw logical inferences from what you see when you have the guts to look.”
In addition to the 1 December 2010 memo, I’ve enclosed copies of some internet posts on the Obama matter.
As an afterthought and in the hope they might amuse you, I’ve also thrown some additional correspondence into the pouch on Obama’s phony genealogy, and an article from a local throw-away paper aptly named Pitch about your program in Kansas City on 31 May 2011.
Crass and craven congressional RINOs like Darrell Issa, John Boehner, Roy Blunt and Sam Graves have failed and refused to conduct investigations of Obama and his cabal. Marc Rubio and Michelle Bachmann have joined the RINOs and even the Honorable Allen West, U. S. Representative from Florida, has failed to respond. On 9 May 2011, I delivered an urgent written appeal, to Kevin in the office of Sue Myrick, Chairman of House Human Intelligence, addressed to her; there has been no response. You might turn this situation around, not only by advocacy to officials directly, but also by suggesting in your speaking engagements that the People demand action by their putative representatives. If you campaign, make a campaign issue of your promise to investigate.
I’ll write a book about the Obama matter, and let the People know whether candidates and officials have responded to my appeals and just how responsible or asinine their responses, if any, are.
Don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Maybe we can help one another, and our country.
Very truly yours,
Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
Honorary Sir Rudy did not respond. Chances are he never saw the letter. As is so often the case, stupid bosses hire stupid subalterns to screen their incoming. They protect their bosses from serious matters.
And Bob Woodward, intrepid investigator of Richard M. Nixon, preferred to be cowed into submission to the pretender’s oppression, even when I tried to goad him into standing up for himself and his so-called profession:
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

7 March 2013
Mr. Bob Woodward
2907 Q Street NW
Washington, DC 20007-3010
RE: The “Black President” Who is Neither, but Would be Dictator
Well, shucks, Mr. Woodward,
If you’ve deigned to read my letter of 6 March 2013, you’ll have realized that I forgot to burn and enclose a copy of the disc enclosed with the letter to Thomas Peterffy.
While I’m at it, I’ll also burn onto a virgin disc copies of the 6 March 2013 letter to you with enclosures, to facilitate search, distribution and other management of all materials sent to you. Everything should be word-searchable; if not, your office can probably make it so. Feel free to use any of it without attribution. The correspondence with KPK is updated with its answer of 31 January 2013. You might be amused by the risibly irrelevant and non-responsive subject caption of KPK’s 31 January 2013 reply to my tip:
Severe harrasment [sic] and atrocity on foreign nationals and detrimental measure against Indian foreign investment in Republic of Indonesia.
The KPK’s reply was probably to another party on an unrelated matter, and misdirected to me. Further proof that I need to go to Indonesia for an extended period of field investigation there on this and other points in respect of The Great Pretender a.k.a. The Great Mole.
And I’ll add to the disc this letter and some correspondence with Senator Rand Paul, who obviously didn’t read my letter of 2 February 2013, John W. Pennell’s email of 8 February 2013, or the inept replies to them by the Senator’s own office. The producer or producers of the canned replies were probably puckish young pages (are there still such?) or interns, stupid, dishonest or both. I had a similar experience with the office of the RINO Kit Bond, to whom I wrote in strident opposition to a certain measure, and got back a canned reply thanking me for my letter in support of it. I believe that in some cases harried or lazy lying subordinates succumb to lip fatigue and shred materials that they would rather not summarize for their bosses or brief them on.
It’s a pity that meaningful action, on such an important matter as inquiry into a murderous subversive posing as President, could be at the mercy of a lot of slothful and blundering buffoons.
I hope you have an inquiring mind. Of course, my hopes have been dashed before. Maybe it’s due in part to the NIH syndrome – “Not Invented Here”. Many smart and busy minds have been diverted into blind alleys and up wrong trees on false spurs in chasing this matter. They’ve jumped to conclusions from which they firmly will not budge. Maybe some smart and busy people won’t respond to reason unless it comes from somebody rich and famous. In all fairness, I’m semi-retired and have an advantage of focus and not working against deadlines.
Can we talk? I would be flattered by the opportunity.
Best regards. Please call; no blind calls, please. I’ll try to call you.
Very truly yours,
Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
Enclosed CD-RW with, in no discernible order but hopefully all word-searchable:
– this letter 7 March 2013
– letter to Mr. Bob Woodward 6 March 2013
– Excerpts from State Department advice on loss of citizenship through foreign naturalization
– Letter to Mr. Thomas Peterffy 22 November 2012
– Letter to The Examiner 26 February 2013
– Memorandum on Obama II Constitutional Qualification 1 December 2010
– Philip J. Berg, Esq., article on Indonesian citizenship 28 April 2011
– Letter with enclosures to Hon. Rudolph W. L. Giuliani 16 June 2011
– Letter sans enclosures to Honorable Lamar Seeligson Smith 16 August 2012
– Letter sans enclosure to Honorable Kris Kobach 27 August 2012
– Email from Moore sans attachments to KPK Chairman Abraham Samad 16 October 2012; reply from KPK 31 January 2013
– Letter sans enclosures to Golkar Chairman Aburizal Bakrie
10 November 2012
– Letter to Honorable Lamar Seeligson Smith 15 November 2012
– Correspondence with office of the Honorable Rand Paul 2 February 2013 to 14 March 2013
Blind copies without enclosures to:
Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio
Dr. Benjamin S. Carson
Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
Mr. Cliff Kincaid
Mr. Wayne Madsen
Mr. Thomas Peterffy
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

