Obama’s Birth


I’m repeatedly hacked and kicked out of the site with loss of text. This happens from time to time when I’m trying to comment on the queer communist Quisling pretender. The enemy seems to take me more seriously than do the intended victims. I’ll try again.

Obama was almost certainly born in Hawai’i, probably to two US citizens. We will never know for sure who his birth parents were until we get his vital records and relevant tissue samples for DNA analyses. Subject to this qualification, it has been reported that the CIA determined by DNA analysis that Stanley Ann Dunham was not the Obama’s mother. How, then, did she get on the “long form birth certificate”? She and the Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama adopted the little bastard. The “birth certificate” is essentially an adoption certificate. The actual birth certificate is retained to guard against consanguinity, marriage between people too closely related.

Similarly with the Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama. He tried to get permanent residence based on his marrying an American girl and having a child by her. When the canny immigration officer, suspecting a sham marriage, demanded a paternity test, the Kenyan immediately settled for a temporary student visa. DNA analyses of Obama and actual descendants of the Kenyan will prove the Kenyan was not his father.

My current leading hypothesis is that Obama was born in a brothel run by Frank Marshall Davis, who fathered him by one of his whores. A close second is that Stanley Armour Dunham or his brother sired the little bastard by the whore and he was adopted by Stanley Ann and the Kenyan. Obama’s mother might have been predominantly Polynesian with an admixture of Portuguese from Madeira. He might be no more Negro than Elizabeth Warren is Indian, maybe less.

The notion that Obama was not a natural born citizen at birth is a distraction from the real reason for his ineligibility, his relinquishment of American citizenship in favor of an underlying Indonesian naturalized citizenship. For more on the queer communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961, see obamacrimes.com and awlmj.com.

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