Linux is a popular Operating System, which is widely used for web servers, because it offers a number of advantages over other OSs. It's viewed as the most reliable Operating system these days and due to the way it functions, corrupted files shall simply not work. Due to the fact Linux is free to use, no license fees will be calculated in the price that you will have to pay for your website hosting service. That, in turn, allows for the provider to personalize the OS depending on what they and their customers require, getting rid of unneeded packages to enhance the Operating system and the server’s functionality. Linux servers frequently come with the Apache server software, which processes website access requests. Apache is also absolutely free and easy to personalize, not to mention that it's extremely quick and light with regard to the system resources it requires. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the software environment which some of the most widely used script apps require – Moodle, Joomla, WordPress,, and so forth. The LAMP configuration is the most frequently used one globally, due to the fact that it's stable and easy to take care of.

Stable Linux with Apache in Cloud Web Hosting

The cloud web hosting accounts we provide are set up on our cutting-edge custom made cloud website hosting platform. Separate groups of web servers are used to handle every single part of the hosting service, including emails, databases etc. All of our web servers run Linux. The latter has been custom made as a way to ensure that we can provide you with a stable hosting service without wasting system resources. Furthermore we use the highly effective Apache web server and we have an entire cluster for it, so all HTTP requests between visitors and your Internet sites will be taken care of without delay. You shall be able to use a variety of languages for your sites – HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, and so forth., and you will not need to be worried about protection or reliability issues at any time.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server accounts are set up on a cutting-edge customized platform. An individual group of servers is in charge of every single service - databases, e-mail messages, files, etcetera., and due to the fact that we highly prize the benefits of an easy to customize, risk-free and stable Operating System, all the web servers which make up the clusters run Linux. The OS enables us to make the needed changes, not to mention the improved speed, for the reason that only 1 type of process runs on the server, in contrast to the conventional website hosting platform provided by most companies in which everything runs on a single machine. Moreover, we use the Apache web server also. We've examined its capabilities over time, so we've confirmed that it will give us as a provider and you as a customer the wanted speed and flexibility for the best possible website performance.