6 March 2013
Mr. Bob Woodward
2907 Q Street NW
Washington, DC 20007-3010
RE: The “Black President” Who is Neither, but Would be Dictator
Dear Mr. Woodward:
The recent White House attempt to intimidate you is yet another sign that there is a Comintern mole hiding in plain sight at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His goal, as I point out in the enclosed letter of 22 November 2012 to Thomas Peterffy, is a collectivist dictatorship on the Soviet model. I’m embarrassed to admit that the mole graduated from my law school.
Like many who fancy themselves members of the intelligentsia, you have doubtless labored under the delusions that the mole is just another American politician, son of a black parent, an American citizen eligible to the Office of President, bearing true faith and allegiance to the United States, who did not perjure himself in his oaths of office. Like them, you could not be more mistaken.
Millions of Americans are in a quasi-hypnotic state of denial that they could or would allow themselves to elect to the Office of President a person who was not who he said he was, not of the racial heritage he claimed, not a citizen of the United States and hence not constitutionally eligible to the Office of President, and a Quisling in the bargain. This is in part because they have been deceived, but it’s also because they have been pathologically gullible and stupid. They have been every con man’s dream: the perfect mark. Not just knuckle-draggers or the great unwashed, but also people with fine educations and vast experience in investigation and exposition, such as yourself, have proceeded irrationally and devoid of objectivity, accepted patently false or questionable claims of fact, law and history, and refused, or accepted refusal, of official investigations of issues that fairly cried out for the subpoenae, search warrants, and sworn testimony required to resolve important issues.
These lapses have been characteristic of the birthers, irrationally and mistakenly hung up on the false article of faith that Obama’s constitutional eligibility was determined for all time when he was born ineligible, a dry hole they plumbed with such madness that they reinforced the contrary stupidity of those erroneously convinced of the hoax that the People had elected as President an African American citizen who bore true faith and allegiance to the United States. Those fooled by the fraud of an actual presidency of a real half-Negro include a goodly portion of the “intellectual elite” who with quintessential asinine hauteur disparage the sceptics, whose intuition is superior to that of the elite dupes, even if the sceptics’ conclusions are often falsely grounded, illogically arrived at, and badly expressed. (The deluded elite’s contribution to the Obama debate reminds me of the Italian aphorism, “Se non e’ vero, e’ ben trovato.” “Even if it’s not true, it’s well conceived.”)
The elite fall prey to the fallacy that because one side of the eligibility argument seems refuted, the other side, which is equally unsubstantiated, is correct. This is similar to the mistaken assumption that Chester Alan Arthur was President because he was accused of alien birth but produced a birth certificate from Vermont; he was ineligible, because at the time of his birth his father was not an American citizen. Fortunately, he was a loyal American, not a mole like Obama.
Obama was born to two U.S. citizens, as proved by his original birth certificate (the one displayed in part on 27 April 2011 is Obama’s adoption certificate, showing his adoptive parents). See the press release of 27 July 2009 from Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino. He lost American citizenship when he came of age, refraining in 1979 from registering with Selective Service and re-entering the United States on his Indonesian passport with American student visa in 1981. See the enclosed State Department advice. Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate showing actual birth parents because neither is Negro. His political career is based on the hoax of a Negro father.
Hence the birthers are wrong about the reason for Obama’s ineligibility, but Obama and some members of the Obama cabal are criminally liable for Obama’s crime of posing as a federal officer. This would be definitively proved by proper official investigation, but American officials stupidly, meretriciously and cravenly refuse to conduct the necessary inquiry.
As Will Rogers would have said, “What many people know ain’t so”, when it comes to Obama. Because the People’s representatives will not investigate.
I’ve been pressing for years for congressional investigation of Obama, and trying to obtain solid evidence that will add to the pressure for proper official inquiries. Perhaps your brush with revolutionary communism’s treatment of the First Amendment will pique your interest in finding the truth about Obama the Comintern mole. Olavo Luiz Pimentel de Carvalho, a profound student of the left (a euphemism for communism) for many years, notes that –
. . . a characteristic of the revolutionary mind is the inversion of the perception of time. He [de Carvalho] says normal individuals, based on common sense, view the past as something immutable and the future as something that can be changed (it is contingent, as de Carvalho puts it). However, the leftist revolutionary sees the utopian future as a goal that eventually will be reached no matter what and the past as something that can be changed, through reinterpretation, to accommodate it.
Carvalho also points out that because the revolutionary believes implicitly in a future utopia where there will be no evil, this same leftist revolutionary believes that no holds should be barred in achieving that utopia. Thus, his own criminal activities in achieving that goal are above reproach.
See Mark Levin, Esq., makes the “utopia” point strongly in Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, and other writings and oratory. The communists make the perfect the enemy of the good. The American system, in case you hadn’t noticed, is unparalleled in human history in reconciling liberty and order. Its problems are due more to departure from its constitutional provisions and principles than from adherence to them. America is not merely good, but the best there ever has been. The communists distort the past and present in comparing America to their vision of a utopia that has never been and never can be, perfection in human affairs being unattainable. My words, not Levin’s, but true I hope to his message and to common sense.
The “reinterpretation”, as you have seen to your journalistic dismay, includes lies, fabrications, deceptions and misleading distortions, and concealment. And woe betide the honest reporter who sees them and points them out.
My analysis indicates that official inquiry would readily establish the following beyond reasonable doubt, in the main if not in every particular:
Stanley Armour Dunham, by a native Hawai’ian wahine with perhaps some Portuguese ancestry, had a first-born son, which his wife Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham could not give him. Stanley Armour, a communist, arranged a sham marriage between his daughter Stanley Ann, also communist, and their communist friend Barack Hussein Obama, an alien Luo tribesman. By prearrangement, they adopted Obama at birth. Stanley Ann left the island for Seattle to cover the fact that she obviously was not pregnant, and to prepare for school. To explain her absence, a story was concocted that she had gone to Kenya for laying-in and birth. Hence the Kenyan birth myth. She was not even in Hawai’i when Obama was born there.
When Stanley Ann divorced Obama the Luo, she produced to the divorce court a counterfeit Kenyan birth certificate, further shoring up the Kenyan birth myth. For some years, Obama played upon this myth for meretricious political and promotional purposes, then suppressed it, to the extent he could, when he realized that if true he would be constitutionally ineligible to the Office of President.
Shortly after Suharto’s 1965 anti-communist coup in Indonesia, the young Obama was taken there by his adoptive mother (and paternal half-sister) Stanley Ann, to reside with her second husband, Indonesian citizen and fundamentalist Muslim Lolo Soetoro, who served under Suharto. While Obama was in Indonesia, from about 1967 to 1971, the government exhorted the populace to kill communists. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, communists and suspected communists were murdered. Some of these might have been identified to the C.I.A. as communists by Stanley Ann Soetoro, who was probably ignorant of the consequences of her disclosures. Here were the real roots of Obama’s rage, the credulous dolt Dinesh D’Souza to the contrary notwithstanding.
I hasten to add that Obama’s steady communist indoctrination from childhood (see again de Carvalho’s perception about rewriting the past) probably would have insured that he became a Comintern mole, but in Indonesia some playmates and family friends might have been murdered in this reign of terror, giving his dogmatic anti-American communism its visceral fanatic edge.
Obama was naturalized an Indonesian citizen, though he has conspired with Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (commonly known for obvious reasons as “SBY”) and others to conceal evidence of his naturalization and citizenship.
In 1977, back in Hawai’i, Obama started using the Social Security number of a deceased American citizen rather than obtain one on the basis of his American citizenship. He was then still a minor, but this is further evidence of his intent to relinquish American citizenship voluntarily when he refrained from registering with the Selective Service System in 1979, and re-entered the United States in 1981 on his Indonesian passport with a student visa from the American Embassy in Jakarta. Obama’s Selective Service registration with forged date stamp some three decades later, exposed by Sheriff Arpaio, and his efforts to conceal his Indonesian naturalization and citizenship, reported by Wayne Madsen, reflect his guilty knowledge that he in fact relinquished American citizenship. “Knowledge”, not “conscience”; Obama has no conscience.
Thus prima facie Obama voluntarily and intentionally relinquished American citizenship in favor of his underlying Indonesian citizenship when he came of age and legally competent to form the requisite volition and intent. Hence he was no longer constitutionally eligible to the Office of President. He could not be a “natural born Citizen” under Article II Section 1 of the Constitution when he was no longer a “Citizen” at all, even though he was a “natural born Citizen” on the day of his birth. He is not, never has been, and never can be President of the United States, though he will try to impose constitutional amendments legitimizing his presidency and effectively making him dictator beyond his current term.
It’s bad enough that Obama lied about being half-Negro and an American citizen. But there is more. He is also an enemy agent, for all of his adult life to date a Comintern mole. A significant Comintern strategy is to use Islam to destroy the West, especially America, its last bastion (again, Olavo de Carvalho). Obama’s implementation of this strategy is painfully apparent. It’s not because Obama is a Muslim. He is atheist, and sets Muslims against one another. He intends to eradicate all religions, and if Obama and the Comintern get their way Islam will be snuffed in a well-deserved pogrom that in terms of scale and style will make the shoah look like a garden party.
As a Comintern mole, Obama has instigated gun crimes to support the effective abolition of the Second Amendment. Not that he necessarily gave direct detailed orders, any more than Adolph Hitler gave direct detailed orders for the Reichstag fire or Kristallnacht, or Vladimir Lenin directly commissioned burying a hatchet in the brain of Leon Trotsky. But there might have been a few words to confidants in all these cases. See the enclosed letter of 26 February 2013 to The Examiner and articles cited therein. It’s easy to imagine the mole or a member of his cabal mentioning to others the near-total disarmament of the Australian citizenry (other than criminals) after the Port Arthur, Tasmania, rampage in 1996. Or there can be conspiracy – yes, conspiracy happens – in consciously parallel action.
And it’s passing naïve to suppose that Mr. Gene B. Sperling threatened you without the knowledge and approbation of Obama, on the way to effective eradication of the First Amendment. Obama’s watchword is like Putin’s, and other actual and would-be despots: “If you can’t oppress ‘em, suppress ‘em.”
Obama conspired with the Muslim Brotherhood to attack Americans and American interests abroad on 9/11 2012. Definitive proof has not been spread on the public record, partly due to the cover-up by Islamic terrorist sympathizer and Obama sycophant Darrell Issa (see Debbie Schlussel: and
but compelling clues abound. Should I elaborate? Do you expect book and page? Not in the nature of the matter. Honest and thorough official investigation, however, is warranted.
These suggestions might seem incredible, coming to you out of the blue, but they are quite credible in light of Obama’s communist background, the nature of Marxist-Leninist dogma, and his general conduct as pretender to the Office of President.
Insight into Obama can be gained from G. Edward White’s Alger Hiss’s Looking-Glass Wars: The Covert Life of a Soviet Spy. The profiles of Obama and Hiss are strikingly similar. Besides a delight in concealment, dissembling and deception, Obama shares Hiss’s penchant for risky strategies, his confidence in his ability to talk his way out of a jam, and his “nice guy” façade. He works hand in glove with Putin to make the world safe for communist totalitarianism, of which you, young man, have gotten the merest taste.
For an introduction to Putin, another Comintern mole, see The Terminal Spy: A True Story of Espionage, Betrayal, and Murder, by Alan S. Cowell of the New York Times. The Putin protocol for dealing with an inquisitive female reporter: Lurk in the lobby of the reporter’s apartment house until she comes in with a couple of bags full of groceries, deposits one and takes the other by a wee elevator to her apartment. When she returns for the other, multiple pistol shots to the midsection to knock her down and perhaps unconscious, then a shot to the head, the “control shot”. Putin protocol for ginning support for a brutal military suppression of Chechnya: Set off a massive bomb in a Russian apartment building and blame it on Chechnyan terrorists. Putin protocol for dealing with a former subordinate who crosses you: Have some thallium slipped into his tea.
If we don’t get the goods on Obama, he will destroy the United States, with the support of virulent internal insurgents, and alien powers and movements. You, the American press, and the First Amendment will be incidental collateral damage.
Are you now alert? Perhaps we could discuss actually doing something, maybe with the support of Mr. Thomas Peterffy and others of means and experience, scientific input from the likes of Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Melba Ketchum, services of private intelligence agencies like Langley, Stratfor and Hakluyt, and advice from Indonesian local counsel and governmental experts. I’m anxious to join in. My participation would be valuable if not indispensable to a thorough job with reasonable dispatch. I spent over a decade in international legal practice spanning the world, which included more than one working visit to Indonesia. I’ve laid a foundation for investigation there, where a treasure trove of evidence about Obama awaits. See the email to KPK and the letter to Golkar Chairman Bakrie in the enclosed CD for Mr. Peterffy. KPK has absurdly disclaimed jurisdiction; corruption has reached the Corruption Eradication Commission.
Please give me a call to discuss this vital matter. I hope you realize its significance, as few do. I’ll try to call you.
Best regards.
Very truly yours,

Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

– Excerpts from State Department advice on loss of American citizenship through foreign naturalization
– Letter to Mr. Thomas Peterffy 22 November 2012 with enclosed CD
– Letter to The Examiner 26 February 2013
Blind copies with enclosures to:
Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio
Dr. Benjamin S. Carson
Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
Mr. Cliff Kincaid
Mr. Wayne Madsen
Mr. Thomas Peterffy
No response from Woodward. He probably never saw the letter. And like an abused child he panders to the abuser. He admonished Hilary Clinton, CNN on 14 June 2015, that “You can’t fake your way into the presidency” when he knows or should know that the pretender has done precisely that.
One might think that black Democrats, having been thoroughly duped, would demand definitive evidence of the pretender’s true racial heritage. Not so. Here is a letter to Maxine Waters:
Central Office Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231
15 September 2011
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
2344 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
RE: Obama Minstrel Show
Dear Congressman Waters:
I hear you asked permission of American blacks to criticize Obama.
Shucks, Madame Congressman, you don’t need their leave. Barry’s not black. I’ve already told my congressman, The Honorable Reverend Emmanuel Cleaver II. Enclosed are print-outs of my letter to him of 11 November 2010 and an updated working memo dated 1 December 2010. Hasn’t he shared this information with you?
To elaborate, when Obama was born, an original birth record was created showing his birth parents. This was his birth certificate. My best guess is that both parents were U.S. citizens, because Medical Doctor Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, then Director of Hawai’i’s Health Department, speaking as of the time of his birth, said in July 2009 that his “vital records” showed Obama was a natural born American citizen. That rules out Obama the black Luo tribesman as birth father, because he was an alien, not a U.S. citizen. Obama’s official autobiography Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance is a total fabrication (by the pale item Bill Ayres) and a colossal hoax. My best guess, again, is that the birth parents were Stanley Armour Dunham, whose heart’s desire was a son, and an unknown native Hawai’ian wahine, from whom Obama inherits his warm mahogany complexion. The original birth certificate, showing actual birth parents, is retained by the Department of Health to guard against violation of the rule against consanguinity.
When a child is adopted, an amended birth certificate is created. On 27 April 2011, Obama broadcast a picture of his amended birth certificate, cropped or masked to eliminate the word “AMENDED”. Signs of this masking or cropping are plain to the naked eye of a layman at the upper left-hand corner of the claimed “birth certificate” as a shadow with an unnaturally sharp point and a barely discernible line from it across the page.
Hence Obama has held out his adoption certificate as his birth certificate, to support his fraudulent claim to the distinction of having a black African parent. Obama’s DNA will show that it’s biologically impossible for Obama to be the son of the parents named in the “birth certificate” proffered on 27 April 2011. The “parents” named in it are his adoptive parents.
Early this year, the genie was out of the bottle for a while. Governor Abercrombie asked Dr. Neal Palafox, successor to Dr. Fukino as Director of Hawai’i’s Health Department, to resign. Shortly thereafter, Tim Adams broadcast an excuse for Obama’s possibly “fibbing” in his official autobiography, and urged him to disclose his long form birth certificate, even if it didn’t “go along with” the official autobiography. Mr. Adams could not have meant the “birth certificate” released on 27 April 2011, because it’s consistent with the official autobiography. So there is another long form certificate, the original birth certificate showing actual birth parents, which Obama has not disclosed.
Throughout our country’s history our black compatriots have built her up both in bondage and as free men (“Man”, says the old professor, “embraces woman also”) and defended her in every major military conflict at the expense of their very lives. They eschewed opportunities to go elsewhere and chose to cast their lot with America in spite of outside pressures of discrimination, persecution and prejudice. This has developed a certain cohesion and camaraderie among them, with which many non-blacks empathize.
Obama has fraudulently and unfairly tapped into this reservoir of good will by pretending to be African American and thereby duping people into supporting him, and defaming his critics and opponents as racists. No wonder “The Rev” and others sense a certain stand-offishness on Obama’s part when it comes to African Americans; he knows he’s not one of them, and fears they will sense it. And they do. He is not immune to criticism or verification of his constitutional eligibility by anybody, especially when it exposes a hoax, his theft of racial identity by claiming his adoptive parents as his birth parents.
If you want to do something for Americans in general and black Americans in particular, you will go to that craven RINO The Honorable Darrell Issa and that dupe The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings and knock their heads together until the House Oversight Committee investigates Obama, starting with subpoenae of his DNA and his real, original birth certificate. I’m confident that they will prove that he was, at the time of his birth, eligible to the Office of President, but had no black African parent.
And do it now, before the early caucuses and primaries. Not because I want it, but because members of the Democratic Party need to know the facts to decide whether they want Obama as their standard-bearer, instead of, say, The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings, or The Honorable Maxine Waters, or even, God forbid, The Honorable Hilary Rodham Clinton. Or any number of eligible candidates who are who they claim to be, and don’t claim they’re somebody they’re not.
It could be devastating if the Democratic Party commits to Obama before finding that he was elected through fraud, lost American citizenship by the acquisition and exercise of Indonesian citizenship, obstructed justice by covering up his Indonesian citizenship, and served as a Comintern mole for most or all of his adult life to date.
And for the investigative hearings on Obama, have House Oversight take on my college friend and rival Vernon Eulion Jordan, Jr., as special counsel, one Oreo to insure fairness to another. Mount up and charge. The truth will set you free. You don’t need permission from a Detroit mob to criticize Obama, or to find the truth about him.
You and other black Americans can thank me later for pointing out that Obama, a probable mole, is not one of them.

Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
Waters and Cleaver prefer to be deluded for political expediency, to the great damage and imminent subjugation of the United States of America.
Similar with the black preachers. I sent analyses to many black preachers. They oppose the pretender, but never confront the main point, that he is masquerading as one of them for meretricious political reasons.
Thus the pretender’s lies about his racial heritage have become a doctrinaire superstition, believed without question or view of the evidence and contrary to what his vital records and DNA would prove. As Mencken said, “The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.” And he said of Darrow’s treatment of Bryan’s advocacy in the Scopes trial,
The way to deal with superstition is not to be polite to it, but to tackle it with all arms, and so rout it, cripple it, and make it forever infamous and ridiculous. Is it, perchance, cherished by persons who should know better? Then their folly should be brought out into the light of day, and exhibited there in all its hideousness until they flee from it, hiding their heads in shame.
True enough, even a superstitious man has certain inalienable rights. He has a right to harbor and indulge his imbecilities as long as he pleases, provided only he does not try to inflict them upon other men by force. He has a right to argue for them as eloquently as he can, in season and out of season. He has a right to teach them to his children. But certainly he has no right to be protected against the free criticism of those who do not hold them. He has no right to demand that they be treated as sacred. He has no right to preach them without challenge. Did Darrow, in the course of his dreadful bombardment of Bryan, drop a few shells, incidentally, into measurably cleaner camps? Then let the garrisons of those camps look to their defenses. They are free to shoot back. But they can’t disarm their enemy.
Mencken might have been wrong in his last sentence. The pretender’s cabal has so far disarmed its victims by massive repetition of its fraud in the mass media and denial of access to the evidence.
And the victims help the perpetrators. A common tendency is to take a position that one deems satisfactory and leaving it at that. Dr. Charles E. Rice of Notre Dame Law School issued a fine scholarly piece holding it fit and proper for Congress to investigate the pretender. Then he moved on, doing nothing, as far as I know, to cause such investigation to take place. He had his say and went his way. When I quoted Goethe to the Donald (below) I also had Dr. Rice and his ilk in mind:
Es ist nicht genug zu wissen,
Man muss auch anwenden;
Es ist nicht genug zu wollen,
Man muss auch tun.
The pretender’s purported adversaries have enhanced his distracting tactics. Dinesh D’Souza in The Roots of Obama’s Rage swallowed whole the fictitious Dreams from My Father, and the naïve Gerald R. Molen made a movie based on D’Souza’s farce. I tried to save Molen from making a fool of himself and exacerbating the problem, with the following letter. Molen not only ignored me, he blocked my calls. The futile effort to save a fool from himself follows:
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231
16 May 2012
Mr. Gerald R. Molen
357 Eagle Bend Drive
Bigfork, Montana 59911-6210
RE: Revealing True Obama
Dear Mr. Molen:
Here is the letter mentioned to you on the ‘phone last week. Thanks for undertaking to read it. Perhaps my prose is too prolix, but my analyses are often deep-sixed by front office staff. Such staff are necessary, I suppose, but they are often young beyond their years, bereft of even the experience of their experience, and utterly devoid of patience and good judgment.
A print-out of my prefatory email of 10 May 2012 is enclosed.

You are about to make a movie, to tell “the truth” about Obama, that’s based on pure bunkum. Dinesh D’Souza’s book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, which reportedly piqued your interest, is grounded on a colossal hoax perpetrated by Obama in Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, predicated on his adoptive parents being his birth parents. He does this to appeal for support and protection on a racial basis, to rend America’s social fabric, and to divert attention from the real issue of his constitutional eligibility.
We won’t know Obama’s true personal identity and racial heritage until we see his original birth certificate, which should be readily verifiable by genetic analysis. Basing a movie on this hoax tends to perpetuate and re-perpetrate it, which in this case exacerbates the danger to the nation. On the other hand, it creates a potential collector’s item, like the book that left the “not” out of the Ten Commandments, as in “Thou shalt commit adultery”, and the postal stamp with a ‘plane flying upside down. This is not necessarily the legacy you should want to leave.
When a child is born, a contemporaneous record of birth is made, showing actual birth parents. On occasion, as with Schwarzenegger’s bastard child, the identity of the father is misrepresented to the reporting authorities (rather more difficult to misrepresent the birth mother’s identity, as she must be present at the birth event). I’m assuming that there was no misrepresentation of the actual birth father’s identity in making Obama’s original birth certificate, but in such event analysis of Obama’s DNA could identify at least the respective races of his birth parents and, with some additional work, could confirm his specific birth parents.
When the child is adopted, even at birth, an amended birth certificate is made, effectively an adoption certificate, showing adoptive parents. This is to keep the adoption confidential, but the original is retained to guard against the rule against consanguinity, marriage of people too closely related. (On occasion a couple applying for license to marry will be rudely surprised to find they are much more closely related than they ever dreamed.)

