Walter E. Williams

Walter Williams: Millennials’ Ignorance of Socialism Is Extremely Dangerous
Socialism protestSpencer Platt / Getty Images
Socialism protest (Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

By Walter E. Williams
December 5, 2018 at 1:11pm

Albert Moore comment, 11 December 2018
Another very informative and perceptive article by Professor Walter Edward Williams, of the sort I’ve come to expect of him. However, even Professor Williams does not appreciate the imminence and scope of the Comintern threat. Putin’s Russia plans to annihilate substantially the entire populations of America and China, and probably other lands, by pre-emptive EMP and neutron bomb attacks. For background and related analyses, see

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  1. Why ? Does Russia want to EMP or Netron Bomb , I dont agree because I dont see the motive apart from to destroy the Globalists and their agenda .
    If DT finishes off globalism why attack .
    I see it as Russia protecting itself quite sensibly . Russia is no longer geared to comunism is it ?? China is dispite chinas capitalist growth and conservative few , China is a suppressive state ( Fallon Gong ) good example of suppression , mind control
    Torture and of organ harvesting, on live un anethsatised humans .
    But thats a different issue .
    Trump brought in the seisure of assets on human trafficing but I suggest that covers harvesting from anywhere inc internally .
    Clearly deep state are 100% in frame on this .

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