Chapter III: Not His Father’s Son

Chapter III: Not His Father’s Son
As previously noted, Barack Hussein Obama the black African Luo tribesman entered into a sham marriage and adopted the pretender at birth to cover for Stanley Armour Dunham´s fathering of a son out of wedlock. The alien Luo also wanted to parlay his fictional fatherhood into an alien residence visa, but abandoned that effort when an American immigration officer threatened a paternity test. Stanley Ann Dunham used a forged Kenyan birth certificate to commit a fraud on an American divorce court that she and alien Luo were the pretender’s birth parents. She has testified under oath that the Luo was the pretender’s father, and that he was not.
When in 2008 I was seeking genetic evidence to test that hypothesis that the pretender could not have been born of Stanley Ann outside the United States because he was not born of her at all, I checked the Dunham family genealogical site to ask whether it had unambiguous documentary or genetic analysis consistent with Stanley Ann and the Luo as birth parents; it was admitted that there was none.
The main genealogical support for the pretender’s birth parents is the New England Historical Genealogical Society, which has widely distributed the pretender’s false genealogy based upon the erroneous attribution of his adoptive parents as his birth parents.
At the time, the pretender relied upon a certification of live birth, an abstract with information that could have been taken from his actual birth certificate, or from the amended birth certificate reflecting his adoption at birth by Stanley Ann and the alien Luo tribesman. His production of a long form “birth certificate”, actually an adoption certificate, on 27 April 2011 established that the information was abstracted from the amended birth certificate, not the actual birth certificate showing the pretender’s true birth parents.
While the pretender’s actual birth parents were both American citizens, making him a natural born American citizen at birth, neither was Negro. This would be proved beyond reasonable scientific doubt by subpoenae of his DNA and his “vital records” but none of the many public authorities with jurisdiction to do so issued the requisite subpoenae. It was as if they did not want to know.
Ironically, the pretender’s vital records and DNA would confirm that he was a natural born citizen on the day of his birth by confirming his actual birth parents. Without expressly saying so, Dr. Fukino relied upon his actual birth certificate, still not publicly disclosed, to conclude that the pretender on the day of his birth was a natural born citizen of the United States, born in the USA to parents, both of whom were US citizens. See the brief to the Alabama Supreme Court. Even those who are biased against Negroes want to believe or have it believed that the pretender is half Negro, to confirm and vindicate their prejudice. I pointed out to black religious and political leaders that Dreams from My Father was a hoax, and the purported birth certificate was an adoption certificate. The pretender gambled that all judges and election officials would decide, contrary to the Constitution, that the son of an alien was eligible, because, on the stipulated false facts, that alien father was black. An utterly ruthless con man had found the perfect mark. Millions of them, in fact.
The pretender has played a variation on Chester Alan Arthur’s feat of serving as if he were President, albeit constitutionally ineligible. Arthur disclosed his Vermont birth certificate while concealing that his father was alien. The poor deluded American public took his evidence of native birth as definitive, without inquiring further whether all requirements of natural born American citizenship were met.
In the pretender’s case, the requisites of natural born citizen were all met on the day of his birth, but he later relinquished his American citizenship, voluntarily and intentionally during his majority, thus losing forever the status acquired at birth. See the amicus brief to the Alabama Supreme Court. As in the Arthur case, the people and their irresponsible officials failed and refused to investigate the real basis for ineligibility.
This was relatively harmless in Arthur’s case, but put a Quisling in power in the current pretender’s case. Such a mistake will lead to the deaths of 90% of the American populace within a year after an EMP attack, some 250,000 in the first hour as aircraft fall from the skies.

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