Contrary to the assumptions of millions of gullible dupes, D’Souza among them, America’s first “African American President” is
– not his father’s son
– not his mother’s son
– not African
– not American
– not President
– not an enemy agent; strike that.
You might find the story of Obama to be far more interesting if you start much closer to the truth. I understand that you plan to release Obama 2016 in June 2012. You might want to change the screen play proper, or add a prologue or epilogue or both regarding Barry’s loss of citizenship by Indonesian naturalization, the true roots of his rage, and his true allegiance, to the Comintern. Maybe you could work in cameo appearances by Sir Rudy and myself, reproducing a scene in a D.C. reception for him, 6 May 2011, in which I say, “Sir, your presentation was very fine, but it seems to assume that Obama is just a regular American politician. Have you ever considered the possibility that Obama is a mole?” To which Sir Rudy replies with incredulous but congenial laughter, “What, a mole?! God, I hope not!” This actually happened. You decide; you’re the producer. But please avoid relying on a colossal hoax for your story line. Instead, use your movie to question the hoax, and call for official investigation of election fraud involving fraudulent claims to the distinctions of being the son of a Luo tribesman and an American citizen.
Forty some odd months ago, I thought I was embarking on a scholarly exercise in constitutional law in examining Obama’s eligibility to the Office of President. I did suspect that there was some fraudulent genealogy and possible espionage, but was determined to maintain objectivity and avoid the irrationality, both well-intended and maliciously sown, that’s rampant in popular discourse. I set out like a good genealogist to confirm, first of all, Obama’s claimed parents. Nobody, including the pompous New England Historic Genealogical Society, could come up with DNA analysis or unambiguous documentary support for the proposition that Obama could be the son of his claimed parents.
What I’ve now come to hypothesize, which is adamantly resisted by nearly everybody but is verifiable by evidence currently withheld by and on behalf of Obama and his cabal, is that Obama is a Comintern mole who stole the election of 2008 by fraudulently pretending to be half Negro and concealing his voluntary relinquishment of American citizenship decades previously. He is now working with fellow Comintern mole Putin and his ilk to make the world safe for communist totalitarianism by systematically weakening, sabotaging, subverting, subjugating and destroying the United States. This includes the implementation of a significant tenet of Comintern strategy, support of Islam, a virulent tumor on the human race, to destroy Western Civilization. This is incomprehensible to many, but evidence abounds and accumulates daily. As Reagan said, “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” In that connection, see the primitive and savage Islamic fantasy in the video at
I’ve enclosed on compact disc some background material, which overlaps this letter somewhat, but includes some history and analyses not included in it.
My current conjecture, drawn mostly but not entirely from information in the public domain, follows on. It’s a connecting of reasonably verifiable clues (“dots”) by analytical inferences and deductions to weave an investigative scenario without a lot of express words of condition and qualification. The absence of such words does not necessarily mean that I’ve jumped to unwarranted conclusions from which I firmly will not budge, characteristic of contentions in the public debate, in which wish is often father to the thought and anonymous disinformation and partial disclosure from the Obama cabal are used to promote erroneous non-sequiturs and faulty delusions by the birthers.
Public debate of the Obama matter is a field of fallacies, which I slowly but painstakingly counter with my superior powers of ratiocination. Well, better than average. Well better than average. While I can’t make a prima facie case because of Obama’s pervasive secrecy and the RINO refusal to strip away his carapace, I’ve elucidated strong grounds for official investigation, particularly in light of the stakes involved, and a clear sense of the hard evidence that would prove or disprove the conjecture. Assume for analysis that there’s only a 1% chance Obama is a Comintern mole; if he is, however, chances of a disaster are well nigh 100%.
In this conjecture, besides a threat to national survival, there lies drama, tragedy, pathos, slapstick, mendacity, bizarre conspiracy, idealism (often Comintern spies are not Comintern spies because they’re bad people; they’re bad people because they’re Comintern spies) and farce. Life’s like that; there are lives like that. Larry David might be brought in on the writes and re-writes. But my reconstruction of events probably comes as close to real history – defined as what’s in the mind of an historian before putting it to paper – as you’re likely to find anywhere outside the inner circles of the Obama cabal.
The Obama constitutional eligibility matter began with Stanley Armour Dunham, communist, a resident of Hawai’i whose heart’s desire was to have a son. In the words of the musical Carousel, “You can have fun with a son but ya gotta be a father to a girl.” His wife Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham could not give him a son. He was so disappointed at being presented with a daughter that he named her Stanley Ann. Madelyn was also a communist, and it should come as no surprise that Stanley Ann became one, also.
Stanley Armour conceived a scheme to have a son by a medical procedure on an obliging native Hawai’ian wahine, one calculated to produce a male offspring from Stanley Armour’s semen. (Scenes of a Petri dish and a turkey baster.) The birth parents were both U.S. citizens. Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, then the custodian of Obama’s vital records, said in a press release of 27 July 2009 that she had seen Obama’s vital records and he was a natural born American citizen. Hence Obama the Luo tribesman could not be Obama’s birth father, because the Luo was an alien. (People look on in dumb disbelief.)
Pamela Geller noted long ago that Obama looks nothing like his putative black Luo father. He’s the spittin’ image of Stanley Armour Dunham, however. This is strikingly apparent from a snap of Obama as a child riding Stanley Armour piggy-back on the beach, both full face to the camera. Comparison of Obama’s Y-DNA with that of close male relatives of the Luo shows to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that the Luo could not be Obama’s birth father.
It has been suggested that Frank Marshall Davis resembles Obama, and must be his birth father. Such conjecture springs in large part from a wish that Obama had a black parent, especially a communist father. This wish even comes from people ill-disposed toward blacks, who wish some justification and confirmation of their prejudice, so they over-generalize from the evil of one man who is black or in this case pretends to be. The physical resemblance of Davis to Obama might stem from the crossing of Davis and Dunham ancestral lines a century or more ago, which could be a story in itself, from the days of the underground railway to freedom, and the Missouri-Kansas border wars. What I’m suggesting is that a male forebear of Stanley Armour Dunham was also an ancestor of Davis through a Negro woman. Analysis of Obama’s DNA will show that it’s biologically impossible for him to be the son of a Negro father and a Caucasian mother. He probably has no Negro parent at all (even his common ancestor with Davis was a pale male item). Obama’s warm mahogany complexion comes from a predominantly Polynesian mother, who for all we know is still alive. If not, the time and circumstances of her demise might be interesting.
As with Obama’s father, we can’t know who his mother is until his original birth certificate is disclosed, but we know who she is not, in spite of Obama’s effort to conceal genetic evidence disproving Stanley Ann by cremating her mortal remains and casting the ashes into the sea, and doing the same to the mortal remains of her mother Madelyn. Stanley Ann Dunham’s mitochondrial DNA lives on, however, if Maya Soetoro-Ng is really her daughter.
All children of a mother have identical mitochondrial DNA, regardless of their gender or their respective father. The mitochondrial DNA of Obama and his claimed maternal half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng don’t match; hence it’s biologically impossible for Stanley Ann to be Obama’s birth mother. Although far from definitive in and of itself, it should be noted in passing that Stanley Ann died of ovarian cancer, which pregnancy before age 20 tends to prevent. There is anecdotal evidence that Stanley Ann wasn’t even in Hawai’i when Obama was born there. And if Stanley Armour was Obama’s birth father, his birth mother must have been a woman of color. Google Liliuokalani, the last Queen of Hawai’i. Images of her, aside from an “idealized” painting representing fair skin, indicate that she, a native Hawai’ian, was a woman of color.
Clues keep popping up that Obama was adopted at birth, and he is fraudulently holding out his amended birth certificate, showing adoptive parents, as the original.
Early in 2011, Obama suspected that his original birth certificate or a copy had leaked, and a tool named Tim Adams, who had sworn a mighty oath that there was no long form birth certificate (probably disinformation for Obama) broadcast an appeal that Obama release his long form birth certificate, “if he has one”, even if it did not “go along with” Obama’s official autobiography. And so what if Obama was “fibbing” in the autobiography, all politicians did it, per Mr. Adams. The “birth certificate” proffered by Obama on 27 April 2011, however, was entirely consistent with the official autobiography, further corroboration that there are two long-form birth certificates, the original showing actual birth parents, and the amended showing adoptive parents. The Tim Adams broadcast seemed to be a damage control exercise. It came around the time Hawai’i Governor Abercrombie boasted he would release Obama’s original birth certificate, only to run off, tail twixt his legs, and Dr. Palafox was asked to resign as Director of Hawai’i’s State Department of Health, custodian of vital records. Possibly coincidental; maybe not.
Also, Dr. Fukino described to “investigative correspondent” Michael Isikoff an original birth certificate that was partly handwritten and partly typed. The document proffered by Obama on 27 April 2011 was entirely typed. “Investigative correspondent” Isikoff lacked the curiosity or wit to ask Dr. Fukino the names of the parents on the original birth certificate. Dr. Fukino based her finding of natural born American on Obama’s original birth certificate, showing actual birth parents, both U.S. citizens, neither Negro. Obama refuses to release the original because it exposes the political hoax on which he has built his political career. Moreover, the fraudulent claim that he had a Negro father gives him immunity from official investigation, given the dementia and cowardice of House RINOs. A proper congressional inquiry would disclose Obama’s loss of U.S. citizenship, and his true allegiance, the Comintern. Obama has a lot riding on this fraud, and is helped immensely by the disgraceful refusal of RINO Darrell Issa (another pachyderm, of sorts) House Oversight Committee Chairman, to subpoena Obama’s true, actual, original birth certificate. It does not help the RINOs, what seems likely, that they refuse to investigate Obama because the American citizenship of Mitt Romney’s father is in doubt, though it’s possible the suspected defect in George P. Romney’s American citizenship can be disproved, or cured posthumously and retroactively by a filing nunc pro tunc.
Stanley Ann absented herself from the island to conceal the fact that she was not pregnant. She went to Seattle, which she preferred to Hawai’i anyway. A story was concocted that she had gone to Kenya for laying-in and birth. Hence the Kenyan birth myth. (Sorry birthers, sorry Jerry, but Dr. Fukino’s 27 July 2009 statement, the COLB and the 27 April 2011 amended birth certificate, while misleading with regard to the identity of birth parents, are near conclusive on place of birth.)
When Stanley Ann divorced from the phony marriage to Obama the Luo tribesman, she produced as an exhibit a counterfeit birth certificate from Kenya and displayed it by counsel to the divorce court as an exhibit in a custody hearing. It was withdrawn in due course at the conclusion of the hearing. (“Leave to withdraw exhibits, Your Honor?” “Leave granted.”) Further misleading support for the Kenyan birth myth, used to appeal to American blacks in Obama’s early political career, then suppressed when it finally dawned on Obama, the great constitutional scholar, that it would render him ineligible to the Office of President.
Hawai’i was the only state in the 2008 election that rejected the DNC’s notice of Obama’s nomination, and, perhaps sensitive to the Kenyan birth myth, required the DNC’s certification of Obama’s eligibility.
Obama enjoyed playing with the Kenyan birth myth, knowing it could not be proved. He released near-conclusive evidence of birth in Hawai’i. And the myth helped distract the ignorant and irrational from his real eligibility problem, his voluntary relinquishment of American citizenship through naturalization as a citizen of Indonesia.
After divorcing Obama the Luo, Stanley Ann married in Hawai’i Lolo Soetoro, a fundamentalist Muslim and citizen of Indonesia. This is strong evidence that her current reputation as a layabout is undeserved. Muslim men rarely marry women who are not virgins. It also suggests that Soetoro was apprised that Obama was not Stanley Ann’s child. He might have been told more. Again, I note that Stanley Ann died from ovarian cancer, which tends to be inhibited by pregnancy before age 20.
I’ve run on about the birther bit in part to put it in its place – confirming, in respect of eligibility at birth – and in part to do the same with the Dreams from My Father hoax that Obama is black. His phony parentage has become an article of faith and is dangerously misleading. And in light of this I want to bring out and emphasize again that Obama’s Indonesian connection during his formative years is the real source of his rage and is an integral part of his enmity to Western Civilization and the United States. Investigation of it has been grossly neglected at great peril to the nation. Indonesia is a potential source of evidence of the crucial thesis that Obama deliberately used Indonesian naturalization to relinquish American citizenship, to evade the male American citizen’s obligation to register for the draft, to qualify as a foreign student, and to acquire a foreign passport with which to facilitate his subversive activities against the United States. In relinquishing American citizenship, Obama became ineligible to the Office of President. Am I wrong? Put it on the big screen to see whether it provokes more official action than mere words, and is entertaining in the bargain. For Obama, while a malicious fraud and a threat to the nation’s very survival, is also ridiculous, and therefore amusing. The Soetoros moved to Indonesia as their matrimonial domicile, with Obama, then about five or six. He stayed with them for around four years. Obama became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia by operation of Indonesian law. A bloody anti-communist insurgency was raging in Indonesia. Some 250,000 – 1,000,000 Indonesian communists and suspected communists were murdered.
American C.I.A. handlers used Stanley Ann to identify communists and her anthropological learning to identify rival groups who might be incited to violence against one another. Suharto led a military coup against the left-leaning Sukarno. Soetoro served under Suharto. The communist Stanley Ann felt misused by the American C.I.A. and offended by Soetoro’s part in the anti-communist coup. This was conveyed to Obama in due course. She sent Obama back to Hawai’i. She herself came back to divorce Soetoro there. She then returned to Indonesia without Obama, who was left to grow up in Hawai’i with his “grandfather” Stanley Armour Dunham (birth father) and “grandmother” Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham (no relation).
For many years thereafter, Obama’s life story was that he was born in Kenya and a citizen of Indonesia. He didn’t learn until years after graduating from The Law School that either would render him ineligible to the Office of President.
Although Obama was naturalized as a minor in Indonesia, that didn’t cause him to lose his American citizenship. To do that, the foreign naturalization must be voluntary and with the intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship.
The U.S. State Department advises that foreign naturalization, like conviction for treason, is potentially expatriating:
Section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1481), as amended, states that U.S. citizens are subject to loss of citizenship if they perform certain specified acts voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. citizenship. Briefly stated, these acts include:
1. obtaining naturalization in a foreign state [my italics] (Sec. 349 (a) (1) INA);


7. conviction for an act of treason (Sec. 349 (a) (7) INA).
As already noted, the actions listed above can cause loss of U.S. citizenship only if performed voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship. The Department has a uniform administrative standard of evidence based on the premise that U.S. citizens intend to retain United States citizenship when they obtain naturalization in a foreign state, subscribe to a declaration of allegiance to a foreign state, serve in the armed forces of a foreign state not engaged in hostilities with the United States, or accept non-policy level employment with a foreign government.

