Chapter V: Not African

Chapter V: Not African
The basis for the pretender’s claim of recent African ancestry is the Dreams from My Father hoax that a Luo tribesman is his birth father.
Disclosure of the pretender’s vital records in Hawai’i’s Department of Health, confirmed by DNA analysis, will prove that neither parent was Negro. American public officials and politicians have accepted the pretender’s false stipulation of fact without subpoenaing the evidence that disproves it. A black academic, Fredrick Harris, has written a book, published by Oxford University Press, The Price of the Ticket: Barack Obama and Rise and Decline of Black Politics, predicated on an unquestioning acceptance of the Dreams from My Father hoax, that the pretender is the son of Stanley Ann Dunham and Barrack Hussein Obama.
A natural born American citizen is one born in the United States of parents both of whom are at that time American citizens. This was the understanding at the Constitutional Convention and at all times for more than two centuries thereafter. It was not so held in judicial rulings because it was universally understood, hence not an issue that needed decision. It is mentioned in Supreme Court dictum as being illustrative of a proposition beyond dispute. Chester Alan Arthur admitted by his conduct that his father’s alien status at the time of Chester’s birth contravened his eligibility by concealing and destroying records of the father’s status and lying about it.
Dr. Fukino knew that the pretender’s actual birth certificate showed two American citizens as his birth parents in a Hawai’ian birth. Her statement was true as far as it went. It was the pretender who lied when he held out his amended birth certificate, his certificate of adoption, as his actual birth certificate. He gambled that crass and craven politicians and election officials would uphold constitutional eligibility that did not exist on the stipulated facts, for the stipulation included an alien father who was believed, stupidly and without viewing all of the relevant evidence, to be an African Negro.
The Republican surrender to the pretender’s fraudulent claim of eligibility was both stupid and meretricious. It was stupid because, first, it was based on the status at birth without explication of the evidence determining his status at that time. Secondly, it wholly ignored the real reason for the pretender’s ineligibility, his intentional and voluntary relinquishment of his American citizenship in favor of his underlying Indonesian naturalization, which rendered him forever ineligible. As will be noted, he can only attain the status of natural born American citizen at birth. As he can not be born twice, he can not regain the status after losing it.
Giving up on constitutional eligibility is meretricious, too. The Republican Party has implicitly or by clandestine express conspiracy with the pretender refused and failed to investigate the pretender’s eligibility because they fear he will make an issue of the Republican candidates’ eligibility. On reflection, it appears that McCain is not eligible because he was born outside the United States. Mitt Romney could be deemed ineligible on the ground that his father was not an American citizen when Mitt was born. Mitt Romney’s father George could be considered a non-citizen at the time of Mitt’s birth for the failure of George’s parents to file with US authorities in Mexico when George was born there. This is a very weak case for Mitt’s ineligibility, but the craven and meretricious Republican leadership would rather allow the election of an ineligible Democratic Party pretender, a Quisling at that, than to enforce constitutional requirements. The Republicans continue to violate the Constitution by advancing ineligible candidates, apparently to claim a reward for their protecting the Quisling pretender, who now proceeds to conspire with the major Comintern nations to commit genocide against the American populace and submit the world to communist domination. Thus Ted Cruz is running for President although he is constitutionally ineligible because he was born in Canada. His renunciation of Canadian citizenship is a wholly immaterial charade. The issue is not whether he has Canadian citizenship. The issue is whether he was born in the United States. He was not. Marco Rubio was born in the United States, but at the time of his birth his parents were not US citizens, so he is not a natural born US citizen. Like Ted Cruz, he was constitutionally ineligible at birth because he was not a natural born U.S. citizen. It would be fitting if they should be in an aircraft flying over the United States at the time of the flash.
The evidence will not show the pretender as part African in the sense intended by his misrepresentations, the son of a Luo tribesmen native to Kenya. Dreams from My Father is utterly fictitious, a colossal hoax to perpetrate election fraud. This issue is a factual one that can be definitively resolved by Hawai’ian vital records and DNA analysis. If they were to prove Frank Marshall Davis to be the pretender’s birth father, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, so be it. And there could be remote African forebears in the ancestry of either or both of the pretender’s parents. We are all from Africa if we go back far enough in our ancestry. But in all probability the pretender’s Caucasian father and Polynesian mother are both about as far removed from African as it is possible to be, and the real and documentary evidence will prove it beyond reasonable scientific doubt.

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