As an adult in 1981, Obama could form the requisite volition and intent to relinquish American citizenship. Intent there certainly was; a principal and fundamental purpose of Obama’s Indonesian naturalization was to relinquish his American citizenship.
Obama was already a Comintern mole in 1981 when sent by his Comintern handlers, Frank Marshall Davis and the Ayres family, to Indonesia to shed his American citizenship by confirming as an adult his Indonesian citizenship. He did not register with American Selective Service. In 2008, a registration with a badly forged “received” stamp was slipped into Selective Service records, to fabricate evidence that Obama had retained American citizenship. The 1981 sojourn was also useful in picking up certification of Indonesian citizenship, to support applications for school admission and financial aid as a foreign student, and an Indonesian passport for international travel without disclosure on his retained U.S. passport, always useful for a mole.
Thus the technique used to evade Selective Service registration was integral with Obama’s fanatical hatred of the United States as the foremost opponent of communist totalitarian rule, and his loss of eligibility to the Office of President by voluntarily relinquishing American citizenship through Indonesian naturalization.
In addition to his fabrication of Selective Service registration, Obama in recent years conspired with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – generally known as “SBY” for obvious reasons – and others to destroy or conceal evidence of Obama’s naturalization.
Strangely enough, it might be necessary to have Indonesia officials, the Corruption Eradication Commission or the Indonesian House of Representatives, initiate official investigation of this corruption, and nudge American officials into doing the same. American congressional subpoenae of Obama’s school records, including applications for admission and financial aid, will elicit proof of Obama’s Indonesian citizenship, enabling the Indonesian investigators to pursue the question, why are Obama’s naturalization records not in Indonesia’s official records? (They’re in SBY’s basement as insurance Obama will come through with valuable consideration for SBY’s complicity in hiding them and causing the Indonesian government to lie that Obama never acquired Indonesian citizenship, in order to obstruct American justice.) This will raise further questions for both countries regarding the exact terms of the bribes paid and to be paid for SBY’s complicity in concealing evidence of Obama’s Indonesian citizenship. Americans might be interested in who bore the burden of valuable consideration for SBY’s corrupt complicity, which might have been U.S. action favorable to Islam, SBY’s faith, at the expense of America’s national interests. No foreign naturalization, says Obama, no potentially expatriating act resulting in loss of American citizenship when done voluntarily and with intent to relinquish American citizenship. I think Indonesian naturalization in place of American citizenship can be made out circumstantially, whereupon the absence of all or part of Obama’s naturalization records becomes evidence of the destruction or concealment of official Indonesian records to obstruct American justice. Absence of evidence can be evidence.
I’m trying to line up financing for a research expedition to investigate Obama’s Indonesian naturalization and concealment of evidence of the naturalization. There might be nobody better suited than myself to conduct such a study. I spent more than a decade in international law practice for large multinational companies world-wide, including Indonesia. As Nick Nolte says, “It’s easier to go there if you’ve been there before.” I’m willing to take a cash expense advance as a loan against royalties on my book tentatively entitled Not Investigating Obama: Know-nothings in America’s Elite. The initial advance of $100,000 would be trivial in comparison with the many millions allocated for probably futile political campaigns and your film’s production budget for a motion picture show currently based on bunkum.
Private investigation of Obama’s constitutional eligibility, and the congressional and other official investigation that it would hopefully precipitate, are urgently needed before the 2012 nominating conventions. But investigation would continue to be crucial, even after the 2012 presidential election. If Obama is not constitutionally eligible, he can not be and never was President, and his official acts and appointments are void ab initio.
I would plan to work with the monitoring and mentoring of Stratfor and Hakluyt, private intelligence enterprises. Financing might be through them. You and the Chairmen Simmons, Adelson and Koch might want to consider taking an equity stake in one or both of these outfits, if possible. I indicated to Harold C. Simmons that Mark Levin, Sheriff Arpaio and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies would be good monitoring and mentoring partners, but on reflection Stratfor and Hakluyt seem to be much better. I invite their comment and will seek their endorsement of the research effort, which can contribute mightily to the salvation of the nation even if you don’t use it in your picture.
I also invite comment from Philip J. Berg, Esq., whose pioneering work on the Indonesian connection I am trying to build upon and advance, and from Edwin A. Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D., scholar and patriot, whose brain has not atrophied from earning four degrees from Harvard, the little red schoolhouse on the Charles.
Do not hesitate to call. I’ll try to call you in due course.
Very truly yours,

Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

Enclosed CD with
– this letter and enclosed email of 10 May 2012
– letter to Mark Levin, 22 April 2012
– letter to Harold C. Simmons, 18 April 2012
– letter to Rudolph Giuliani and enclosures, 16 June 2011

Copies of this letter without enclosures to
– Harold C. Simmons, Chairman, Contran Corporation
– Sheldon G. Adelson, Chairman & CEO, Venetian Casino Resort LLC
– Charles G. Koch, Chairman & CEO, Koch Industries, Inc.
– Mark Levin, Esq.
Copies of this letter with enclosures to
– Philip J. Berg, Esq.
– Edwin A. Vieira, Jr., Esq.
– George Friedman, CEO, Stratfor Global Intelligence
– Niall FitzGerald, Chairman, Hakluyt & Company
Vieira might have suffered some brain damage from Harvard after all. Or his case might be like one of the guardians of Elizabeth I. When asked about him, because his loyalty to the Crown was rather suspect, she replied, “A man of such great intelligence. And so little judgment.”
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, #14
Independence, Missouri 64050-3707
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

26 July 2014
Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
52 Stonegate Court
Front Royal, Virginia 22630-6504
RE: American Holocaust
Dear Dr. Vieira:
You are probably familiar with a master work by Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. If he were writing today, he might want to include the widespread delusions that Barack Hussein Obama, pretender to the Office of President, is the son of a black father, constitutionally eligible to the Office of President, and bears true faith and allegiance to the United States of America. As articles of faith, mind you, without disclosure of all the relevant and material evidence. The people and their officials even refuse to investigate, which properly done would elicit proof that the pretender has no Negro parent, relinquished American citizenship and constitutional eligibility in favor of an underlying Indonesian naturalization, and is a Quisling, party to a Comintern plot to subjugate America by EMP attack from a North Korean satellite.
America is in a roundly ignored existential crisis from a People’s Republic of Korea satellite allowed into polar orbit on the pretext that it was not “directed at the United States”.
At any time when the satellite is in position, an EMP attack could be triggered that would cause the deaths of 90% of the American populace within the ensuing year. The attack would be attributed to natural solar activity. The pretender would take over the United States and the communist powers would dominate the world.
American officials remain oblivious to the existential crisis, refusing irrationally to conduct investigations into the pretender until shown what evidence the investigations would elicit. I’m trying to do just that, starting with proof of the pretender’s true racial heritage. If you see a better alternative, please let me know.
I estimate a 75% chance that the flash will be triggered this year. If it doesn’t, it would be wrong to conclude that it’s not planned, or that it will never happen. If the flash happens before I’m able to publish a book of warning, the book will nevertheless be useful to America and the world at large in understanding the American civil wars and the Comintern’s global aggression following the flash.
In the hope they might be useful to your understanding of our desperate plight, I’ve enclosed copies of my letter of 26 June 2014 to Philip J. Berg, Esq., with enclosures. I’ve also included a copy of my 9 July 2014 letter to William R. Forstchen, Ph.D., who – like many smart people – can not or will not perceive that the pretender is not only a fraud but also a horribly effective enemy agent.
I hate to impose upon a person of your eminence, but I wonder whether you share my perceptions of this matter, or regard me as prey to delusion. Have you any insight into the funding and conduct of investigation into how the public and its officers might be prompted to proper inquiry? I’m willing to elaborate on the conduct of private investigation by confidential mail, if you are willing to engage instead of simply ignoring the situation or brushing aside any way to deal with it.
I plan to call to discuss the situation discretely, bearing in mind that telephone communications are subject to recording. I would at least like to know whether you have read the enclosed, feel my concerns are warranted, and will respond by confidential mail or courier.
Thanks for your attention to the enclosed and foregoing.
May God save our nation, which seems to have forsaken itself.
Very truly yours,
Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
In the vernacular, Vieira just doesn’t get it.
Then there is Mark Levin, who adds to the evidence that there are none so blind as those who will not see.
Notwithstanding Levin’s vociferous opposition to the pretender, he has been similarly impervious to learning, and at best non-productive and even counter-productive in causing effective investigation. I tried to help him understand the national interest in finding the truth, but was rebuffed. One of my messages to him:
Mark Levin, Greetings,
It was good to hear today, 10 January 2013, your call for a background check on federal elected officials, including Obama.
But why have you waited so long? Professor Dr. Charles E. Rice of Notre Dame Law School and I, and some others, have urged an official background check of Obama for years.
Checking Obama’s background would reveal that he lost American citizenship, hence constitutional eligibility, upon coming of age; he relinquished American citizenship in favor of underlying Indonesian naturalized citizenship by – among other things – not registering with Selective Service in 1979 and re-entering the United States in 1981 as Barry Soetoro on his Indonesian passport with student visa from the American Embassy in Jakarta. He is not now, never has been, and never can be President of the United States. He can not be a “natural born Citizen” under Article II Section 1 when he is no longer a “Citizen” at all, even though he was a natural born American citizen on the day of his birth.
Especially productive in establishing Obama’s true racial and personal identity, citizenship, and allegiance (to the Comintern) would be the investigation of the Indonesian connection, on which you and many others have remained obdurately ignorant and opposed to factual discovery.
Obama lost the status of natural born American citizen upon relinquishing American citizenship as an adult competent to form the requisite volition and intent. I’ve explained this to you before. Why do you not demand that Congress check Obama’s background? Particularly in light of clear indications of constitutional ineligibility, it is a Constitutional obligation of Congress to check Obama’s background with regard to his constitutional eligibility. See the attached letters to the Honorable Chuck Grassley and the Honorable Bob Goodlatte, 3 December 2012 and 7 December 2012, respectively.
Surely you do not subscribe to the nonsense that Obama is immune from impeachment because he is constitutionally ineligible to the Office of President. That turns the truth on its head.
Official checking of Obama’s background, including his time posing as an member of the Illinois Bar, the Illinois legislature, the United States Senate and as President, will disclose not only his ineligibility but also his betrayal and subversion of the United States as a Comintern mole, ultimately responsible for unfair treaty concessions and disclosures of crucial secrets to alien powers and the murders of American citizens, including those massacred by Islamic jihadists in Benghazi and by one or more psychotics at Sandy Hook School. And many other seditious acts known and unknown.
With specific reference to the Islamist attacks on Benghazi, you and many others fail to perceive that Obama as a mole is implementing the Comintern strategy of using Islamic jihad to destroy the West and in such role helped engineer the attacks. The Honorable Darrell Issa, RINO native of Lebanon, as an ally of Obama and Islamic jihadists is covering for Obama on Benghazi. See the comments of Debbie Schlussel:
With specific reference to the Sandy Hook murders, see the attached colloquy about the suspicions of manipulated “Manchurian Candidate” killers raised by Prof. James Tracy (libelled by the media as a “denier”, claiming that Sandy Hook did not happen) and others, for the purpose of affecting public attitudes about the planned gun grab. These “Reichstag moments” were worse than Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag, in which no human lives were lost as a direct result of the fire. Those who reflexively reject as impossible, the proposition that one elected to the Office of President could be capable of deliberately inspiring, facilitating, or allowing such atrocities as Sandy Hook and the Oklahoma City bombing, are terminally naïve, wilfully blind, and gravely mistaken.
Incidentally, the recent release of the movie “Lincoln” is part of the Obama cabal’s campaign against the Constitution. It portrays Lincoln as “doing the right thing” by the Emancipation Proclamation, even though it was of dubious constitutionality. You might want to compare and contrast Lincoln’s exercise of the war power with Obama’s deliberate fomenting of civil strife and possible civil war by posing as black, aiding and abetting the lynching of George Zimmerman, and forcibly disarming the People. Palmerston correctly noted that Lincoln “freed the slaves where he couldn’t and didn’t free them where he could.” But slaves fled their masters and joined the Union cause. According to Lincoln, they provided the margin of victory in the Civil War (in spite of being forced to serve under white officers and badly treated by the Union Army).
(Subpoenae of Obama’s DNA and Hawai’ian vital records would prove that he was born of two U.S. citizens, neither of them Negro. The father was Caucasian, the mother predominantly Polynesian. While not relevant to constitutional eligibility, this evidence will expose a racial pretense that, even if not criminally indictable, is a high crime and misdemeanor supporting impeachment.)
If you want elaboration on Obama’s ineligibility, sedition and high crimes and misdemeanors, so indicate to Eingriff in your broadcast of Monday 14 January 2013 and await my call to Liberty Legal Foundation. Instruct your male receptionist to let me through, or take my number for a return call.
Of course nothing happened. Levin publicly said that he paid little attention to the pretender’s eligibility. This is truly plausible.
Irrational fixation on distractions is not limited to Americans. Lord Christopher Monckton The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Lord Monckton to his chums, succumbed to some Arizona Tea Party birthers’ fetish that the pretender must have been ineligible at birth by failing to be born a natural born American citizen. Like them, the good Lord pursued a false spur, the adoption certificate held out by the pretender as a birth certificate on 27 April 2011. And like the bull-headed birthers, he would not take instruction, which I gave him as follows:
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231
19 June 2012
Lord Christopher Monckton
The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
c/o Brooks’s, St. James’s Street
London SW1A 1LN
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
RE: Mole Hunt
Dear Lord Monckton:
This is further to my email of 5 June 2012.
I’ve taken the liberty of disclosing in confidence your cellphone number, which you were kind enough to disclose to me, *************, to the wise and discreet copy recipients of this letter, and their telephone numbers to you. I urge you and them to talk by secure telephone connections to review and reconsider priorities in the investigation of the Obama matter. Many if not all have fallen for the crippled goose ploy, drawn away from the nest of lost citizenship and false allegiance by the “crippled goose”, the false issue of ineligibility at birth, which can and eventually will take wing and fly away.
If you are truly interested in whether the current pretender to the Office of President is really the President, you will attend to what I tell you. Nobody will prove that Obama was not a natural born American citizen on the day of his birth. Even if – especially if – his original birth certificate be published, it will confirm Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino’s press release of 27 July 2009:
I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawai’i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai’i State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai’i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago.
Should you succumb to the birther fetish of ineligibility at birth, your time and talent will be wasted chasing various and sundry decoys to draw you from the real eligibility issue, the pretender’s voluntary relinquishment of American citizenship in 1981.
You mentioned in your oral presentation in Arizona that vital records are readily available in Britain. You didn’t mention adoption records. They are confidential in Hawai’i. They should be reachable, though, by subpoenae from the likes of Congress, state legislatures, or grand juries. Dr. Fukino refers to “vital records” in the plural. As Obama has not died, there is no death certificate. The “vital records” are his original birth certificate and his amended birth certificate, essentially an adoption certificate, required by law in Hawai’i. Note Dr. Fukino’s statement that Obama’s “vital records” verify that “Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai’i and is [at the time of birth] a natural-born American citizen.” Hence Obama the black Luo tribesman could not be Obama’s birth father, as the Luo was an alien. Obama the Luo is in the vital records because he’s an adoptive father. Comparison of Obama’s Y-DNA with that of close male relatives of Obama the late Luo tribesman shows to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that the Luo could not be the birth father of our mole scamp Barry.
Nor is Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’s mother. She was not even in Hawai’i when Obama was born there.
Obama’s story that Stanley Ann and Obama the Luo were his parents is one of the most durable hoaxes in history. You cite a distinguished constitutional lawyer to the effect that Obama can’t be eligible because of his alien father. I think it must be Herb Titus. I know Herb Titus. We used to chat at meetings of the Harvard Law School Association of Kansas City. Herb Titus is a brilliant constitutional lawyer. He is absolutely correct on the law. If Obama had a father who was not an American citizen, whether by birth or naturalization, at the time of Obama’s birth, Obama would not be a natural born American citizen at birth.
Chester Alan Arthur lied about his father’s British citizenship when Chester Alan was born precisely because it was known to him and everybody else that that would have meant that Chester Alan Arthur was not a natural born American citizen.
Herb Titus, like millions of others both learned and unlettered, labors under the hysterically fixed factual delusion that Obama’s parents included an alien. They didn’t. That’s why Dr. Fukino said he was natural born. Obama’s claimed birth parents were his adoptive parents. If Herb Titus were allowed to view Obama’s original birth certificate, he would have to agree with Dr. Fukino. I’ve explained this to Herb Titus, but he continues to rely on uncorroborated false assumptions of fact. There are none so blind as those who will not see. To avoid disclosing that he has no Negro parent, Obama wants to corrupt American constitutional law to mean, contrary to more than two centuries of understanding, that native born is natural born. If the judges don’t agree, they risk civil strife from adjudging that the putative son of a black man is ineligible because he’s the son of a black man. Obama and his ilk have been busily organizing the civil strife for years.
Obama is playing for time. If he can avoid disclosing the original birth certificate, or put it off to the last minute, he can eliminate or minimize its effect on the 2012 election, and there will be insufficient time left to investigate the Indonesian connection, which I’ve said for years is the real issue of Obama’s eligibility (and citizenship and true allegiance).
Operating under this hysterically fixed delusion, people like Herb Titus stop thinking. They stupidly and precipitately conclude that they have the answer to Obama’s constitutional eligibility. They fail and refuse to grasp that Obama sits on proof of his eligibility at birth, but the status of natural born citizen can be lost by loss of citizenship altogether. They fail to perceive, because they have stopped looking, that there are compelling clues that Obama lost American citizenship through Indonesian naturalization, clues that cry out for investigation into Obama’s loss of American citizenship, which cost him his birthright by his own hand – fittingly, a consequence of his allegiance to the Comintern. Born and raised a communist and naturalized an Indonesian citizen as an adolescent, he never bore true faith and allegiance to the United States, and relinquished American citizenship for Indonesian with cavalier abandon.
The only chance of proving Obama’s probable ineligibility, and a reasonably good one, is to show that he became a naturalized Indonesian citizen as an adult in the course of his trip to Indonesia in 1981. As a matter of American law, he did not lose American citizenship by his juvenile Indonesian naturalization. As a minor, he lacked capacity to be naturalized voluntarily and with intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship. But ratification and confirmation upon attaining his majority, when he has such capacity, arguably relates back to the time of the juvenile naturalization. So having failed to register with the Selective Service System, Obama in 1981 would have strong incentive to confirm and ratify, as an adult, his juvenile Indonesian naturalization.
This matter requires extensive investigation in Indonesia. If I can’t line up financing for such an investigation, you as a talented analyst of independent means might consider taking it on. When you get on the right investigative thread, you should make progress toward official inquiry resulting in definitive resolution of Obama’s citizenship, eligibility, and true allegiance. While this is going on, you and others should continue to press for verification of Obama’s natural born status at birth (and exposure of his racial masquerade) by disclosure of his original birth certificate. Learn to walk and chew gum at the same time.
My background, which includes more than a decade of international corporate legal practice involving time on the ground in Indonesia, might make me uniquely qualified for research into Obama’s loss of American citizenship and eligibility through his Indonesian connection. I am willing, however, to work with you or any other trustworthy person who is willing to take on this challenging mission. The stakes are very high. I hope and believe that you can appreciate the implications of the “President” not being the President, but a Comintern mole.
You can make enormous contributions to solving a puzzle created in large part by Obama’s deliberately misleading concealment, partial disclosures, and outright lies. Obama’s sly tactics remind me of the early marketers of canned white tuna in the States. Consumers were accustomed to canned pink tuna. Sales of white tuna lagged. Then a notice was appended to the cans of white tuna: “Guaranteed not to turn pink in the can.” Sales of white tuna surged.
One thing you might be able to do is obtain a sample of Obama’s epithelials, which can be analysed by a genetic laboratory such as Professor Bryan Sykes’s Oxford Ancestors, or a DNA analysis already made. Some years ago, I had my DNA analysed by Oxford Ancestors, to explore whether Genghis Khan was among my forbears. To my great relief, he almost certainly is not. A print-out of the report is enclosed. Feel free to submit it with your own DNA to Oxford Ancestors, to see whether you and I are cousins. If so, I promise not to tell.
Surely MI6 or another agency of Her Majesty’s government has tissue samples of Obama, or a genetic analysis, or both. If not, please let me know. Of course, if you say the government has neither, I won’t believe it. Analysis of Obama’s DNA will probably be consistent with a Caucasian father and a predominantly Polynesian mother. This would disprove the “birth certificate” proffered by Obama on 27 April 2011, and further evince an adoption. The “vital records” referred to by Dr. Fukino’s press release of 27 July 2009 will show U.S. citizen parents, consistent with analysis of Obama’s DNA, and with Dr. Fukino’s finding that Obama was, at birth, a natural born American.
While conclusive proof that Obama is not half Negro is political dynamite, his original birth certificate will confirm his constitutional eligibility at birth, per Dr. Fukino. It should also free American officials from fear of investigating the real issue of Obama’s eligibility, his relinquishment of American citizenship, which ties in with his true allegiance. Even if the British government won’t release the DNA or genetic analysis as such, it might tell you in secret something that would help focus the investigation. (E.g., “We can’t confirm that the people mentioned in his proffered birth certificate are his biological parents.”) It probably won’t tell me, descended as I am from so many traitors to the Crown, from Simon de Montfort, who defeated Henry III (his wife’s brother) in battle, to John McQuiddy, an American rifleman who defeated Cornwallis at Yorktown, with the aid of many French and American soldiers, rather more of the former than the latter.
Another thing you can probably do, particularly if you’re a man on the spot in Jakarta, is to secure access to the information-gathering resources of the British Embassy in Indonesia.
The real constitutional eligibility issue is Obama’s loss of American citizenship, voluntarily forsaken to evade criminal liability for stateside draft dodging and other meretricious and subversive purposes.
With the counsel and financial support of communists Frank Marshall Davis, Thomas Ayres and William Ayres, Obama the young mole went to Indonesia in 1981 to confirm and ratify, as an adult, his Indonesian naturalization. He did this to shed his American citizenship, in order to avoid criminal liability for failing to register with America’s Selective Service, and for other meretricious and subversive purposes.
Sheriff Arpaio has published strong evidence that Obama’s draft registration, due within thirty days after he attained age 18 on 4 August 1979, was not filed before 2008. It was evidence fabricated to give the impression that he had not relinquished U.S. citizenship. The belated fabrication tends to show that he did relinquish U.S. citizenship, in turn suggesting that he confirmed and ratified his juvenile Indonesian naturalization during the 1981 Indonesian sojourn, which he says he made. (Of course, the fact of the trip itself requires corroboration, as anything Obama says, or that is said on his behalf, raises a presumption it’s not true.)
Obama’s loss of American citizenship through Indonesian naturalization rendered him ineligible to the Office of President forever. The RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) refuse to investigate because they entertain the forlorn hope that Obama won’t make an issue of the citizenship of Mitt Romney’s father George, if the RINOs do not make an issue of Obama’s eligibility. Like the birthers, the RINOs erroneously assume that Obama’s status as a natural born citizen must be determined exclusively at his birth. They can not conceive the possibility that he lost his status as a natural born American citizen by his loss of American citizenship altogether. Hence they have neglected to investigate Obama’s loss of eligibility through his loss of American citizenship.
George Romney, Mitt’s father, was born in Mexico to two U.S. citizen parents, who might have dropped a stitch in confirming George’s U.S. citizenship. Defects in George’s American citizenship record, if any, might be cured by a nunc pro tunc filing in the American Embassy in Mexico. Rather than deal with the matter straightforwardly, Romney became complicit in Obama’s scheme to conceal his loss of American citizenship. Unless Obama’s American citizenship is disproved and Mitt Romney’s eligibility is proved (if necessary by curing any defect in the record of his father George’s American citizenship) the Obama cabal (probably through a spurious third-party candidate) could challenge Mitt Romney’s position on some or all of the several presidential ballots, without putting the Obama candidacy at risk. This could be the margin of victory for Obama in 2012.
Hence the RINOs have set themselves up for a double cross. Because they have failed to take care of George Romney’s American citizenship problems, and failed to investigate Obama’s relinquishment of American citizenship in 1981, Obama can and probably will move (by proxy) to bar Mitt Romney from the several presidential ballots for having an alien father at his birth, while Obama’s loss of U.S. citizenship altogether will have been ignored. Obama at birth was a natural born U.S. citizen, as Dr. Fukino states in her 27 July 2009 press release, citing his “vital records”, which include his original birth certificate and – partly disclosed as a phony original on 27 April 2011 – his amended certificate, essentially an adoption certificate.
Obama might wait until after the 2012 election to challenge Mitt Romney’s eligibility, and refuse to leave office should Romney win the electoral vote, particularly if Obama wins a majority of the popular vote. Do not underestimate the sheer evil and ruthlessness of this man Obama. He is a vile fiend, the very quintessence of evil, fanatically dedicated to the weakening, sabotaging, subverting, subjugating and destruction of the United States. This is not hyperbole or rhetorical excess, but a coolly objective assessment drawn from many carefully weighed and evaluated sources, not all of which are publicly available or cited herein. I can read Obama, as few others can (hope this doesn’t reflect on my character).
The Obama cabal claims that Obama never became an Indonesian citizen. Obama has conspired with Indonesian President SBY and others to conceal evidence of his Indonesian naturalization. An investigator on site in Indonesia can, with time and resources, marshal evidence that Obama intentionally relinquished his U.S. citizenship by foreign naturalization, thereby losing U.S. citizenship. His naturalization file is probably missing from official Indonesian records as part of the cover-up. This could be brought to the attention of the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission and Indonesia’s House of Representatives, which might prevail upon the U.S. House of Representatives to subpoena, among other things, Obama’s school and student aid applications, which were presumably supported by proof of Indonesian citizenship.
I have the impression that the Indonesian naturalization process involves an oath of renunciation of all other citizenships, strong evidence that Obama had the intent to relinquish his American citizenship in 1981. (Indonesia is not alone in this regard. In Rome last year, I chatted with a Philippine immigrant. He was required to renounce his Philippine citizenship incident to Italian naturalization. He secretly paid a visit to the Philippines to reaffirm his Philippine citizenship. If Obama were allowed to resume his American citizenship, he would be a naturalized American citizen, not a natural born American, even though he was a natural born American citizen at birth.) Indonesian authorities have a sound basis for official inquiry into the corruption of Indonesian naturalization records by the purging or sequestration of Obama’s naturalization file, and American investigators have strong evidence that Obama’s Indonesian naturalization was with the intent to relinquish American citizenship. The conspiracy to conceal Obama’s Indonesian naturalization breaches the laws of both Indonesia and America.
If Obama lost American citizenship in 1981, he has never been President and can never be President, absent constitutional amendment. If, as he claims, he did not relinquish American citizenship, he committed the federal felony of not registering with the Selective Service System when required, within thirty days after attaining age 18, in 1979. The “registration” currently in Selective Service files bears a forged date of receipt stamp, which must have been made by altering a 2008 Selective Service stamp; hence it would have been slipped into the Selective Service files in 2008 at the earliest.
To the objective observer, the Indonesian connection cries out for investigation. I’ve proposed to do it for expenses only, in conjunction with one or more private intelligence agencies funded by an outside source or sources. Copies of letters to Dr. George Friedman of Stratfor and Niall FitzGerald of Hakluyt & Company are enclosed, along with a copy of a letter to Cliff Kincaid, a leader in Accuracy in Media, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and America’s Survival, Inc. (and, I expect, other similar organizations).
If you’re really interested in saving Western Civilization, and America its culmination and last bastion, you will consider encouraging your wealthy friends and associates to fund an appropriate research expedition to Indonesia. Again, your personal involvement in both the funding and the execution of the mission would contribute a great deal to its success. Proving the “President” is not the President but a Comintern mole, or causing official investigations that resolve the eligibility issue, would be a signal achievement of historic proportion. And it would save America and Western Civilization from irreparable harm.
Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest man, and any number of the denizens of Kensington Palace Gardens, their family, friends and affiliates, should be willing and able to pay a million American dollars, or a thousand ounces of gold purchased at under $300 the ounce, for significant information leading to official determination of whether the current pretender to the American presidency is or (more likely) is not the President. See The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, May 26, 2012, page B1 & B2, and Forbes, June 4, 2012 Edition, page 18.
To fill your colonnades of leisure time, you might read James Albert Michener’s masterpiece Poland, and reflect how many in that country had not a clue what was happening as foreigners were brought in to rule, at the behest of domestic interests, and it was repeatedly partitioned among its neighbors.
You have a chance, if you choose to accept it, to counter a communist coup against the United States, with which, as you acknowledge, your islands have a special relationship. Or you can dodder along an investigative thread that will not prove ineligibility, or even expose Obama’s racial hoax (save possibly when it’s too late).
Although it’s vitally important to collect information on Obama’s loss of American citizenship well before America’s presidential nominating conventions, the importance continues until definitive official resolution. If Obama’s not constitutionally eligible, then his “official” acts are null and void ab initio.
I’m painfully aware that congressional “representatives” and other American officials, erroneously believing Obama to be half Negro, seem impervious to evidence against him. A 2008 episode, in which John McCain refused to use Stratfor’s intelligence on the Obama campaign’s bribery of Jesse Jackson and receipt of illegal Russian campaign contributions (print-out of account enclosed) leaves one shaking the head in disgust and disillusionment. There was a time when the United States had an opposition party.
It can also be surmised from the enclosed account that Stratfor and perhaps Hakluyt & Company already have data that could advance the cause of exposing Obama’s secrets regarding his eligibility, citizenship, and true allegiance. I’m constrained to continue to try to get definitive official investigation launched, albeit against the odds, because of the importance of the matter and my confidence in the strength of the basic investigative hypotheses I’ve developed by paying attention to others, discounting their reasoning when appropriate, as it often is.
My current activities are part of a book-writing process to appeal to the American People as a whole to force official investigation. Rank and file Democrats, as well as Republicans, have a stake in immediate and full disclosure of Obama’s secret racial heritage and loss of American citizenship. Knowing or suspecting the truth, they would not want to re-nominate him.
Americans will be moved to rise up against their political leaders on the strength of their reasonable perception of the probable truth and that politicians are withholding evidence that would officially resolve the issues.
Please let me know whether this matter piques your interest and moves you to action. Time’s a-wastin’. Many hands and talents are needed. It costs money, but only a tiny fraction of the enormous funds already given and to be allocated to futile and uninformed political campaigns, as Charles G. Koch, Sheldon G. Adelson and Harold C. Simmons might attest.
I look forward to your prompt response. Dr. Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo plan to arrange a conference call with me next week. I would relish the chance to work with you and the likes of Stratfor and Hakluyt. This could be a very fruitful and fascinating investigation.
Kindly advise. You’re not a mere peer, but a mensch in the bargain. Don’t disappoint me and your many admirers this side of the pond.
Best regards.
Very truly yours,
Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
– Oxford Ancestors report on Moore and Genghis Khan
– letter to Dr. George Friedman 22 May 2012 w/o enclosures
– letter to Niall FitzGerald 25 May 2012 w/o enclosures
– letter to Cliff Kincaid 29 May 2012 w/o enclosures
– USJF article re Jackson bribe, Russian illegal contribution 23 April 2012

– 11 –
Copies in confidence without enclosures to:
– Cliff Kincaid **********
– George Friedman **********
– Niall FitzGerald **********
– Gregory L. Baker, Esq. **********
– Sheldon G. Adelson **********
– Charles G. Koch **********
– Harold C. Simmons **********
– Michael B. Thielen, Esq. **********
Not to be dissuaded from chasing up the wrong tree, or after a goose pretending distress, Lord Monckton with ruffles and flourishes and ribbons and bows and sealing wax submitted to the House of Lords his worthless and irrelevant study of the wrong document brilliantly analysed for the wrong reasons and no good end because he was too stupid to realize it was an adoption certificate and, even if relevant to eligibility had no direct bearing on the pretender’s activities as a Quisling. When the truth outs he will be shown to have been a fool and pawn, part of a distraction from the real issues. Some Arizona people performed excellent investigative work, but failed to appreciate the relevance and significance of what they found, because it pertained to a real issue of the pretender’s relinquishment of American citizenship in favor of an underlying Indonesian naturalization, rather than the pretender’s failing to be a natural born American citizen at birth, the erroneous notion that held them in thrall. They continue to do so because of the failure and refusal of the people and their officials to conduct appropriate official inquiries that would resolve outstanding issues. The Giuliani and Monckton appeals and the lack of response to them illustrate some key fallacies in public and official thought and lack thereof:
– the desire for a simple definitive solution, which leads the wishful nonthinker to jump to a desired conclusion to the exclusion of all others, and inaction that will lead to the destruction of the United States, with the loss of 90% of its populace, a quarter of a million in the first hour after the flash as aircraft lose power and control and augur in. A wretched and pathetic end to the greatest and most virtuous power – with all of its admitted blemishes – that the world has ever known. So for example Chester Alan Arthur was deemed eligible when he proved his birth in the United States, although further inquiry would have shown him to be ineligible because his father was not then an American citizen. And the pretender was erroneously found eligible because born in the United States to an American mother, an inadequate basis, when further inquiry would prove him ineligible for relinquishing American citizenship as an adult.
– the desire to be happy above all in the irrebutable comforting fallacies of normalcy, that things will work out, that peace is the normal state of human affairs, that the pretender could not be a mole, spy and traitor, that communism has become domesticated and acquired scruples, that it is somehow attractive and becoming to opt out of a struggle for national survival as “above my pay grade” like Mark Anthony Jones, a Jackson County committee chairman. A message of mine and colloquy with Mr. Jones follow:
To all whom this message might reach, greetings. Attached is correspondence with Mark Anthony Jones, Chairman, Jackson County Republican Central Committee. I plan to include the correspondence in my book tentatively entitled “American Holocaust: The Subjugation of America.”
What should I use this correspondence to illustrate?
Albert Moore <>
10:40 PM (14 minutes ago)

To Mark Anthony Jones
Dear Chairman Jones, Thanks for your call today,
Returning my prior call requesting the return of my cover letter to you.
Yes, indeed, I do wish the return of my cover letter, which I somehow lost from my hard disk. It doubles as a book note for my book American Holocaust: The Subjugation of America. I thought that I had made it abundantly clear that I wanted the cover letter returned to me. Is there some confusion? Is there any reason that you don’t want to return the cover letter? Please let me know.
My most abject apologies for the inconvenience, but I gather the letter is of no value to you.
Will you please return the letter?
Thanks for your attention to this message and your kind consideration in returning the cover letter, as you have already done with the enclosures.
Best regards, Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
Albert Moore <>
to Mark Anthony Jones

Please forgive my nattering at you, but could you kindly return the package I mailed to you, or advise what disposition you’ve made of it? I managed to lose the files on it (THAT takes talent) and I want to scan it onto my hard disk for inclusion in my book American Holocaust: The Subjugation of America.
Have fun before the flash, which you will no doubt take to be a natural solar event.
Sincerely, Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
Mark Anthony Jones
9:27 AM (12 hours ago)

to me
Dear Mr. Moore;
I am happy to return the package of information you sent me. I appreciate you sending it to me. It is quite intriguing, as are most of the things you send by email, which I also appreciate. Please forgive me if I cannot respond to your emails and in particular the information in this package. As they mostly concern matters of national security, it is way above my pay grade to even comment [italics mine, AM] and I am sure you understand that it would not be good for me to do so.
You are a valuable member of our county committee and I appreciate your participation and your efforts in these matters as well.
With utmost respect,
Mark Anthony Jones
Chairman – Jackson County Republican Committee
I am happy to return the package of information you sent me. I appreciate you sending it to me. It is quite intriguing, as are most of the things you send by email, which I also appreciate. Please forgive me
There are fallacies at every turn, often implicit, but no less real for all that:
-the “hasn’t-happened-yet” fallacy. A non-sequitur. It does not follow that what has not happened will not happen. A man falling from the top of a skyscraper: “Everything’s all right so far.” The sweet and simple Lynn Vogel completing a drive from Lamoni to Independence the day after being told of plans for the flash announces triumphantly that it did not happen. She truly believes that her limited experience proves that the flash is a fantasy. This is also a hasty generalization brought on by wishful thinking, two more delusions often found in respect of the current conspiracy. Which brings up another delusion, that any suggestion of a conspiracy is automatically false. While conspiracies are sometimes falsely alleged and often hard to prove, they do happen, both by express agreement and by conscious parallel action.
-the ad hominem fallacy. Reasoned analysis from one who is not rich and famous, or not obviously left-wing, is not worth reading or considering, much less investigating. Now, one who is rich and famous, and dumb as dirt, is the Donald. Following is a letter to him, giving him too much credit for ratiocination in affairs of state, particularly fraud, secrecy and treachery. Maybe this is one reason he can’t run a casino.
Central Professional Building
221 West Lexington, Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050-3719
(816) 461-0993
Telefacsimile: (816) 461-3231

25 March 2011
Mr. Donald J. Trump
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10022-2516
RE: Checking Barry Obama
Dear Mr. Trump:
Kudos for your incisive observation to Whoopi Goldberg and others in “The View” that there must be something on Barry Obama’s original birth certificate that he doesn’t want us to see. It’s probable that neither of Barry’s birth parents was Negro. It’s very nearly a lead pipe cinch that his claimed birth father, Obama the black alien Luo, was in fact Barry’s adoptive father, not his birth father. This is what Barry does not want us to see. It would prove his political manifesto, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, to be a colossal hoax.
It might have been lost to many viewers in the hectoring of the harpies on “The View”, but your remark that Barry probably was born in the U.S.A. is absolutely on point. I suspect that many of the more ridiculous contentions, like the Kenyan birth myth, are thrown up anonymously and then rebutted by an Obama adherent – possibly the person who composed the original misinformation.
Obama withholds the original birth certificate, not because it shows he wasn’t a natural born citizen at birth, but because it shows he’s not black, and to divert attention from his Indonesian citizenship. He’s pretending to be black to make a racist appeal to racists like Whoopi Goldberg, who have been duped, and to denigrate opponents and sceptics as racists.
Official investigations are essential to adduce evidence on the Obama matter, which will likely show that Barry:
– is not his father’s son
– is not his mother’s son
– is not African
– is not American
– is not President
– is not an enemy agent; strike that.
See my enclosed letter with memo to Sarah Palin. You might have a contact similar to Governor Palin’s. Actually, the contact I had in mind in appealing to Governor Palin was the Honorable Binyamin Netanyahu, because Mossad’s director presumably reports to him. God knows everything, and God works for Mossad. I would appreciate the chance to chat with you or a trustworthy representative confidentially on the very specific item of information I’m trying to get through her.
I’m open to discussion of the broader issues of Barry’s eligibility, personal and racial identity, and citizenship as well. As my letter to Governor Palin indicates, this likely gets into a miasma of corruption and sedition by Barry and on his behalf.
I’ve tried to email you to urge support of official investigations by Congress and other official agencies with power to compel sworn testimony and seize evidence by subpoena and search warrant. In case it didn’t reach you, I enclose a hard copy and renew my request. A key congressional figure is RINO (Republican in Name Only) Darrell Issa, Chairman of House Oversight, who refuses to subpoena Barry’s original birth certificate for fear of being viewed (by whom?) as “overreaching”. You will see from my enclosed correspondence with Sam Graves last month (attached to the letter to Dr. Vieira) that a fraudulent memorandum purporting to be legal advice has been concocted by the Congressional Research Service to give cover to members of Congress who wish to ignore the current crisis of constitutional law and national security.
If you can get an exhaustive congressional inquiry going that will start by subpoenaing the original birth certificate – contemporaneous with birth, identifying the birth parents – you will have performed a signal patriotic service of historic dimensions, whatever its effect on your possible electoral aspirations. I do not think the effect will be adverse, for the fight must be taken to Obama by exhaustive investigations in order for his opponents to have a chance.
See my enclosed response to Ken Tucker’s asinine typical main stream media characterization of your remarks as a “birther rant”. Most of it, not all, is drawn from my 1 December 2010 memo. Dr. Fukino’s middle name being Hawai’ian, maybe just maybe that’s why she gave the tip that Barry was adopted by Obama the Luo – because he had a Hawai’ian mother he kept secret, for meretricious political reasons.
Also enclosed is a reply to one of the comments in the Ken Tucker blog naively relying on Dr. Fukino’s statement without viewing the vital records to which she refers. Trust, but verify.
Given Barry’s conduct, including probable connivance with America’s enemies, Whoopi and her ilk should be relieved Barry’s not African American. They should be grateful if he’s exposed as the Great Pretender, and very possibly the Great Mole.
As further background I’ve enclosed copies of my letter of 20 March 2011 to Dr. Vieira (four degrees from Harvard, but not apparently impaired for all that), whose critical review I’ve been trying to enlist. I want more from you; not only critical review, but action. Goethe said,
Es ist nicht genug zu wissen,
Man muss auch anwenden;
Es ist nicht genug zu wollen,
Man muss auch tun.
A serious problem is that many people to whom I’ve sent my analyses don’t read them. As Michael Savage says, “Don’t be a moron.” And I add, “. . . when with a little added effort you can be an idiot.”
But you’re the last to deny you’re a smart guy, maybe even a wise one. I think I’m way ahead of whoever is in second place on the Obama matter, outside the Obama cabal. You, your party and the country had better pick up on it before it’s too late.
I’ve burned this letter and enclosures on a virgin compact rewrite disc and enclosed it for your convenience.
Please let me hear from your office as soon as possible to discuss the specific information I urgently seek, and the Obama matter generally. This would best be by personal interview or secure telephone with you or a trusted confidant, in strictest secrecy.
Thanks for your attention to the enclosed and foregoing. Best regards to you, your family and enterprises.
Very truly yours,
Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
Probably this package was intercepted by the Donald¬’s lackey Michael Cohen, perhaps the only one on the horizon who is dumber than the Donald. The people and those who fooled them long enough to be elected, can not think rationally about the pretender. They are too busy making money, making whoopee, and doing the many things they naively believe to be more important than saving their nation from disaster. They have profound attention deficit disorder, little or no attention span, scope or depth, or knowledge or sense of history. Those who have fooled them enough to gain public power shirk the responsibility that comes with public power in a republic, the duty to educate and inform the public. It was said in the course of founding the American republic that a republic can only survive with a virtuous citizenry. We might have a hard, a fatal, lesson of the truth of that proposition with the demise of the American republic, which could have been avoided if only the officials had done the right things. And even this early in the book, dear reader, you should recognize what they are. If even a stump of reason remains. I bring a whole new paradigm to the analysis of the current situation. There is strong resistance to a paradigm shift. See Wikipedia:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In science <> and epistemology
<> (the theory of knowledge), a
*paradigm* /ˈpærədaɪm/ <> is
a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories,
research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate
contributions to a field.
Paradigm paralysis **
Perhaps the greatest barrier to a paradigm shift, in some cases, is the
reality of paradigm paralysis: the inability or refusal to see beyond the
current models of thinking.
<> This is similar to
what psychologists term Confirmation bias
<>. Examples include
rejection of Galileo <>’s theory of a
heliocentric <> universe, the
discovery of electrostatic <>
photography <>, xerography
<> and the quartz clock
<>.[*citation needed

See also Diplomacy of Civilizations by Kalki Gaur, and The Law that Never Was: The Fraud of the 16th Amendment and Personal Income Tax by Bill Benson & M. J. “Red” Beckman.

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